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Why you need a wedding website?

need wedding website

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The term wedding quickly summarizes in front of you a collage of flower decorations, food delicacies, elegant draperies and designer wedding cards. Lately though, people who have turned internet-savvy are more interested in having a wedding website and are instead cutting down on printing the invites for different wedding related ceremonies and rituals.

A wedding website carries much more than your photographs

If you think that most of the websites for wedding are developed simply to introduce the groom and the bride to each other’s relative and to relate the story about how they met then, you are very wrong. A wedding website not only carries the photographs of the would-be husband and wife, but also is helpful in many other ways.

Off course, it is one of the cheapest and quickest ways of circulating information about the couple to everyone. Yet wedding website also provides you with many more benefits.

Reasons for having a wedding website

Saving on wedding card invites

Traditionally, wedding cards are considered an integral part of the wedding arrangement. However, with the changing times, people are more inclined on saving by cutting down on printing cost. Having a website for engagement, wedding or shower saves time, efforts as well as printing costs.

Refreshing the registry access easily

Each time you are scribbling down to refresh the registry access it becomes important to cut off those that are already taken by some guests and writing down the fresh ones. However, it is much better to give your guests easy access to the website online. Registering the access directly to the registry info is a good idea that will enable the guests to get complete information of the gifts that are still to be taken.

Skipping on save-the- date magnets

Most of the friends and relatives do not want you to forget their wedding date and stuff you with the save-the-date magnets. Many times the magnets fully cover one side of the fridge fully. Instead of wasting money on such magnets, adding a bit more amount to such avoidable expenses and putting up a wedding website is more feasible and practical.

Get away with those monsoon wedding shivers

Many times, you arrange the wedding in a big lawn and suddenly the weather forecast tells you that there will be heavy rainfall. Sometimes certain circumstances can also make you bring changes in the choice of your hotel. Such last minute changes can be pretty upsetting and it takes lot of time to inform all the guests about the new change in the wedding venue.

With a wedding website, you can easily announce this change in matter of few minutes and control the chaos that is generally caused after such last minute change in the venue. You are saved from making hundred calls and instead can update your guests through the wedding website in two lines. All is a matter of just five minutes!

Checking with the venue directions

In this world of smart phones, automobiles with inbuilt GPS technology and tablets, everyone uses the internet to find an address instead of asking for it to a layman. A wedding website contains the map of your wedding destination. This helps the guests to find the directions to the venue properly and you are saved from answering the guest calls asking for direction and clarifying it in detail.

An eco-friendly option

Since you will be saving on paper, stamps and the whole of envelopes, you will be naturally saving on trees that certainly are an eco-friendly act.