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Search Engine Pros

We are the Search Engine Pros are looking for freelance web designers of WordPress who can take our existing website and create a nice beautiful mobile friendly website for us.

The existing site was designed a year ago and it needs selective fixing here and there to make it mobile friendly.

We have this scenario on several websites and we need a responsive developer or coder who can help us fix several websites for us.

The job is per hour basis and location does not matter and is a remote job.


Excellent graphic skills and HTML5 and CSS3 skills and a good mobile friendly responsive developer with experience of creating responsive websites. Commitment to deadlines and adherence to schedule.

How to apply:
Apply at

Please include 3 live text URLs of your previous work of responsive websites so that we can click on them and then check them and their quality of work as well from mobile perspective.

To apply for this job email your details to

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