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Website PAAJAF Foundation

PAAJAF Foundation is working towards ending poverty and to some extent has been successful as well.

We are working to end poverty and one of the way to end that is to end illiteracy as well which is what we are doing currently.

We are working in rural Ghana and through scholarship, health services and community support we are doing this constantly.

This is the reason why you should support PAAJAF Foundation.

PAAJAF is amongst the only Non Governmental Organization which works in Rural Ghana and in places like Gbawe for underprivileged children, youth and women and teaches them, educates them as well as working towards ending poverty so that they can work and earn money for themselves.

With your little bit support of 5-10 hours a week together we can help end poverty and illiteracy in Ghana.

Here is our website done till date: http://stage.paajaf.org/ and we need your help to design the homepage.

1. In case you are a designer we need you to design the homepage in PSD or PDF format.

2. In case you are a developer we need you to develop or code the PSD into the website.

To apply for this job email your details to kappiah@paajaf.org

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