Required A WordPress Developer


A UK based expert developer in WordPress Membership Development is required by a new business start-up. Must also aware of modern branding techniques as well.

Project Requirements:

  • Full Branding
  • Payment checkout can be done with full security.
  • Candidate must be well-versed in membership site development.
  • Have relevant experience in WordPress development.
  • Highly functional and good performance with encompassing of discussion-forums and Geo-maps.
  • Website will be able to handle new plugins and plugins update without any hassle.

Contract Requirements:

  • Third party will host the website like Bluehost or any other.
  • Project must be completed on given date by the developer. No monthly maintenance contract will be there.
  • Maintenance of the website will be handled by the client. Also, a client has full access rights over the website. Coding can also be changed by the client by a third party developer in case if needed.
  • No third party developers can gain ownership of the website nor full neither on partly basis. The client is an exclusive owner of the website.

To apply for this job email your details to

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