Senior WordPress Backend Engineer and Developer

Website Technex

Job Description:

Total number of experience: 6-8 years in PHP and Web Development

Relevant experience in WordPress 4-5 years

We are seeking a Sr. WordPress web developer responsible for both back end and front end development including creation of WordPress themes and plugins.
Knowledge of PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript knowledge.
High Performance and optimization techniques.
Knows the whole process of design, development, and deployment.

Design and implementation of new features and functionality.
Managing all technical aspects of the WordPress CMS.
Knows debugging tools like Firebug, Chrome and Error console.
Knowledge of Restful APIs like JSON, XML.
Knowledge of GIT, SubVersions etc.
Strong understanding of PHP Backend.
Take the design and convert it into theme and or plugins wherever required.
Should have strong understanding of industry trends and new concepts in content management systems.

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