WordPress Paid Intern

Glass Onion Media Group Inc.

Small podcasting network group based in Los Angeles where you should also be based requires a part time intern WordPress developer.

Currently we have 2 audio shows and we will be expanding to videos as well. We are looking for an assistant for our WordPress web design. You must know WordPress well enough to do the tasks given to you without having to be trained.

This is a part time freelancer type of gig which requires approximately 10 hours per week from your end.

You can be working from home but occasionally are requested to come down to our office and have meetings with our small staff.

As we grow we will add more hours to your tasks however at present we have enough to keep you busy for 10 hours.

Your duties will include: Making relevant posts on website, Facebook and Twitter etc.

Uploading podcasts to iTunes and other podcasting platforms.

Minimum requirements:

1. Proficient writing skills.
2. Deep understanding of WordPress CMS backend.
3. Photoshop and Google Docs.
4. SEO knowledge and knowhow.

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@trendpunk.com

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