Senior Developer, Digital Agency for Social Change


Constructive, a leading brand experience design & digital design agency is looking for software that will help us craft performant and meaningful web experiences.

If you’re an experienced developer who knows how to build rock-solid web sites and applications then send your application to me

What we need you to do extremely well

This role is all about development and sharing your perspective on approaches and techniques learned throughout your career. we are looking for strong demonstrated success having done all or most of these things for at least 3-5 years—and a passion for doing them well.

5 years of experience in most of these things needed

Expert WordPress development (Minimum 5 years of experience)
Expert back-end development experience
Strong experience with Webpack, and asset pre/post-processing
Strong experience doing large-scale content migrations
Strong experience integrating with third-party technologies (Solr, Salesforce, Mailchimp)
Strong experience with web application frameworks and their design concepts
Strong experience with popular Composer packages
Experience with Drupal
Experience with Data Visualization (D3, Highcharts)
Experience with Infrastructure, System Administration & DevOps
Experience with ES6, Node, React
Comfortable with AWS (S3, Route 53)
What’s in it for you?


send an email titled “Senior Developer” at

A resume
A cover letter – about you and what excites you about joining our team
Links to your own website, websites you’ve worked on, github, whatever
freelance rate.

To apply for this job email your details to

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