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The 10 Best CSS Tools and WebApps For Developers

We have put together the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers and webmasters to simplify their workflow and gain maximum results.

Live as a web developer may grant you with many awards, but when you are limited in a timeframe with tons of work to do, it becomes really irritating. Luckily, today there are dozens of tools, resources, webapps and other practical instruments to share your burden and help you complete more with less time and efforts.

Apart from that, the global networking system is changing in leaps and bounds and sometimes in a pace hard to keep with. Hence, if you are a web designer or developer who wants to be on the top of his performance you should constantly keep your eye on the most powerful tools and resources, CSS libraries and automated scripts you can greatly benefit from.

In this article, we have jotted down the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers to be a great aid in your web development workflow. Let’s discuss them from good to best.

1. PostCSS

PostCSS is one of the handy web styling tools using Javascript powered plugins to automate CSS operations. Otherwise stated, this tool productively transforms extended features and syntaxes into a useful and browser optimized CSS.
The client base of this amazing tool is highly impressive. Among them we can find WordPress, Google, Facebook, GitHub, Wikipedia and other popular sites.

Authored by Andrey Sitnik and distributed under the MIT License, PostCSS is developed and improved by tons of active supporters and contributors.

2. Bourbon

The next convenient instrument included in our collection of the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers is Bourbon. You can quickly integrate this tool as a part of your work and make your digital life much easier with it.
All in all, it’s a simple and lightweight SCSS framework for Sass development to contribute to the modern web design. As for the Sass or syntactically awesome stylesheets, it is a CSS extension language directed at making it super easy for the webmaster to create advanced styles.

3. Sierra Library

Sierra Library is described as one of the smallest and lightest SCSS libraries. It meant that Sierra comes as a mixture of many SCCS partials and related libraries that are packed together into one inherently versatile and free UI library.

One of the top advantages of this library is that it is fully customizable with typography, grids, tables, forms, buttons and yet much more so that you can effortlessly create the unique design of your site.

4. Scout App

One more popular tool among the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers is known as Scout App. Probably, it is the simplest way for the web developers to jump into CSS whirlpool.

This webapp lets you process .sass and .scss files into the required CSS without sweating hard. It also comes bundled with automatic and manual project setup, cross platform compatibility with Windows, Linux, OSX, etc.

Scout App is also multilingual and translation ready while being available in English, Russian, French, Dutch and other languages.

5. CSS Menu Maker

css menu maker
If you are looking for a comfortable working platform to make HTML, CSS and jQuery menus both for PC and mobile sites, you would certainly love CSS Menu Maker.

This amazingly developed webapp is the one to browse unlimited styles of web navigation menus and boundless responsive solutions so that you can make the most out of your web menu and its controls.

6. The Ultimate CSS Generator

The Ultimate CSS Generator
It is one of the most powerful and results driven CSS Generator tools one can find in the collection of the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers. It can be fairly described as all in one solution when it comes to styling your website with useful CSS touches.

From animation to background controls, from border arrangements to possible layout managements, and yet much more are available with this free yet premium quality tool

7. Compass

Sophisticated and quick in performance, user and developer friendly, trusted by hundreds of users across the globe, Compass is more than just CSS generator or preprocessor. The developers of Compass position it as a design framework using Sass syntax (.sass or .scss).

Whether you want to create eye catchy typographic or vertical rhythms or extensions, make CSS3 or sprites, Compass makes the whole work as easy as a pie.

8. SCSS Compiler

SCSS Compiler
SCSS Compiler is an amazing webapp under BeautifyTools to generate CSS styles from SCSS code. With this tool you are free to beautify or minify the compiled CSS whenever necessary. You will be able to combine different files together as well.

All in all, this fantastic online instrument is developed and launched to be a valuable contribution to your CSS workflow. SCSS Compiler is also feature rich with every single element you’ll need, so that the creation and designing of your site will be a breeze.

9. SassMeister

SassMaister is another popular Sass playground in our assemblage of the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers.
Generally speaking, SassMeister is a platform managed solely for working with Sass and the libraries built on Sass. Hence, it turns out that this instrument has a narrower specialization and as such performs its duties better than other tools with broader functionality.

Getting ready with this platform is unspeakably easy. You don’t need any additional procedure to have access to it. Simply visit the site or use your GitHub account for that purpose.

10. Koala App

Koala App
It is one of the best GUI applications to let modern webmasters and developers work more productively with Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript.

Packed with a lovely interface, this application is available in different languages, as well as includes real time compilation, error notification whenever an error occurs, project settings and more.

30 Common UX Terms Every Web Designer Should Know

Below is a useful assemblage of 30 common UX terms every web designer should know in order to realize all his goals and engage his online audience in the right way.

Setting reasonable goals and objectives when designing a website is one of the important preparatory works to steer your site in any direction you need. Roughly speaking, the primary goal of every web design is to allure the potential web visitors and keep them as long in your domain as possible, gradually converting them into leads and prospects.

Naturally, depending on the site you are styling and designing, the tools and strategies used may vary. But as the Internet surfers are becoming more and more tech savvy and well aware of all the hustle and bustle of the digital world, it becomes more and more reasonable to design websites which are not merely visually eye catchy and dynamic, but fulfill their mission perfectly. And this is where UX or user experience design comes into play.

What is UX design?

Basically, UX or user experience is a multidimensional design aimed at contributing to the user satisfaction with your website while taking care of better accessibility, usability and more. It fundamentally changes the way designers plan their work and implement it for a maximum user convenience and satisfaction. Planning, testing, organizing, labeling, research and more are included in UX designer workload.

Which are 30 Common UX terms every web designer should know?

Hence, of you are a UX designer who wants to achieve a higher level of performance or an average website user who wants to become more sophisticated and informed in the virtual world, you are welcome to follow our list of 30 common UX terms every web designer should know. In certain cases, half the battle of learning some new field is to sort out its glossary or jargon. So, let’s go!

1. Adaptive Design

Adaptive design is the so called progressive enhancement of the website while using static layouts which do not immediately respond once they are loaded. This design works on detecting the target screen size and offering a relevant layout for that.

2. A/B Testing

It’s the process of testing different sites at the same time for revealing which one offers better user experience and which one to give preference to.

3. Affinity Diagramming

It’s also one of the common UX terms every web designer should know for grouping and understanding information in order to plan site layout or content effectively.

4. Analysis stage

It’s the stage when all the insights and collected data are put down for research by the staff.

5. Analytics

Analytics is a common term with a broader meaning that encompasses a bunch of technics and tools for pulling useful information out of data.

6. Beta launch

Preliminary launching and testing of the website for detecting bugs and errors.

7. Branding

Creation of a unique brand or name to be easily recognizable by the public at large.

8. Card Sorting

A technique using physical or digital cards to capture the information about the website and its parts.

9. Color theory

The modern theory based on the assumption that colors affect user’s behavior.

10. Collaborative design

Recruitment of other users, contributors, stakeholders, project members and others to contribute to the design

11. Competitor analysis

This one is also one of the common UX terms every web designer should know. It’s the process of auditing competitor’s websites to identify crucial points of their success and user behavior and use it for the benefit of your website.

12. Comparative analysis

This one also focuses on comparing different sites, but mainly focuses on the item by item comparison.

13. Content audit

Cataloging and assessing the current content for continuous viability.

14. Diary study

The process of asking users to record their web experience and opinion for a set timeframe.

15. Heuristic review

Assessment of the website’s usability.

16. Information architecture

The technique of organizing and scaling websites in order to boost its usability.

17. Interactive design

It’s a design based on cyclic processes of planning, prototyping, implementation and QA repeat in order to make relevant changes in the future.

18. Mood Board

Digital or physical assistant to help the UX designer to set the specific style of the website via images, colors, text and other elements.

19. Personas

A fictitious identity for the target audience which is the end user of your design.

20. Progressive disclosure

It is also one of the widely used and common UX terms every web designer should know. It is one of the subsets of interactive design technique for keeping the user’s attention while reducing clutter and mess.

21. Prototype

The outline, rough guide or sketch of the web design defining the way the web design is heading.

22. Questionaries

An instrument that consists of many questions for receiving information from the respondents.

23. Qualitative Research

Research conducted by the UX designers with the help of different techniques directed at gathering information. Interviews, inquiries, studies and more are included in this kind of research.

24. Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research is the other side of the moon. In this case, the solid date matters the most. A/B testing as well as Competitors analysis are the examples of quantitative research.

25. Scenario

Scenario is the profitability story that a designer foresees for the end users and in most of the cases includes how your site will fit into the users’ lives.

26. Storyboard

A visual rough sketch of a scenario to capture the end user’s interaction with a website.

27. UI Elements

Navigation, information and other elements of the website which the users apply to control their user experience. Buttons, drop lists, navigation bars and slider arrows are among such UI elements.

28. Usability

The easy of the user interaction with website and his smooth navigation through it.

29. User journey

A specific journey that the UI designer creates for the website users to reach their final goals.

30. Wireframe

A guide for the website’s layout drafted manually or with software.

Top 10 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

about web development

The Prominence of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence reshapes the market industry and reduces human efforts to resolve the complex issues conveniently. The AI is progressing very rapidly from self-remote cars to creating robots.

While there is big controversy now, AI boosts unemployment. With the modern science and development of technology, businesses getting more benefits that reduce the need for employees. AI comes with lots of benefits to improve the business and take it to the next level.

Apart from the business and various platforms, Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development changes the thinking level of creators.

AI helps to create more brilliant, easy, and intelligent applications that significantly improve UX. If you are also thinking to involve AI in your current mobile app then you are taking the right step.

Perhaps you are in confusion is this right decision? But we must say YES!

Artificial Intelligence mainly focuses on developing new machines and technology that make the user experience better. With this technology, the human is becoming more reliable and smart by learning from mistakes and creation.

When an app developer engages Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development, he can create something unexpected that can reduce physical efforts. For example, voice sensors, medical check-ups, writing recognition and many more.

People are also aware of AI and that’s why they are demanding more features to better their experience. Therefore, we have found several app development companies are opting AI to deliver unique and best user experience in every set of the app.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

1. Get Programmed Debugging

Debug Bar

If you are a developer, so the use of artificial intelligence can reduce your efforts as in recognizing errors in a code and fix it for them. AI will detect the errors and fix them own without getting command. With this, the time of developing a mobile app reduces that further improve the production of vast mobile apps in a short time.

2. It Improves Reasoning

With an Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development, the developer can easily estimate what to pick that suits their customer needs. For developers, the client’s need is on the top. So, if you have the help of a superpower, you can do your best that significantly increases the experience of the user. Let us understand this with and suitable example.

The company services like Ola and Uber uses AI that helps them to reach their customer in a short time. AI easily investigate the routes and roads. Even it helps to find short cuts to reach their clients.

3. The Easy Accomplishment Of Repetitive Tasks

The worst part for every user is to do repetitive tasks that required more efficiency to do this. With artificial evidence, the exertion of performing this task reduces and offers you a great deal to do everything with ease. The AI deals with issues related to complete things and makes you more comfortable.

4. Read Your Customers


The developers mainly work after reading out past mistakes and experiences of the users. The NLP (Natural Language Processing) combines with machine learning can help the developer to read the customer’s issues and past mistakes. The objective is to improve the interactions of user experience and give them the best outputs.

5. The User Experience Level Improves

The vital part of involving artificial intelligence is to cut down the time of loading and make the user experience great. The capability of AI smooth the pitfalls coming in apps that boost the applications to engage more clients in the app. Even this helps to see inside the relevant aspects to upgrade the features.

6. Improve Revenue

When the user gets higher satisfaction from the app they will buy from you hassle-free. AI improves the experience of user and capability thus it boosts application revenue.

The larger part of retail brands that serve better experience and make your client more satisfy. You can even take a look at Google, where you can easily get to know the searches about top apps and its benefits.

7. Conversational UI

With Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development the CUI increases that make your app performance much better than before. You may have seen numbers of chatbots open in front of you that support greater customer satisfaction. This offers clients to share their quires with their customers what they need.

8. It Comes With Analytical Proficiencies

Comprehensive analytics

With AI in the mobile application, the developer has the power to see inside the customer’s needs. This will offer you valuable content on a plan to produce work on the market practices that help the developer to produce a strong plan to make the mobile app worthy.

9. Improve Daily Operations

With Artificial Intelligence technology, mobile applications get significant worth in creating advance features that simply eliminate the everyday risk and task of apps. This also improves the learning experience of developers so the user can feel great pleasure.

For example, the app is about travel, with the help of AI the user can see the different places and tourist destinations. Even this helps to discover medical tourism smart.

10. Enhances The User Experience

Optimize User Experience

The AI helps the user to explore unlimited and beyond the expectation. This will co-ordinate mobile applications to work much better than the user experience.

Nowadays, the large number of entrepreneurs involving in the apps with AI. This brings great information to users and developers both that significantly boost the client commitment.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, the AI has contributed largely to the online marketing industry to improving human life. In fact, with the use of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development numbers of owners found the great engagement of people that boost the revenue of industries too.

It is not ended here. With the help of AI, you can simply take insights into a consumer that what they are expecting and what they not. If you are moving ahead to take AI for the industry then go with a positive attitude.

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How To Remove Jquery-Migrate.Min.Js?


Once you Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js, the system becomes more hassle-free and removes unnecessary load to your work. Before the new version, developers worked on several version, each version came up with new features.

jQuery-Migrate.min.js is the oldest form of jQuery code developed for WordPress 3.6+. It ensures the compatibility version of jQuery older than 1.9. It controls is certain features and behaviours so that non-upgraded system runs properly on the current version.

However, WordPress 3.6 has been automatically attached with jQuery Migrate to all the pages making the system hassle-free. Further, most websites do not need jQuery-Migrate.min.js as a result, the site gives better accessibility. Most of the frontend code and plugin has outdated it for better functionality.

remove jquery migrate console

jQuery-Migrate.min was loaded in WordPress to support older functions that some WordPress plugins used earlier. Disabling the jQuery-Migrate.min.js is another issue that is being faced by developers. Here we shall point out some reasons that will certainly give you an upper hand to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js

Upgrading The Jquery-Migrate.Min.Js For Availing The Best Facility

Most up to date plugins and frontend does not require jQuery-Migrate.min.js. As said earlier, the system has already been attached to the WordPress page. Firstly, you need to know whether your site requires jQuery-Migrate.min.js or not.

For that, you simply need to open the wp-config.php and code it with define (‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’true):. This will show all the error that you face. This starts your beginning of removal of jQuery-Migrate.min.js.

We have enlisted two methods, firstly, implementing a snippet into the theme’s function.php file or installing a plugin, both of the ways can be used for upgrading the system. Let us show you the first and the simplest way that most of them use.

By Using With The Help Of Plugins

remove jquery migrate plugin

Activation of Plugin is the basic requirement in this process, it will disable the jQuery-Migrate.min.js, additionally, you can also use some premium plugin in that case. Once the plugin is activated, just switch on to enable the jQuery option and you are done with your work. The system will work on its own.

By using function PHP instead of plugin

From the below-given coding, you can easily upgrade your WordPress. However, keep in your mind that if any of the content or plugins of the website or even themes gets stopped while loading, please do not disable it, this might create a problem.

* Remove/Disable/DeQueue jQuery Migrate in WordPress.
* @author Nguyễn Đình Quân a.k.a narga.
* @link

add_action( 'wp_default_scripts', 'remove_jquery_migrate' );
function remove_jquery_migrate( $scripts ) {
if ( ! is_admin() && isset( $scripts->registered['jquery'] ) ) {
$script = $scripts->registered['jquery'];

if ( $script->deps ) { // Check whether the script has any dependencies
$script->deps = array_diff( $script->deps, array( 'jquery-migrate' ) );

The above-mentioned ways are the most viable ways to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js. Both of the ways are easy and effective, it is your decision while you take the call for it. Meanwhile, regarding the plugin, we highly recommend you to download and install a standard plugin for your hassle free update.

How Much Secure Is It to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js from WordPress?

Now we shall show you how much secure and its benefits while you work in it. jQuery-Migrate.min.js.

Removing it from the system stops the wastage of power in the server, likewise, the speed of the website can also be garnered up. The positive point about it is that unnecessary load to the website is removed making it easier to work on. Keeping up with the new version also helps you prevent security attacks that are very common wityh most of the older version.

While you Remove jQquery-Migrate.Min.Js temporarily, have a short check by going through your sites and test that all the other plugin features so that it works properly. An if something does not seem right, simply remove the snippets and everything will be normalized.

The jQuery Migrate file captures a size ranging from, 17KB to 7KB. When you remove the file, the browser is relieved with one less JavaScript file. One file less would be a boon to the system in the long run.

As you have had a good idea about the system, now you can conclude why the WordPress has relieved the jQuery Migrate. Now all you need is to simply not stress on the system anymore unless you like working in an archaic system or you are yet to upgrade it.

A piece of short information for your knowledge

  • Snippets are one such small fragments of PHP code which can be used to extend the functionality of websites powered by WordPress. To be more precise, it acts as a mini-sized plugin carrying less load in your site.
  • Addition of Code Snippet plugin to code snippets to your functions.php file without editing the WordPress dashboard.

jQuery-Migrate.min.js is nothing but a feature that makes the dependency of jQuery script in WordPress.

Some reports have suggested that those using visual composers and page builders sometimes experience breakage in images if something like that appears, we recommend leaving the jQuery Migrate enabled.

Meanwhile, changing the code may cause negative effects to the whole website and if you disable jQuery-Migrate.min.js, prepare yourself for compatibility issues.

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing and Using Newsletter

Email newsletters are some of the most preferred methods of communicating with customers and building your brand. A carefully designed newsletter can help to supply the target audience with useful information about products, sales, events, and of course, help to promote the products.

Today, more than 69% of businesses use email marketing to strengthen their brands and grow sales. But even with the efficiency of using newsletters to market your product, some businesses often fail or achieve sub-optimal results after making various mistakes. If you want to be effective with newsletters, you need to understand these mistakes and avoid them.

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing and Using Newsletters

Not Diversifying the Subject Line

When your target person receives the newsletter, the first item he sees is the subject line. About 47% of people who receive newsletters open them depending on the subject lines. Therefore, if the subject line remains the same in your newsletters, it will appear boring and not persuasive. The monotony will make the audience to believe there is nothing new to offer.

To make the subject line work, you need to think about the target clients to know what pleases them. Make it attractive and select words that will arouse the curiosity of the recipient. Think of describing the benefits that a recipient will get and interweaving them carefully with a summary of other content presented in the newsletter.

Being Inconsistent with Your Newsletter

In newsletter marketing, consistency is very important. If your newsletter is irregular, you will appear unprofessional and the target clients will not take you seriously. Businesses that do not have a schedule have a temptation of sending newsletters more frequently. But this does not always translate to results. Therefore, what schedule is the best for your company?

To establish the ideal schedule for your newsletter, it is important to study the target audience and the occurrence of events in your enterprise. Consider testing various release schedules to see the one with better results. Most businesses use biweekly or monthly newsletters schedules. Such timeframes are better because they allow you to prepare good content and test before publishing.

Trying to Make a Newsletter from Scratch

This is one of the serious mistakes that can completely water down your newsletter marketing efforts. Many people who try starting from scratch end up getting stuck in the middle or coming up with a product that will not work. Crafting working newsletters requires progressive research, special software, and regular testing. This makes it complex, expensive, and time-consuming. Instead of trying to build from scratch, you should go for expert newsletter templates.

The templates are designed by experts who have been in the market and understand what the target audience wants. And that is not all; they progressively test the templates to guarantee the best results. Here are other advantages of using ready templates:
* Creating a newsletter is easy and fun.
* You only need a very short time to craft a professional newsletter.
* There are diverse newsletter templates to select from.
* It is a great way to cut costs but get a highly effective product.
* Use Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins for your blog or website

Not being Creative with Your Content

Like other forms of content marketing, the primary focus of your newsletter should be the target client. If you fail to focus on the recipient, the chances are that the content will be less appealing. This could easily dissipate a golden opportunity to build your brand.

To create the best content for your newsletter, you should think of what clients want and package it well. For example, an e-commerce company can focus on showcasing the latest products, upcoming discounts, and new events. The aim is to ensure that the client will get something valuable to keep him/her attached to your company.

When crafting your newsletter, do not spare any effort to win the affection of your client. After selecting the best templates, you might also want to look at how top brands run their newsletter marketing.

6 Social Media Strategies That Will Enhance Your Google Ranking

social media strategies

Social Media Strategies for improving engagements on digital platforms

Now, in the modern era, people are engaging more in digital platforms. After all, this made our life easier. Every morning starts with checking out the news feed, twitter posts, checking likes, and many more.

Millions of people stuck in the news feed to read some good content from the fantastic brands and websites. Therefore, Social media becomes the popular medium to get visitors, boost SEO ranking, and generating leads that further boost revenue too.

According to Google, social media has no direct impact on improving leads, but yes it plays a major role in boost ROI and website performance.

Google has proved two techniques to rank on Google, one is adding high-quality content and the second one is building strong links that can engage more audiences on your website. Despite these two, many tactics can help you to rank first on Google.

These days, with social media you can reach up to 12,000 people and more every day without any doing large efforts.

If you are still ignoring this fact and doing less effort to post on social media then my friend, you are ignoring the best asset. It’s time now to do the right efforts with some smart Social Media Strategies that need to implement in the right way.

So, it can generate great outcomes.

If you have the right tactics to get the audience and make your returns much better than ever. So, go ahead and read out the top 6 Social Media Strategies that will help to build the best brand position of your business among the audience.

Let us find out!

1. Huge Backlinks

The first and important part of ranking on Google is to deliver high-quality content which is, of course, has to be unique and great. Social media is the way to hook up your audience into your website, and that’s only possible if you have some best content on your website.

Along with this, this helps to increase visibility and ranking in Google. The way of creating backlink has been changed now, but still the power of backlink you can receive from social media channels too. However, it is difficult for you to create your own, but with the help of professionals, you can enjoy the best outcomes.

2. Organic Traffic

To reach the organic traffic one of the best ways to get genuine engagement is to take the help of friends and allow them to endorse your content to a huge extent.

With paid promotions, you can also gain some attention, but the results may not give you a guarantee. But with the help of genuine users and friends, social media can help you to reach a good audience which is genuine.

To get the best results, you need to plan the best Social Media Strategies that will take your audience and jump into the Google ranking platform.

3. Make your Social Media posts highly optimize

To engage the high audience in your content and the website, it is important to share optimize content that gives answers to your customer’s questions. Google highly crawls optimizes content rich with keywords. And it shows the social media updates that easily search hashtags, tagging and more.

Your post can be any, but if you want to reach the audience faster then make sure you are delivering them exactly what they need. Well, content optimization is necessary and crucial, but how to do this tough for a newbie. In this hiring, the best SEO experts can help you to enjoy the great leads.

4. Get more likes & followers

When you are on a social media platform, the chances of getting likes, followers, and adding more visitors to your website are common. This is a powerful and more engaging way to create and share useful content with the audience.

Without a doubt, with these social media channels if you deliver your audience what they are looking for then this will surely bring a change than your expectations.

In Google Search pages, searches often work on great and unique content that the user needs to know.

When you work in this plan, you will get more likes and share on the page that gives accurate changes without a negative impact.

5. Make your Brand Position No.1

On social media platforms, the potential audience reaches your brand and stay engaged with it that maintain the consistency of your page and brand in Google.

Suppose you post regularly, Google found this as your consistency that boosts visibility. With more engagement, the numbers of users reach and like you. Thus it provides you an easy ladder to reach on the top of SERPs.

The tip is here, you need to post regularly with high-quality content.

6. Boost your local performance

If your business is about selling goods and services and you need to target a local audience, then the Facebook page can help to increase your performance via influencing the local customers. The more you advertise your business the more you bale to reach potential customers.

To better this approach, do repost, retweet and share the content with friends via tagging to enjoy the better gains. If you are getting trouble in doing all these, why not you take the help of SEO experts that create Social Media Strategies and generate good outputs.

Some other social media tricks you shouldn’t miss 2019 are:

  • Do focus on targeted Keywords
  • Boost Inbound links
  • Grow your audience via using paid ads
  • Do not rely on one social media channel
  • Repost your best content
  • Add pictures to get more engagements

Wrapping Up

Social media is one of the best ways to get more engagement. This highly impacts the SEO of the website. So, the need for SEO tactics and the assistance of an SEO expert is highly recommended.

When you implement the Social Media Strategies superbly, you can easily reach the audience like the way you need. And get the better outcomes that may you have not expected yet. So, what are you waiting for? Just go with focus and rank your website on the top.

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How Does LinkedIn use B2B Lead Generation?

LinkedIn use b2b lead generation

It hasn’t been too long prior that LinkedIn transformed from a small expert systems administration site to a huge world power. As far back as its start, B2B advertisers have been attempting to figure out the code for B2B achievement. With every one of these a huge number of experts in a single place, clearly there’s some method to open up the conduits to leads, right?

What’s more, truly, there is an approach to open up the conduits to progress. The ordinary LinkedIn exhortation isn’t sufficiently definite:

1) Join.
2) Be dynamic.
3) Get leads.

You may coincidentally discover a couple of falling leads, however so as to truly win you have to do your very own prospecting, LinkedIn style. How would you slice through the gaggle of occupation searchers, and locate the certified individuals to work with?

In this blog, I will demonstrate you 7 hints that will enable you to all the more likely use LinkedIn to be an amazing B2B promoting device.

1. LinkedIn Works:

linkedIn works

Before I go all specialized and begin giving you executioner tips, let me venture back and complete a bit of cheerleading number.

LinkedIn works for B2B leads. Do Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest? Perhaps, infant, yet don’t depend on it.

Most B2Bs are utilizing online life to get leads, as the exploration demonstrates.

Online life stages all in all aren’t scoring high on the lead marvelousness scale. However, among the low-scoring social destinations, there is one that emerges as a triumph marker. You got it: LinkedIn.

To place that into genuine numbers, LinkedIn is in charge of over 80% of a business’ web based life leads! The various web-based social networking stages set up together just add up to 19.67% of leads!

The primary concern is this: LinkedIn works for B2B lead age.

2. Create a showcase page:
create linkedin showcase page

LinkedIn made exhibit pages for organizations to advance individual brands that are expansions of the organization.

Feature pages are the ideal method to fragment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. On the off chance that you can make a specialty unit that is straightforwardly associated with a particular target group of onlookers, at that point you are in a situation to make a Showcase page.

Exhibit pages were fundamentally specially crafted for B2Bs to all the more likely produce leads. A Showcase page should target one client section, and give data that is significant to them.

Grandstand pages are essentially another approach to spread the net somewhat more extensive and to increase much more focused on leads keen on your item or administration.

Here a few hints for making your Showcase pages as incredible as could be allowed.

Make it transformation prepared, much the same as your organization page.

It’s imperative to keep the name of the page short, so it won’t be truncated in the presentation sidebar.

In the Showcase page name, utilize a word that your group of onlookers will comprehend and identify with.

Exhibit pages are just another approach to spread the net somewhat more extensive and to increase much more focused on leads keen on your item or administration.

3. Use Advanced Search:
advanced search

Up until now, I’ve clarified two inbound methods for picking up leads. Presently, I need to disclose how to go out and discover your prospects. They may not come discover you, but rather you can go get them.

LinkedIn’s propelled hunt gives you a fantastic method for distinguishing the correct sort of individuals your identity focusing on.

Propelled look is the absolute most dominant procedure for straightforwardly discovering targets.

The most dominant part of Advanced People Search is the inside segment, in which you can channel your pursuit by area, ebb and flow organization, industry, past organization, school, profile dialect, and philanthropic interests.

4. Spared Seeks :

When you experience crafted by making an exceptionally explicit and focused on pursuit, you’ll need to spare it.

Spared seeks make an approach to remain dynamic in your prospecting. You realize that getting B2B leads is certainly not a one and done movement. You need to keep up consistency so as to have a relentless pipeline of offers.

5. Search Groups:
linkedin group search

Hunting down individuals is an exceptionally nitty gritty and granular way to deal with searching for leads. It’s an extraordinary methodology, however there’s another: Groups.

At the season of composing this article, I distinguished 2,058,816 gatherings on LinkedIn. You can be genuinely certain that there’s a gathering in your specialty.

An incredible method to discover squares of leads is to look for gatherings, join these gatherings, keep up some dimension of action in these gatherings, and sustain leads in that way.

6. Start Groups:

LinkedIn bunches offer a ton of incredible systems administration openings. One of the approaches to get significantly more from the intensity of gatherings is to make your own.

As you join gatherings and cooperate with gatherings, you may distinguish an open door for another gathering to be framed. When you turn into the proprietor and arbitrator of your gathering, you gain administration and acknowledgment in the business. For whatever length of time that you position yourself legitimately and not in a salesy way, you can shape a place where your intended interest group can accumulate and connect.

7. Publish Content:

LinkedIn has an incredible distributing content.

On the off chance that you have distributing access, make certain to utilize this stage for considerably more introduction. LinkedIn individuals who are distributing report that they’ve encountered a great deal of achievement.


This is a wide dimension technique that abandons you bunches of space to follow down increasingly exact methodologies. LinkedIn offers a great deal of chance, and is the perfect asset for B2B advertising.

However, without the correct information, it turns out to be simply one more time-sucking interpersonal organization. Next time you’re on LinkedIn, go through somewhere around thirty minutes doing some propelled pursuit or gathering inquiry, and check whether you don’t concoct no less than five prospects.

It’s a begin, and it could transform into your next B2B deal.

How to Optimize Your Disqus Profile to Bring in Readers

Are you looking for productive ways to optimize your Disqus Profile to bring in readers and sweep them off their feet?

If you are fond of blogging and run your own WordPress based blog, you have certainly come across Disqus. If you are a novice in the digital field and just want to know what the basic tools to help you with blogging are, let’s first reveal what Disqus is.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is a popular blog commenting system ready to seamlessly integrate with many well known blogging platforms and CMS, including, of course, WordPress.

All in all, commenting functionality is relevant to all kinds of blogs so that the readers and visitors can leave their comments on posts and articles. Commenting is frequently considered a dark side of blogging stating that sometimes the discussion around the article and comments to it matter more than the content of the article.

What Disqus has to offer you?

This system is really easy to install and use. It is stylized with a beautiful design and is functionally advanced. Once you get this commenting system to replace the default one your blog offers you, you are likely to overcome tons of problems and inconveniences in the nearest future.

Disqus is ready made to grant you with wider opportunities when it comes to commenting your blog posts than the build in commenting platform of your blog.

Another advantage of this system is that you can configure spam filters. With Discus you can manage black and white lists, set censorship and even edit the comments your blog readers leave.

How to use Disqus?
Getting started with Disqus is fairly easy. All you need to do is to visit its official site and create an account You can quickly sign up with one of your social media profiles or email address. In either case you are going to receive a message on your email asking for verification. Once you verify, you are ready to get started.

Now you are free to leave your comments on different sites or install Disqus on your site. It does not make any difference, whether you are going to use this platform to engage with your favorite bloggers and their followers or install Disqus plugin for leaving comments on your WordPress based site, you need to optimize your Disqus profile for a number of reasons.

After the creation of their Disqus profile, people sometimes forget about how it looks and feels and are getting busy with commenting or configuring their blog for better commenting functionality. But the truth is that you need to optimize your Disqus profile to attract the attention of smart and adequate Disqus users who are revolving around any specific content your website or blog shares, or you are interested in and constantly commenting.

How to optimize Your Disqus Profile?

    Update your profile

Some people skip the process of updating their profiles and immediately move on to other sections of Disqus. When you sign up to this system with your social media profile, it automatically pulls in some of your details, including name, email and profile picture. However, it’s not enough for the positive and professional first experience you need to make on your profile viewers and thus bring in more readers.


The first thing you need to fix in this virtual domain is your name. It is going to appear everywhere you are commenting. It can be your first name, first and last name, or something containing both your name and the title of your website or blog, so that your potential audience can easily find you.

Blog or website

Add your blog or website to your Disqus profile so that your potential web visitors can easily get links to it.


Add your biography, but make sure you are including only the most important points and events. Keep it short and accurate. We recommend you to write in the third person and customize the bio text to match your expectations from this commenting system. The maximum number of characters you can use in bio is 200.


Another important point to establish your credibility and optimize your Disqus profile is adding the right Avatar. If you try to edit your avatar, you need to choose a method. You can upload it from your computer, import it from the social media network you are logged with, or simply leave the default avatar icon, which is not recommended.

The perfect avatar is the image matching your true business identity or brand. As from the technical standpoint, you’d better choose a high quality photo taken recently.

You can also choose a shot demonstrating your smiling or confident face from the right angle.


Location can tell a lot about your origin, social layer, lifestyle, background, etc. It can be a kind of guidance for your potential audience to reveal who you are and what you can probably offer them.

You can use something creative and short, since the system will not allow you to go deep into details of your location.


Username is different from the display name we discussed above. While the latter appears to be the name of the commentator showcased next to the comment, the first one indicates the URL of the profile holder. Your username is an indicator for people to find you. Using your website’s or blog’s name as a username is also a good idea.


Disqus provides you with a personal notification inbox to receive your preferred notifications. By default, all types of notifications are enabled. You are going to be notified when someone upvotes your comment, invites you to a discussion, recommends your discussion, mentions you in a discussion, etc. Of yours, you can disable any of them, but it’s more reasonable to leave them all enabled so that you can follow all kinds of updates and movements at the hot spots you are engaged in.

Look for the most relevant blogs and discussions to follow and join

Once your profile is ready, you can pass on to exploring the Disqus landscape to find relevant companies and organizations, partners and individuals to get in touch with and convert them into your readers and followers.
All in all, it is one of the cost free and entertaining ways to result in better reader engagement and people conversion for your blog or website.

Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Include Podcasts in It

podcast content marketing strategy

Importance of podcasts in content marketing strategy

With the growing expansion of the marketplaces, businesses have already begun to cope up with the various market situations. Whatever business you are doing, you will always have to face competition which is quite common.

Chances are there that the products which you are selling are of much better quality than the ones that are already present in the market, but it doesn’t help. Instead of focusing on all of these things, it is important to make sure that you are concentrating on the target market, and the deals which your company is providing should be the best one for them.

It is your responsibility to make the customers believe that your company’s products are effective enough, and worth investing. If you want to make your business different from others, then at first you must begin with great quality content since it is considered as an amazing start.

Publishing high-quality content will help your business in reaching out to the consumers in the target market. A good content marketing Strategy always emphasizes on publishing high-quality content which helps in building goodwill and win trust and position in the industry.

You might not be aware of, but a lot of potential customers are already struggling in the target market with certain things. These customers are waiting for effective results, and they are ready to pay for it.

As we live in the information age, people do look for information or content online which helps them in finding an effective solution. This is the major reason behind the importance of strategies of content marketing.
If you have a proper plan then people will find you when they will seek for answers. Here are some of the reasons for the importance of podcasts in the strategies of content marketing.

1. Easy for the audiences

podcast content marketing strategy

You must have heard about the podcasts while talking about radio shows, but one of the major difference is that the people don’t show any interest or listen to them anymore. One of the most significant reasons behind rising demand as well as the popularity of the podcasts is due to its convenience.

Podcasts are indeed one of the most convenient media in plenty of different ways, especially in the case of content marketing Strategy. Podcasts unlike the video contents or the blog posts provide room to the audience so that they can do multitasking. You can easily listen to these while eating, exercising, talking, and various other activities.
In this era of multi-tasking, the concept of podcast is extremely useful. In case you are targeting a specific group of people that has college students, businessman or someone who doesn’t have enough time then the podcasts are going to be extremely helpful in this group.

2. Supports easy streaming and download

podcast streaming

According to the Podcast Consumer Report, most of the people use mobile devices, and or any kind of portable devices to listen to them. Also, another major reason behind the growing popularity of the podcasts for content marketing Strategy, the audio files are much smaller in lighter in size compared to the videos.

This helps in making them easy to stream or download during any situation. Due to the low effort as well as communication friendly nature, the podcasts provide the audience with high-quality content at once irrespective of the connection quality or plans.

3. Increases audience engagement and influence

Podcasting plugins for blog

In case you are not aware of the fact then, podcasts are quite interactive which makes it as good as the old radio talk shows. With the help of podcasts, you can easily take calls, vote for the audience, and know about their involvement beyond passive listening.

Using these you can support great dialogues, get helpful insights from listeners. Due to its effectiveness in building a customer-brand bond, and the power to make a community of honest followers, podcasts are considered as the best match for content marketing Strategy.

4. Helps in maintaining consistency

Another major benefit of the podcast is, it helps in providing plenty of options for publishing consistently without putting any extra effort. Using podcasts, you can easily transcribe it into a good quality blog post, make a film for your channel, etc.

This does mean that with the help of podcasts you can easily offer a huge variety of different media to the audience. Using them you will be equipped properly to answer the behaviour of the audience.

5. Stays in mind

Podcasts are considered as one of the best content marketing Strategy since it stays in the minds of the people as compared to other strategies. Indeed, you will want to schedule the blog posts, any piece of content.
But, the truth is nobody takes out time for noticing the posting schedule, and watches it or listen to it diligently. Due to this reason podcasts have become one of the best tools for creating brand awareness.

6. Makes way for great collaborations

In case you want to work collaboratively with someone in their field, it will be easy and quick for you to be the guest for your podcast than requesting them to write for some attractive content for you or carry out a written interview.

This process is easier, and also quite fun, and the conversational format also does the job of making a good connection with the interviewee. Keep in mind that your podcast is your platform where you can grow and nurture new ideas.

7. Establishes a connection with the audience

podcast online

If you don’t want to use social media for the constant self-promotion you won’t be able to create any branded podcast for discussing your business and make a great advertisement for your project.

Don’t forget the fact that people don’t want to listen to the same thing in every episode, and podcasts tell stories and provide the audience with things that have value. Just like social media, podcasts are all about the proper establishment of your brand and making great relationships with the target audience.

Additionally, the podcast helps in providing the opportunity in expanding and choosing ways to show a new side of your business.

Therefore, these are some of the significant reason behind the importance of including podcasts for content marketing strategies.

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Weebly vs WordPress Which One is Best for Your Website and Which One to Use?

Weebly vs WordPress

Weebly vs WordPress is a frequently discussed topic and sometimes leads to heated debates. But if we try to make a comparison and highlight pros and cons of each, we’ll have a general picture qualifyin each in a comprehensible manner.

Before passing to the discussion of Weebly vs WordPress and delving into their similarities and differences, let’s cast a quick glance at each of them separately.


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and open source blogging platforms at present. It is proudly positioned to be the digital spectrum of choice of many website owners: both beginners and experienced.

Released in 2003 and based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress offers both free and premium products and currently supports more than sixty million websites. Well, this number tells a lot about the reliability and perfect usability of WordPress as a blog or website management platform.

The expression open source, in this relation, means that this platform is open for anyone in every corner of the world. It means that you are free as in freedom when dealing with WordPress and its products. You can use, manage, alter and customize it the way you want and at any time you prefer.


Weebly is another top solution for personal and business website builders, as well as e commerce online traders and shop owners. It’s a popular web hosting service founded in 2006 and based on easy drag and drop functionality.

This ecosystem also offers free and premium working plans, which means that anyone is able to create his website based on Weebly without spending a dime.

As for the speed and security of Weebly based sites, they are unbeatable and well defended against hacks and spams.

Finally, it comes bundled with all the necessary features and controls, so that you can take a thorough control over each piece of your website without any hassle.

Of course, this quick overview can never be enough for you to get your head around what is there and which one is more reasonable to choose. And if you find yourself bewildered when it comes deciding between WordPress vs Weebly, follow our article that wades through their rational comparison to dig out their catches and cons.

Weebly vs WordPress

Open source vs not open source

Let’s start our comparison with one of the most important technical points that defines your domination over your future platform.

As already mentioned above, WordPress is an open source platform and is ready to give you ultimate freedom to work with the given framework, its tools and codes (if you are profy in coding or development).

On the other hand, Weebly provides you with HTML and CSS code controls and not more. It means that not all the tools and elements are under your dominion.

Further, with WordPress you get access to thousands of additional tools in the form of plugins and extensions. However, with Weebly you don’t have right to rely on supplementary non Weebly tools since its core functions are unachievable for you.

Hosted vs self hosted

Another WordPress vs Weebly debate that ends with the triumph of WordPress is about their hosted and self hosted nature. To put it short, Weebly is a hosted platform and WordPress is self hosted.

Otherwise stated, if your website is supported by Weebly, it is located on their servers and functions in compliance with their terms and requirements.

If you ever need to migrate to another platform, it is going to be a daunting task for you.

With self hosted WordPress you can install your site on your web hosting account and have everything under your dominion. If you want to migrate to another platform, it’s much easier to do with WordPress than with Weebly.

Easy in usage

Although both platforms are optimized for the beginners or non techy website users, Weebly is simpler and does not require any learning curve.

It’s based on easy to use drag and drop functionality so that its users can manage everything quickly and without complex processes.

However, it doesn’t mean that WordPress expects you to be a seasoned developer or designer to go live with your business website or personal blog.

As for the drag and drop functionality, in particular, there are also tons of WordPress templates offering this drag and drop page building strategy for you.

Thus its pretty balanced between Weebly vs WordPress in this case.

Prebuilt features vs additional tools and plugins

Weebly is a feature rich platform enabling you to make the most out of your site. But if you feel the necessity of some element that the default Weebly platform lacks, you won’t be able to rely on additional features or add them for further usage.

On the contrary, WordPress community has taken care of inserting basic elements into its templates and offers you thousands of additional tools and plugins to make your digital life easier.

Search engine optimization

Needless to say, that SEO is a major factor in defining your site’s place and visibility online. And when comparing WordPress and Weebly, we cannot overlook the importance of SEO.

Basically, both platforms are SEO friendly: Weebly with basic SEO options already preloaded and WordPress with SEO friendly nature, but plugins making it totally SEO optimized.

Anyway, this third party plugins can take your site’s ranking to the maximum and you will never feel anything missing from your SEO campaign.

In Weebly vs WordPress WordPress is definitely the top one to consider for SEO. SEO wise it is the best CMS and better than any other website builder in the world.

When it comes to choosing which platform to build your website on, the choices cannot get any starker than this, with Weebly vs WordPress, hogging the limelight. It should be pointed out that both are equally good, and that makes it all the more harder to choose which one is better and which one to build your website on. For example, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and CMS systems in the world and today, it powers over 60 million websites all over the world. That’s why it is important that you take a closer look at these two platforms, and answer the question of Weebly vs WordPress and see which one sounds better to you. So let’s take a closer look at both these platforms, shall we?

Platform: WordPress is an open source platform which entails absolute freedom and that you can customize all the page elements, utilize third party plugins on your website for added functionality and much more. Open resource essentially means that you have a lot of freedom in determining how your tools work whereas with weebly, you do not have any say in how the tools are supposed to work on your website which is a disadvantage. The fact that WordPress has many programmers actively coding and improving the platform essentially means that you can look forward to regular updates, better security and features in the long run. On the other hand, weebly is more of a closed system where a select team of professionals develop the platform and all its tools and you have little or no freedom in customizing the website or in having a say on designing the tool or on how it is supposed to function.

Control: When it comes to management, WordPress enables you to manage your platform and provides you with all the tools you need for the same. Weebly on the other hand, micromanages everything and that includes your website. With weebly, you have little say in how you would want your website to look or on how to improve its functionality. Moreover, weebly does not allow you to run third party plugins unless it has been vetted by them. This is why WordPress is the better option of the two as it provides you with all the flexibility and freedom you need to develop a fully customized and 100% responsive website.

Cost: As far as cost goes, both average the same when you take into account the hosting charges which are minimal at best. And after you include the cost of premium themes, add-ons, your cost should work to about a hundred or two hundred dollars for a premium website. Or you can opt for free designs with WordPress and whittle the cost further down.

This is why, all things considered, it makes more sense to go ahead with WordPress when setting up your website. As it stands you are bound to get access to more tools, functionality and freedom to customize with WordPress than you ever would with Weebly.


We don’t want to announce a winner. It’s up to you to decide which platform better suits your needs and objectives.

In either case, you will be able to get maximum with 0 coding knowledge.

However, if you are planning to build a small and cozy website for your own needs and with limited performance, Weebly can satisfy your requirements.

If you want to receive more with less stress and confusion, have a wide variety of tools and freedom to manage them, WordPress is the platform to give preference to.

Why Having a Social Media Presence is Simply Not Enough in 2020

Social Media Management

All the generations from Grandparents to child super-starts and even ordinary teenagers are active on social media today. Social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn provide you with an effective medium to potentially sell products, reach out to collaborators, and connect with customers.

They have also become a potential medium for marketing and promoting the brand regionally as well as globally. With all these advantages at hand why wonder anywhere else?

All you require is to succeed in this modern world is an effective social media presence, right?


It must not be forgotten with the lucrative of such handles that there is more to marketing in social media than just having an online presence. Just one profile or page cannot contribute to the overall brand value promotion of a firm.

We believe after understanding the facts from this article you will not consider only a Facebook profile as a primary factor to attain success.

Social Media Presence is one part of the strategy and not the entire strategy

social media thinking

Social media can be considered as one important piece of the puzzle when it comes to making most out of your digital presence. But you must not misunderstand it as the entire thing to resolve the puzzle.

You will probably miss out on other strategies which can improve traffic and boost conversion rate if you are stuck adamantly focusing all your money and time exclusively on social media.

It is essential to have a website which enables your clients and customers to have a broad idea about your company, answer crucial and pressing questions related to the product, and felicitate their needs with regular blog posts.

Other marketing strategies like the podcast, PPC, and video can also be tapped into when you have a website. Through search engine and impeccable SEO management, you can appeal and reach out to more organic traffic by your website.

You lack a Home Base when you rely entirely on Social Media Presence

website builder

For building long-standing relationships and connecting with customers on a deeper level the Social Media provides a great environment for business.

However when you reach clients and they want to explore more about your brand or product then the social media fails to provide a home base.

The things that inspire your company, the foundations of your product, the key things that your products are made up of and other such information cannot be conveyed without a particular home base.

It is only through a fully established and worked out website that you can create your home base and complete it with product pages, blogs, facilities, contact information, and others.

For every conversion there is some vital information required by your prospects and this information can be stored and conveyed efficiently through a well-designed website.

You can conveniently redirect potential prospects from social media to a place that can have a demo, latest case studies, and provision where they can read more about the firm and the product.

Your company has authority with a website

Laptop Image

You cannot show off your authority as a growing brand on social media. The first impression of an established business is through the type and kind of website it has hosted online for the new audiences that intends to interact with them for their service or product.

A history of what your company has achieved in the past years and a vision for achieving future milestones is something that can convince the clients. Including testimonials is an indirect social proof of your genuineness and collaborations.

By publishing blog posts, eBooks, and webinars you stand out of the crowd and send a strong message that you are dynamic about everything related to your industry.

You have an advantage of additional analytics with a website

google analytics dashboard for wp

If you have signed up for a business account then most social media site will offer basic analytics features. However, it will not be fair to compare the insights and results that you can get from Google Analytics compared to that of Instagram insights.

You can know what sort of posts your followers like the most and what kind of clients you are connecting with through Instagram insights. But with Google Analytics you have the liberty to dive deeper into the buyer’s personas.

You can know things like time spent on a page and if they were actually converted when they reached the basket. You can also have an idea about what the customers actually search for when they intend to buy products or avail services that you offer, through keyword strategy.

Collecting and Optimizing Leads

business card

Undoubtedly a social media presence will contribute to establishing a connection with individuals who are interested in the services offered by you or your product. But there is a limited scope to enable those leads to convert into sales.

You can convince people to sign-up for an e-Newsletter to check back on the latest updates in blogs only when you have an efficient website on top of your social strategy.

It takes multiple methods to convert a lead and hence it makes complete sense to discover and invest in other ways to efficiently connect with your target audience.

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How to Market A Product – 7 Awesome Marketing Tips to Improve Your Sales

marketing tips

These days the competition is at its peak. Everyone wants to do their best to beat their rivals. If you need to do better in your niche then it is important to learn some good marketing tips to improve your sales.

Sometimes, you have the best value products that people fall for, but you have no marketing skills such as leadership, lack of knowledge, marketing tactics and more to get profits that you need.

So, here we have round up 7 powerful marketing tips to boost your sales that can turn your steady growth into a rapid state by improving your sales and ROI.

1. Focus on selling profits

make money online blogging

Marketers most often believe in selling products rather than profits. However, it is easy to say the marketer’s motive is only to have profits, but when it comes to getting large profits, selling of profits can be a good option.

Selling products in the market and approaching customers to buy your product is a quite daunting task. Moreover, selling the products in the market is more challenging when you have competitors.

So, now the point is you need to do focus on selling profits as well, this attracts more buyers. And to do this, add more value to your selling prospect and make your communication more perfect.

2. Do not go with the same boring sales tactics

Maybe you heard this fact “Work smarter not harder”. This means you need to work smarter that can give value to your customers.

In other words, work where physical efforts are less in convincing buyers. Might you are doing a lot of market research to prepare the best, but make sure you are not adopting the same things to boost sales. This may offer you little, but not that much as you are expecting.

If you are doing calls, messages, and sending E-mails for a long time, then just think once. Are these tactics working? If you think they are, so go ahead.

If it is not, so what are the reasons? Do better with it. Try to make your calls and messages more impressive, so the buyer wants to buy from you.

3. Do Market Research

market research before starting a business

Handle Market Research for new business opportunities

You can’t reach the organic traffic until you do not know what your audience is. To know and target the specific audience for better sales, then performing market research is a good option. You know that the audience is of different types.

Therefore, you need to look for the audience and learn about what they are searching for to reach out to them.

If you need to make your sales better then deliver them what they want from you. So, before reaching out to the audience, make sure you know what customers you are going to converse. The approach is to make your response to customers impactful which works best for you.

4. Go with Social Media channels

Social Media Management

Social media is on hype these days. It proves as best Marketing Tips to Improve Your Sales. Therefore, to get strong leads, using these channels can be a very effective way to get ROI and a high conversion rate.

To boost traffic and enjoy the greatest features like traffic, website performance, and more you need to add visual data that offer the endless experience to your reader. With these social media platforms, the user feels more connected with your updates.

Hence, this proved as the best platform to build a strong brand image among audiences.

5. Focus on delivering the best service

If you have the best products that customers are looking for, they will buy from you. Once they will buy, they retain with you as customers for a long time.

Only when you will deliver them what they need as in the best quality of product and with great customer services. As a marketer all you need to make your customer satisfaction better after delivering them a product.

Hence, this increases your brand performance. Moreover, with satisfied customers, you can enjoy more leads and ROI. This is proved as the strongest Marketing Tips to Improve Your Sales.

6. Offer attractive deals

business deals

To get some large traffic to your website, one of the proved and tested techniques is to give your customers attractive deals or exciting offers so they feel profitable to deal with you. Adding some flat discounts, attractive bonuses, and more. So, how do you use these offers?

Let us discuss below:

Free gifts

free gifts

It’s overwhelming for the customers when they get free gifts or packages to do some more shopping. Well, nothing is bad in it. As a marketer if you reward your customers after purchasing they would like to shop from you and even give you more customers.

This feature applies to both lands based and online markets. With these packages, you will get great customers that can offer you strong lead and make it easier for you to enjoy the great advantages.


With attractive coupons offers you can attract thousands of customers that can help to generate strong leads. You can share your coupon on social media channels to get customers from different regions.

Moreover, with impressive ads and advertisements, the customers feel for your product and offer leads. Make sure you are doing best then your rivals to enjoy better ROI.

7. Work Beyond your rivals

Undoubtedly, to get leads you need to do super best than your customers. However, the products are the same and quality too, but how you present the product in the market is important. You know your rival is doing best and enjoying higher ROI.

You need to come up with attractive deals, great products offer, and other favorable approaches that work best then your rival schemes.

Be smart and professional in your work and beat the competitors with mind games. Make sure one thing, you are delivering your customers what you have promised them. Otherwise, this works as a penalty for you.

Wrap Up

To enjoy higher ROI, leads, and sales. All you need to work on your marketing techniques so, you will get more customers. Follow the above Marketing Tips to Improve Your Sales and feel the change.

8 Tips and Tricks Every CSS Developers Should Know

custom css pro

In this article, we have complied easy and important tips for a CSS developers to know.

When it comes to learning, amongst all the different languages available, aspiring CSS developers can easily learn CSS and HTML. Both of these are usually the first option and most popular languages for developers.

It is possible to create a decent website and application with just a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The unique cascading structure of CSS is simple enough to follow.

The constant errors and issues which are commonly faced when one messes up with the syntax do not occur in CSS, although it would make the work complex when one experiments furthermore in it.

Absolute Positioning

CSS developers

When it comes to web development the most annoying of all the things for a CSS developers occurs when a particular element or elements do not stay where they are actually meant to be.

The absolute positioning of important elements must be understood for a website if you intend to ensure stability on the website.

For example: Absolute; Top: 50px; Right: 50px;

This will ensure that the website elements remain 50px away from the top edges and right-side of the page. Even in your DIV, you can conveniently use the ‘absolute’ code.

On-the-go test code with FireBug


To make the most out of the CSS, sometimes it is necessary to figure out how to use the right tools? People usually overwork by working in the FireBug text editor first and then tweaking its values.

What one can do is write the code in the FireBug’s edit mode which will enable you to test it as you work. You also get the freedom to experiment in a simple and secure environment with all your CSS assumptions.

This also means that all changes are immediately applied to the browser window. The only thing that you must take care of is to accidentally avoid hitting the reload button where you can lose your edits.

A Technique to Resize images with ease

Images Larger without Losing Quality

The CSS development project includes many complicated tasks like adjusting your images to fit a specific width and the same time scaling according to specific proportions. Using max-width is one of the best ways to manage your image sizes.

Example: Img {Max-width: 75% Height: auto}

The height of your image will be automatically calculated according to the width of the image which according to the above code will be the largest at 75% with this scaling strategy.

Stop relying on Frameworks

Top best CSS frameworks for web development

It is true that for a CSS developers frameworks can make life easier. Quickly prototyping information can be quickly done by using frameworks. But in certain situations, they lead to extremely complicated situations even for simple problems.

To manage a layout or a responsive element, a grid system isn’t the only way. Frameworks can at times overkill rather than being useful.

Apply CSS at once to Multiple Classes

Use of CSS Sprites

Suppose you want to add an identical border to all images on your pages at once which also includes the sidebar and the bog section.

There is no need to write the same CSS every time. Separated by comma you can simply list down your items like

.img, .blog, .sidebar{border: 2px solid #002;}

When you are working on a considerably large number of website pages this trick can help you save a lot of time irrespective of the fact that this trick is not amongst the advanced one for a CSS developers.

Focus on every line

CSS Configure

By using developer tools that come attached to your chosen browser you can make sure that you are not repeating or using CSS properties that are not necessary to use.

To see all the CSS properties applied to the element in question you can click on an HTML with a specific inspector tool. To turn certain features on and off you may see some check boxes next to each element.

Using the right tools

Web apps For Developers

If the tools are good the CSS developers are good. It is important to feel comfortable with the tools you are using irrespective of whatever tools they are.

You will be a better developer when you are confident about selecting your CSS tools for your particular project requirements.

It is not just writing code but a lot more to CSS development. Tools for compiling, managing your code, and format are also essential. Learn the as much as you can by researching the IDE which is the best for you.

Know your browser

CSS developers browser

For a CSS developers, the browser is more than just the canvas. For inspecting a code, managing a website, and debugging the performance, a browser proves to be an important tool.

Your skills will boost in just no time when you learn how your browser renders code. Browsers will not be the same all the time and it is essential to keep this in mind at all times. Hence, whenever you use a new browser it will take time to settle down with it.

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11 Writing Tips on How to Format Your Email to Customers

writing tips

Tips on how to format your email to customers

So, if you are here this sounds your e-mail marketing is not paying worth to your efforts. Or perhaps you are a newbie and wanted to know some good tips to Format Your Email to Customers that can help to grow your business effortless. It doesn’t matter who you are. As an entrepreneur, we all need success. Therefore, we are ready to put every effort that drives engagement and supports.

E-mail marketing is one of the best tactics that can grow your business. Well, creating and Format Your Email to Customers email is a daunting task. But when it comes to getting leads and enjoy great ROI. This has to be perfect.
You are sending E-mail in the motive to get leads from your customers. An email has to impressive and loaded with great content so, the customers would like to hear from you. Make sure you are not adding the same boring content, they will unsubscribe you.

The content is not the only thing that you need to do focus on. The way you present your message with font style, templates, colors or also matters. In fact, you can take the help of copywriters they will tell you, how to write and create Format Your Email to Customers.

In this article, we are going to share some of the copywriting tips. So, you can write compelling content that gives your user reason to walk on your website and you will get high engagement.

Create an Appealing Subject Line

just writing

The perfect way to attract your customers is to give them a catchy subject line so, they would like to open your mail and walk to your website. Always use messages that relate to your customer’s needs. There are other great tips which can help you. So, here are the following:

1. Create determination

It is one of the dynamic marketing techniques that create great leads to its sales. By sharing catchy e-mails with the customer such as Bumper offer, discount, and kind of that. User mostly feels an urgency to buy from you or want to look forward to what you are offering.

Most of fashion online store and shopping sites use this tactic to increase the motivation of customers to stay connected with you. Even you can add several hours and set the time limit of making action to grab the biggest opportunity.

2. Give your customer useful information

Information Architecture

To attract your customers towards your website, you do not need to go always on promotion. Give your customer a bundle of knowledge too. Share some tips and good information that can better their experience.

Make sure you have added the Subject line with tips. If your website is all about beauty tips or natural remedies, so this going to be easy for you. A sender needs to deliver their audience what they are looking for.

In addition to making the subject line with one tip so user found your mail useful and open it. Most of the tips that attract customers are how to get 50% off on the biggest brand etc.

3. Don’t forget recipient name


According to the survey, we have found most of the email opens because it shows the recipient’s name. When a user sees his name in the e-mail they usually get attracted and open that mail to see what inside for them. This creates additional excitement that works best as compared to non-recipient mails.

4. Ask Question

ask question

It is one of the best tactics that working for years. People love to learn exciting topics that give them some source to learn. Hence, the clicks increase but make sure you will need to add high quality and true content. Because the user knows what is fake and real.

For example- are you upset? Add these exciting tips to stay happy
You can do even better with these subject lines.

All these above points are related to the subject line which helps to get clicks from the user. Now, we will talk about some good tips to write an engaging E-mail copy.

Tips to write E-mail copy

email subscribers

Once you know what to write in the subject line, your next task is to deliver good content. So, the user would not meet with disappointment what they are expecting. The other thing you will need to focus on is to give unique copy of the content and Format Your Email to Customers. If the user found you as just another way to promote or sell a copy of products they won’t open your mail.

5. Be conversational

It doesn’t matter how good your company’s reputation is and how well you are in English. The user only relates to those who relate to them. This means you need to share your mail as a friend which shows sympathy and hit their weak points and help them to make it better.

It just a way to show the understanding of your customer. Go with natural language so every user reads from you easily. Make sure you are writing in the second person like you or yours.

Pro tip- keep your message short, simple, and related to the customer. But not promotional.

6. Address the recipient with the name

email recipient

Mostly we did this mistake by addressing the user with Hi dear or hello. The pro tip always addresses the user with name as Hi Asha and say greetings. After that share your message which they found useful. The open rate of these messages is 6% than others.

7. Enlist product benefits instead of features

You need to very smart here. While listing your product make sure you are describing the benefits not its features. Reading features is boring and no one too interested to have. Benefits are the way to engage your user more so, they would like to buy from you.

8. Avoid sending of attachments

No one reader likes to download attachment and read it. It is better to give them useful
information by using copy-paste or providing useful links that may better your website
traffic too. It has been proved that messages with attachments often get deleted.

9. Give response quickly

If you want to be the best for the customers so, make yourself always available for your
customers. Once you get a reply from the customer give them instant respond so, they can
buy from you.

10. Give respect to the privacy

auto terms service privacy policy

While sending an email make sure you are not sending one email to all. Always respect the
privacy of your customers. Instead of sending all, keep it one by one.

11. Write a message with a focus

Before writing Format Your Email to Customers, make sure you have planned your purpose.
This keeps your message clear and easy to understand by the reader.

Explaining the benefits can relate user needs so, this can be the perfect move to get leads.

Wrap up

These are some good tips which you should not miss while Format Your Email to Customers. The only thing you need to focus on is to think about customer needs and nature. So, you will create the best piece that makes you and your customers happy. Good Luck!

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How to Host a Minecraft Server on Windows, Mac, or Linux

how to host minecraft server

How to host a free Minecraft server on different platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux will also be covered in this article.

With over 100 million copies sold, Minecraft has achieved the peak of popularity in video games across the world. The popularity of Minecraft is not just related to its gaming experience but it also teaches kids how to code. It is the heart of community creators all over the world and is an open platform for mod developers for expansion.

The easiest way for a new user to jump in is by buying the game. Minecraft Realms is a lightweight alternative which enables users to run a private Minecraft server, and with this, you can conveniently create your own world.

For individuals who intend to experience the full version of the Minecraft, it is recommended that you launch a private Minecraft server which has the potential to enable you to create your very own world.

In this article, we will cover answers to questions like how to host a Minecraft Server?

How to make a private Minecraft server? How to make a modded Minecraft server? and others.


Making a Minecraft Server

A few basic steps should be inevitably followed to make a Minecraft server
A) Search and Install Java (the latest version)
B) Install Minecraft server software (latest version)
C) Configure the network and server
D) Check and start the server
E) Verify that the server is accessible

People are usually stuck with the question of how to setup a Minecraft server? It takes considerable efforts to setup a server. Technical skills are required to systematically configure the Minecraft server. You must be skilled and familiar with:

A) Usage of the command line
B) System Configuration
C) Adequate networking knowledge like ports, DHCP, IP, and others
D) Network Configuration
E) For home setups – Router Configuration

Things to know when running a Minecraft server from home

A desktop computer will be more than enough and you do not need any technologically advanced system to run the server.

It is possible to run and play the Minecraft server on the same machine but it might require a slightly powerful system. Ethernet connections are recommended for use as they are more reliable and wired compared to the wireless connections.

Things to know when you don’t host the Minecraft server from home

Your home network is exposed to the world when you choose to run any other server from it. Usually, it is not advisable to take such a risk and instead opt for a hosting service provider.

You will only be concerned about paying the annual or monthly fee as it will keep you away from the tireless task of managing the server hardware. It is important to keep an eye on the resources as in any way you are sharing your hardware with users. For an advanced set up you can also try and opt for dedicated servers.

Making a Minecraft Server on a Windows Platform

People are usually stuck with the question of How to host a Minecraft server on Windows? Here we have covered the detailed procedure of doing so.

1. It is essential to get the latest version of Java. The programs option in control panel is used to update Java in case it is already installed. The other way is to check for the most recent Java version online and then open the command prompt and enter “java –version”. Check and do the necessary. In case of an outdated version or if you have not installed one, go the official website and download one.

2. It is essential to choose a location on your system where you would like to run the server before downloading it. Configuration files will be created on running the server for the first time. It is advisable to store these files in an assigned dedicated folder. It can be placed anywhere in the system according to your choice.

3. From the Minecraft website download the server software which will be downloaded in the .jar file which is a Java file. Download the file and choose it to save on the pre-decided location. On double-clicking the java file it will commence the installation and create configuration files for the server. Now before the server is ready to use it, these file needs modification.

You will find that a text file titled eula.txt is created. Change the default eula=false to eula=true by opening the file in a text editor. You will be prevented from starting the Minecraft server if you fail to accept the EULA.

In case you face the errors with saving changes in the properties you must run the file as administrator by right-clicking on it.

4. Enabling port forwarder is necessary but can also be a security risk. Port forwarding is not required in case you intend to host a server of players for your local network. The port forwarding has to be enabled for the router when you want your server to be accessed globally. Specific instructions on configuring your port can be found on the router manual.

It will be necessary to enter the server IP or output IP for the forwarded port which will be your server’s local IP address. Entering ipconfig in the command prompt will enable you to know the IP address of your system.

5. Open the Windows Command Prompt to start the Minecraft server. The server file will be named something like ‘minecraft_server1.17.3.jar’. You must navigate to the selected path and find the file. For starting the server follow this command:

-Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar {server_file_name_you_have_entered_} nogui

Do not forget to replace the actual file name with the server file name in the command. To exclude the nogui parameter server’s User Interface can be used in the following manner:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar {server_file_name}

In order to batch the commands together, it is also possible to create a .bat file. It will be possible to invite other players over to your server. Your local IP address will be used if they are on your home network and if they are not on your home network then public/external IP address will be used.

The public IP address can be easily found through the Google engine. The Minecraft server checker will enable you to learn if your server is accessible by others.

Making a Minecraft Server on MAC

minecraft mac edition

People are usually stuck with the question of How to host a Minecraft server on MAC? Here we have covered the detailed procedure of doing so.

1. Java is by default installed in the most recent version of macOS. It is possible to download the legacy version of the JAVA from the Apple website if you are not using the latest Java version. Hence, be sure and definite about the latest version of Java being present in your system.

2. Location of your Minecraft file is important. A separate folder can be created to contain all the documents related to Minecraft. There are no specific location requirements for this folder it can be created anywhere according to your choice.

3. The third step includes downloading the Minecraft server software in your system. It is a crucial answer to the question of how to make Minecraft server? The server can be easily downloaded from the Minecraft website.
The setup file will be of Java format and you can save it in the location-specific folder that you have decided in the last step. Enter the following after opening the text edit and setting up the formatting to plain text.

cd "$(dir_name "$0")"
exec java 
-Xms1G  -Xmx1G -jar {server_file_name_as_entered} nogui

Do not forget to replace the actual file name with the server file name in the command. This file must be saved in the same folder where the .jar file of the server is located. It should be titled as “start.command”.

It is essential to grant permission from the terminal to enable the new start.command file to run. After the command type chmod a+x after space. In the terminal window drag & drop the start.command file and then press enter.

4. Enabling port forwarder is necessary but can also be a security risk. Port forwarding is not required in case you intend to host a server of players for your local network. The port forwarding has to be enabled for the router when you want your server to be accessed globally. Specific instructions on configuring your port can be found on the router manual.

It will be necessary to enter the server IP or output IP for the forwarded port which will be your server’s local IP address. Enter if config to find your server’s local IP in the terminal.

5. Open the start.command file created in the third step by double-clicking it. You will witness a terminal window opening. In case you see an error message on the first time when you run the program it is nothing to be worried about and just normal. Once the server is active and dynamic invites can be sent to other people.
For players on your home network, your IP address will be issued and for players trying to access the server from the non-home network, a public/external IP will be required which will be unique for each system. You can easily find you by searching for it on Google.

How to host a Minecraft server on Linux?

Users often ask how to make a Minecraft server in Linux if it is not inclined to a server at home? Well, there is always Linux hosting plan to spin upon in such cases. This helps you in preventing your private home network from public exposure and you also stay away from the responsibility of managing the server.

If you intend to run a trial and there is no possibility of more number of players joining the server then you can always choose from popular Linux VPS hosting plans as they are amongst the most lightweight options. And, if you are expecting a considerable number of players, it is mandatory to use a dedicated Linux server. Here is the answer to How to make a Minecraft server for free in Linux?

1. For installing Java make sure that SSH’d is the host in the root user. Once that is verified enter the following command: apt- cache search openjdk

This command will open the list of JDK packages that can install Java. Now from the remote repositories update the list of available packages by the following command: apt-get update. To install the selected software package use command: apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk. The system will request an authorization for the required storage space necessary for installation. Press Y and confirm the authorization. This completes the installation; therefore, it is necessary to verify the successful installation. Enter java –version and you would see the version of Java that you just installed.

2. Just like the usual process now it is essential to create a location for storing Minecraft files. The Minecraft server files must be saved by creating a directory on the host and then changing the directory to: (Enter in First line) mkdir Minecraft (Enter in Second Line) cd Minecraft.

3. Similar to other operating systems it is essential to download Minecraft server files in Linux also. Run the wget command within the Minecraft directory to download the server files of Minecraft.


It is advisable to always thoroughly check the Minecraft website for the latest version. Now to enable the server to continue to run even when you aren’t connected we will have to install and run the ‘screen’.

4. Minecraft How to make a server for Linux.

First, enter java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui. You can stop your server with stop command to verify if everything is running correctly. It is required to edit the file of ‘’ by: enable-query=true. Restart your server after saving the server properties file. Check the IP address for public accessibility in Minecraft Server Status Checker.

5. In the final step point a domain at your Minecraft server. It is easier for people to connect with your server when you provide them with an easy to remember domain and avoid the complicated IP address. After updating, it can take up to one day for DNS changes to be effective globally.

We hope we have helped in answering your questions like How to host a Minecraft server? and How to make a server in Minecraft? Understand and follow the given steps and conveniently install and use Minecraft in your system.

What is Structured Data and Schema for Websites & SEO?

Structured Data and Schema

Know more about structured data and schema

Heard about the Google Search Engine and the way it crawls your website as a part of SEO analytics for better Search Engine Results Page ranking? Of course, you must have. So, one of the prime assessments by these top-notch search engines for your website and business content is through structured data and schema markups.

So, if you are waiting to increase your business along with its presence to the targeted audience for a perpetual amount of time, you should understand the increasing importance of structured data.

Let’s begin to understand the ins and outs of this type of data and how it is incorporated into your website and SEO strategies.

Definition of Structured Data

structured data

This kind of data is carefully designed, coded, written, and formatted for the current need of the business that’s been running on the site.

Structured data also helps search engines like Google Search Engine recognize the value, text, and/or the content of your website’s different pages, inclusive of landing pages, promotional posts, blogs, and others.

When structured data is published on the website, the crawlers can easily read what kind of phrases and words are being used in which proportion. This can also help crawlers to detect whether a website content is malicious or rather genuine.

In the long run, the text and the content such is taken into consideration.

The Format Of The Structured Data

format structured data

One of the reasonable ways to operate the so-called data online is through knowing the working and formats of structured data and schema markups.

You can check online with various tools if your data is structured or not before taking any step further to form a base.

Moreover, these online can help you know whether the website is behaving and acting the way you might have desired for it to target the audience online.


It is one of the latest markups that can be embedded with the structured data that you are aiming to publish on your website. Up until its latest acceptance by Google Search Engine crawlers back in 2016, other simple markups or schemas were used.

But the JSON-LD has wider and easy usability. As a content developer, you can apply this markup anywhere from the body, header, to the bottom of the website’s content or page.

RDFa: Resource Description Framework In Attributes

Using this attribute and format of the structured data and schema processing, you can enable the popular RDF statement in the HTML, XML, and XHTML web design formats.

It can run on both HTML and HTML5 and has been widely accepted by the online Search Engine crawlers for crawling and indexation of the pages published.

This helps in optimizing the on-the-page SEO analysis in the long run. The crawler robots can understand the different attributes aligned in the content and the importance behind the same.

In doing so, the website content is not missed or considered spam or something else.

Overall these RDFa formats are used for a semantic type of tagging, that’s equal to microformats or microdata to be read and understood by webmaster tools available online.

In general, it makes the research by target audience through webmaster applications and search engine platforms easier.


Like RDFa is it an attributed format of structured data that work incredibly well for HTML5 scripts to design the better content for your website in an educated format for the crawlers to judge, read, and place at a better position for SERPs or search engine results page.

Widely, it is also used to nestling of the metadata with the content that is already existing on the website where you are running your current business.

Definition Of Schema Markup Codes

Schema markup codes are the way of semantic vocabulary for internet robots like crawlers to actually understand the real meaning behind a search that is input by the end-user on the search engine.

Once the query has been asked, within microseconds, these crawlers study the snippets applied on the structured data and schema codes are hence, then pretty useful for optimizing the webpage’s SEO score and overall domain authority for the users.

In the end, the schema codes can help the end-user to receive meaningful content despite having the best SEO score without any in-depth study.

We know that SEO has been growing at the lightning-fast speed for the past decade, and that is why schema markup codes are the latest development in this sector, which is not easily beatable or even replaceable.

The schema codes actually offer the ability to understand that the words put in by the end-users on the search engines are not anything random or out of context.

In short, the search engine optimization is scaled and designed for a richer content generation when the crawlers can make sense of the keywords that are searched.

Usability Of Structured Data and Schema Markup Codes On:

usability schema

• Blogs
• Articles
• Website content
• Movie reviews
• Product descriptions
• Seasonal offers
• White papers
• Events
• Ratings
• Restaurant information

…and much more, honestly. In short, structured data is currently used anywhere online. Its usability is not limited to one set of data. And that is why it is gaining momentum in the field of on-the-page SEO analysis and increasing the overall score that’s related to the domain or specific page authority.

The same goes for the Schema markup semantic language codes ,which are used together with the structured data as a profitable combination.

In short, such a combination helps the human language to get understood by machines at a much faster rate.


In the end, if you are thinking to render richer information that’s both reliable and genuine, having a design of a structured data planned out in advance can work wonders for the sales of your product offerings online.

When the customers can search you more often, they will start believing the products or services that you are offering.
Hence, the same goes for the Schema codes. What we mean to say is that merely a search from the customer’s end doesn’t end the job of SEO strategies.

When the customer gets a webpage that’s targeting his or her primal needs denoted by the keywords instead of crawling any content inclusive of the search words, it increases the trust and credibility level on your website by that same customer.

How to Write the Best Business Proposal for Investors

Business Proposal for Investors

Steps on how to write Business Proposal for Investors

If you are new in the business world, your first job is to build customer trust. So, how would you do this? A business proposal can help you to build a relationship of trust between you and investors. The proposal is an outline of your business offerings which tells your client why you are best.

A business proposal is the only way to attract your clients towards your offerings. So, it has to be perfect and killer. According to the business magazine, the business proposal for investors needs to be clear, impressive, well-structured, and to the point.

Well, not only a proposal, a businessman has to work hard in different manners to create a position in the market. One crucial factor is investment capital. Sometimes a business has great ideas, but the lack of money often leads the business in a poor state. If you want to make your best for the first time, you should create cost-effective business plans along with a compelling business proposal for investors.

On this page, we will talk about some great tips to create a business proposal for investors that drive their attention for the first time. Also, we will talk about some basic ideas which you can add to make the proposal simply impressive.
So, let us get started!

What is the Business investment proposal?

make money online blogging

In the business area, the investment proposal describes your plans, actions, and suggestions to accomplish certain goals. It is written in the motive to attract investors into your business so they could invest in your business.

When writing a proposal it is crucial to describe the return over investment so, they could find your deal profitable. In other words, your proposal talks about the client’s profits which they would get from yours.

How to write a killer business proposal?

just writing

You know that writing a business proposal is the way to get leads. Hence, it needs to best without any mistake. The best investment business proposal for investors is which describes how and when your client’s net profits after investing in your business plan. Therefore, a proposal must ensure the following points that can make your investment killing.

1. Make a brief proposal description

The investment proposal for investors usually starts with a brief description that shows the project idea. In this area, you will need to outline the idea of your business and what it is all about. You need to make sure, your writing way is simple and easy to understand by your investor. The other thing you will need to make sure you are clear with your idea that how you revamp the investment.

You know that description is the first thing that your investor reads. So it has to be impressive and well-written. Make multiple drafts and read them well 2-3 times before sending them. Make sure the proposal is compelling and easy to understand.

2. Show why you are the best in the market

It is another crucial point you will need to clear with. You are approaching investors to do investment, hence you need to show up him/her that why you are the profitable choice. Make sure you have listed your financial report and performance of the company in the market.

If you are well-established in the market so it would be a little easier for you to add snapshots or records. Or if you are completely new, you can replace this by describing your company benefits and how you came up in this industry and what is your current position. Once you get clear with all things, send the mail.

3. Give an overview of your business strategy

If you are asking your investor to invest you need to show him what are your plans and strategies to accomplish the goals, right?

So, before writing this, you need to do market research and pan your actions in a way that you will get maximum profits. In this field, you will need to show who your competitors are and what are the plans for pricing structure, product quality, and more to beat your rivals.

In the business proposal, you will need to clear with everything so your investor finds you the best source to work with.

4. Must include technical operations

Investor mostly looks for everything, therefore must include the technical operations for your planned business approach. This means the proposal needs to show the location of your business, costs, production, manpower usage, technical equipment use, and all expenditures.

5. Project Financing

It is a must checkpoint you need to add. Investors always want to know your back-up plans too. Project financing describes if any investor leaves from this idea so what is another source to fund the project.

You will need to show everything such as loans, project gain, loss, and other financing options. This will let your investor know that how well you have planned everything. Here you will need to make sure you are not making any false claims, this affects your brand.

6. Project Schedule

It also includes a business proposal for the investor. This will help your investor to know when and how you will accomplish the goal. Also, this will help to know the agreement time how long your investor needs to stay with you.

7. Withdrawal plan

In the business world, everything has to clear. Investors also want to know, if the proposal will not work or any other issue occurs during the project. So, what are the terms of how he/she would take the exit? Make sure your business proposal shows the withdrawal plan. And how would you deal, if the business meets with failure?

Wrap up

When you in the business world, you always wish to maximize profits and expand your business. A business proposal is key to get all that you need and expect. These are seven things that you need to include to make a business proposal killer for the investor.

And another thing you need to make it impressive, use simple templates that give the best look to the proposal. Good Luck!

Should You Consider Boosting Posts Using Facebook Ads

Do you still think around whether Facebook is the platform you need for advertisement or should you consider boosting posts using Facebook ads?

If we are asked what is that one thing that dominating modern society uses every day, every hour and second that would be social media. We are sure because we all likely check our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds several times a day.

Well, here is a fact: Your customers do the same.

Have a look at this:

  • Worldwide, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is an 18 percent increase year over year. Still in doubt?  
  • There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2016, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year. 
  • On average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites daily. 
  • Five new profiles are created every second.

There is only one conclusion and our answer is yes, Facebook is providing businesses with the largest advertising opportunity since search. So yes, your audience is on there somewhere it is just a matter of finding them.

Why you should use Facebook ads and why you need to consider boosting posts using Facebook ads?

First of all, Facebook provides available and even cheap conditions for advertising.
Second reason is, they are easy. Well, not that easy but a little experience will make it. Are you a fresh starter? No problem, countless, step by step tutorials are there for you.

What do you need to know before advertising on Facebook and boosting posts using Facebook ads?

Before advertising on Facebook you need to decide on the goal of your Facebook advertising before you get started – this will affect the type of advertising used.

You should begin the planning stage and optimization process of a Facebook Ads and your campaign before the first ad or post is even created.

First, you need to understand what your goals are, which will help you to expect certain results.
Understand whether the aim is to increase for brand awareness, conversions, video views, etc. Each action made by your audience on your Facebook ad costs money, so make sure you solidify your objectives before making those investments.

What types of advertisement Facebook offers:
Facebook offers two styles of advertisement, the Boosted Post and the Facebook Ad. Each ad type offers different advantages and opportunities for reaching different targets and audiences.

What is a boosted post and should you consider boosting posts using Facebook ads?

In fact, when you hit ‘Boost’ on a post on your Facebook page, you are in fact creating an ad. It is just a simpler interface than if you were to go through the Ads Manager.

Boost post option is one of the basic and the easiest option for advertising on Facebook.To have a boosted post, you first need to have the post as a core Facebook post on your business page or community page. Under each post there is a «Boost post» button. When you choose this type of advertising, more Facebook users see your post in their newsfeeds.

These Facebook users may either already be your Business page audience (those who liked your page) or may be unrelated to your audience but interested in your post as a result of choosing age, sex, interests, hobbies, activities and so on.

You select who sees your boosted post when you actually boost it. During this time, you pick from two different audiences for your post:

1.Those who like your page and their friends

2.A custom targeted audience

A Custom Audience from a customer list is a type of audience you can create made up of your existing customers. You upload, copy and paste or import your hashed customer list, then we use the hashed data from it to match the people on your list to people on Facebook.

Take time and be specific on your audience targeting before boosting posts using Facebook ads

Remember, that the amount of the success of the boosted post lays not only in the content, which should be bright, original, eye catching, with an intriguing and interesting to your audience copy, but also in the way you make custom targeted audience. Facebook has millions of data criteria. Take time, narrow your audience, do some A/B testing and based on the result understand whether the targeted audience was the same audience of your customers or have you just spent money without any results.

So, should you consider boosting posts using Facebook ads? Yes!

  • With boosted posts, you can target a greater number of your typical or custom audience. That targeting happens when you select the gender, age, geographic region and interest(s) of your audience during the boosted post creation process.
  • Using boosted posts is of great importance especially when you consider that Facebook typically delivers your posts to only 1% of your usual audience.
  • Another big advantage of boosted posts is that, while a good many members of your audience might see the post (known as an impression) you will only be charged when someone interacts with your post via likes, shares or comments. Which means, that boosting post on Facebook is nearly free.
  • Boosted posts are easy to set up and manage. You simply select the post you want to boost, choose the audience (current or targeted), target your audience geographically (if using a targeted audience), select your budget amount and ad duration, and launch your post.
  • After your boosted post has been approve and run for a day, you will automatically get updates about its results, e.g. level of impressions and engagement.
  • Another good thing about boosting posts is that they are very flexible. You can stop the boosting and restart it at any time.

When not to use «Boost post» option

You should not use Boost post option when you need more precise targeting and use ad option not for selling something(unless your deal is too hot) rather than want to reach brand awareness.

The other way to push a post into the news feed is to use the Ads Manager  to promote a post.

The benefit of promoting a post is that you have more targeting, pricing and bidding options.

You also have different bidding and budgeting options with a promoted post.

You can choose cost per click or spend a certain amount per day or even switch between models if you want to.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Without Spending Anything on Advertising?

Do you want to drive free traffic to your blog? In all probability, the answer is “Who does not want?”.

Each and every website owner or blogger dreams of attracting as many online visitors and readers as possible. Having the right flows of traffic coming to your blog is one of the smart goals you can set for your personal activities or business.

Before passing on the best tips and tricks to drive free traffic to your blog, let’s consider what “traffic” is in relation to the digital world and SEO.

What is a website or blog traffic?

Roughly speaking, traffic is quantity of visitors per a specific unit of time /hour, day, week, etc./ We can even state that the visibility of your blog and traffic of your blog are synonymous expressions.

Why do you need website or blog traffic?

If you fail to attract as many visitors as you need and bring them to your profile, you will probably get lost in the diversity and avalanche of the digital world. The targeted and constant traffic is the best guaranty of your virtual well being. Whether you are promoting your personal business, company’s affairs, rendering services or selling products, the people coming to your posts and pages are the ones to keep your profile alive.

What are the best strategies to drive free traffic to your blog?

More revenue is directly proportional to more target traffic your blog receives. Having interested people spending time on your blog or coming back to your publications regularly increases the chance that you are on the right way to success.

If you don’t want to spend your earnings on advertising or other paid traffic generation methods, it’s more reasonable to combine several free methods to record excellent results

1. Create high quality content.

Generating and publishing high quality, results driven and user optimized content is responsible for your SEO growth and boosted traffic. A well processed and stylized content is the oxygen of your website or blog conveyed to your visitors. Whether you are the only blogger of your profile or work with multiple authors, you need to post fresh and unique content on a regular basis. It’s the best way to keep your target audience hungry for updates, and new visitors –
surprised by the accuracy and quality of your content.

2. Make your blog SEO optimized and use the right keywords

If you are using WordPress as the basis of your blog or website, then you are lucky enough to have boundless opportunities to get maximum traffic results without shelling out a single penny. This platform is, by default, SEO friendly and compatible with hundreds of plugins and extensions to get more quantifiable results.

Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO


It is one of the top rated SEO plugins you can add to your WP based blog or website. Get the preview of how your post or page will appear in search engine results, make sure that your meta description is relevant, write meta titles and descriptions whenever needed and have an optimized SEO functionality to drive free traffic to your blog.

All in One SEO Pack:

Alll in One SEO


All in One SEO Pack is the next secure and results oriented plugin. It includes a diversity of useful features to make your website stand out with its qualified traffic and SEO rankings. It is well optimized even for the beginners and novices of the digital field without any technical or coding background.

3. Data Presentation and Visualization

Visme is a data presentation and visualization tool that helps the users in making their content compelling and presentable by transforming it into visually appealing presentations and infographics. The web-based tool, which can also run offline, is used extensively by users from the fields of education, marketing, business, and many other professional areas.

data presentation and visualization

4. Keep track of your blog analytics

Analyzing your blog and its visitors for a certain period of time and keeping the results for future comparison is one of the wisest things you can do to drive more traffic to your site without spending your financial means.




Jetpack can be a complex solution for your WP blog traffic needs. It comes powered by search engine optimization tools for major search engines, site statistics and analytics, as well as automatic sharing on social media platforms. Email subscriptions, customizable contact forms and much more are available with this amazing tool to drive free traffic to your blog.

5. Make your blog social friendly and shareable

Social media optimization can never be underrated when it comes to engaging more and more people online and directing them to your blog posts and pages. You need to take an ultimate care of your firm presence in the major social media networks on the one hand, and make your content shareable for social media inhabitants on the other.

Social Media Share Buttons and Social Icons:

Socail Medai share button


This immensely versatile and feature rich plugin can be the best social companion while letting you add icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. You are also free to choose the design style for social media icons, make one social media icon multifunctional, as well as make social icons sticky or floating.




MashShare is another tested and trusted plugin to optimize your content for better traffic and making it social friendly. It also comes with add ons for more functionality and controls, including more social share buttons, sticky share bar, Google Analytics, etc.

6. Convert your blog visitors into subscribers

Once your blog is created and armed with premium quality content, the next step is to convert your potential visitors and readers into subscribers and keep them updated all the time. Popups, contact forms and email list building method are among the most productive tools you can gather a loyal army of your blog.

Contact Form 7:

Contact form 7


It is a popular and highly versatile contact form plugin letting you manage multiple contact forms and let your audience get in touch with you.

WP Subscribe:

Wp Subscribe

WP Subscribe is what you need to start building your email list and send your updates and promotions to people you are interested in your online activities. Make and display amazing subscription forms on your WordPress blog in a matter of minutes.


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Image SEO: Complete Guide to Optimizing Images for Search Engine

Image SEO

Here a few guidelines for image SEO.

Whenever you are writing an article or a blog for any online news media or magazine, then you may ask yourself whether the image is needed or not for your article. The answer is always yes because images give life to your article and make it interactive to your audiences.

Besides, the image has also a contribution to your website’s SEO and helps your audiences to understand your article. Images not only make your website interactive but also help you to promote your ideas or products via social media. If your page is interactive, then audiences tend to share your page on social media, which will also help you in your business expansion.

There are several guidelines that you need to follow before adding any images with your article as it is directly linked with website traffic.

They are briefly discussed that will help you to attract more audiences on your website.

Optimize the Filename of the Image

Naming is the very first thing you should check before uploading the image to your website and acknowledged to be the primary guideline to image SEO. The image must be saved with a descriptive title, not with something that is not understandable to your audiences.

For example, when you click the picture with your phone or camera then you must have observed a default image title is there. That default image title has no such meaning that can also drop your SEO ranking. Instead, you should describe the picture in one or two words and consider that as your image title.

Optimize the Size of the Image File

Nowadays, most of you browse the internet with your smartphones, it has a major impact on website traffic. Image compression is a significant guideline to image SEO that allows you to create smaller image files without any observable difference. There are several tools available in every virtual app store that will assist you to compress your image before publishing.

Large size image has a negative impact on your audiences as it takes a huge time to load in the browsers and also hinders the total page buffering. But before compressing the images, you must keep in mind that while compressing image you must not affect the quality of the image.

Use the Original Image

Originality has the power to attract more people rather than fake, it is also the same for the images that you are attaching on your pages before publishing it to your audiences. It is advisable, to avoid stock images for your website and try to click original pictures for your page, search engines will also appreciate you for your originality. However, it is not always possible to use original images due to many reasons but if you are using non-original images, then make sure that all the rights issues are sorted out before publishing.

Read more about How to Add Images to WordPress website posts and pages.

Now you may be confused about where to start, fortunately, several websites offer you royalty-free images. Besides, some of them also give you the chance to customize those images as per your requirements so now at least you can transfigure some non-original images into semi-original ones.

Remove Irrelevant Images from Your Website

Images are not only to fill the empty spaces on your webpage, but images also help to enhance your webpage and make it easily understandable to your audiences. More images on your webpage don’t have a connection with the quality of your page. If you feel that some images are not relevant for the elements of your webpage, then just remove it without any hesitation.

Irrelevant images just only shift the spotlight from the rest elements of your website and make the audience lack their interest to spend more time on your website. Try to use this image SEO tip before publishing your website that will help you to get more audiences for your website and improve the SEO ranking.

Try not to Include Text in the Images

Avoiding text in your images can be another way to improve the readability and accessibility of your web page. Besides, it also allows you the elements of your webpage to be responsive to other devices. Try to keep away adding text in your images, instead, you can use CSS and HTML for decorative headings.

Embed texts are not easy to read for both your audiences and search engines and try to define images to your audiences by using ‘caption’ and use ‘alt text’ to make search engines understand. Important texts on web pages help people to get a clear idea about your business or products, so, it can be said that this guideline to image SEO has major effects on website traffic.

Scale the Images

Scaling the images mean to resize them to the specific dimensions that you will use on the website you are developing. When images are oversized and you try to resize those using CSS or HTML then it creates additional pressure for the web browsers and makes it slow.

You can also use browser tools to identify the appropriate image size for your website. Several image editors allow you to scale every format of the image like .jpeg, .png, but other editors are able only to edit a specific type of image like .jpeg.

Retina Images

One thing you can assume that the high definition screen has a different audience base, especially when audiences provide good reviews for better user experience. Retina image creation is not that tough; all you can do is replace your image with the bigger versions of it.
Image SEO
Now, you might have a question in your mind that a high-quality image is bigger so it will not be compatible with mobile devices. Fortunately, you can solve this issue with the help of some plug-ins that allow your high-quality image to become compatible with other devices.

Next-Gen Formats

Nowadays, most of the popular search engines enable an option for you to serve images in next-gen formats. Serving images in next-gen formats not only helps to improve web speed but they also offer you to switch all your images to their open-source file format.
Next-Gen Formats

Next generation image formats, such as JPEG 2000 and WebP have superior image compression abilities.Read how to Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats here.

If you serve your images in next-gen formats then your web page will be faster that will help you to attract more audiences to your web pages. Besides, this guideline to image SEO will also help you to get on the search engines good side by using their guided image format.

Alt text for Images

It is considered to be another significant guideline that while uploading the image to web sites you need to fill out the ‘Alt’ attribute for the images. This helps you to improve accessibility for your audiences who visit your website and also an SEO ranking factor. Alt text helps you to describe the picture in such a way that, if it is not visible on the devices then also your audience can understand the message of the image.
image alt text
In other words, you can say that the ‘alt’ attribute helps you to convey the message or meaning of your image when it is unavailable. You can also use the keywords if they are meant to convey the message present in the image. One thing you need to consider, before adding an ‘alt’ attribute to your image is that the ‘alt text field’ is entirely dependent on the type of image you have used in your content.

Image Caption is also Significant

You may have observed that while writing an alternative text for your image there was another space named ‘caption’. Caption and other text surrounding give context to the image used in your web pages. But you also need to consider a fact that all images do not need captions, captions function as call-outs in the body element of your web pages.
image caption
There are other reasons to write the captions for the image are to convey your point and create SEO-friendly images. Since captions are not the sole important thing related to your image, try to include image related phrases and keywords closer to the image, only it can ensure the attention of audiences and search engines.

Image Placement

Image placement is also another important guideline before adding images to your content or page. You can place your images anywhere on the page as per your choice but if you want your audience to take a particular image into account as an important part of your content then position images relevantly. It is desirable to place images closer to the relevant element on the page that can help to improve SEO ranking.

Meta Description

The meta description is considered to be another significant guideline to image SEO that directly affects the appearance of the image while browsing.

According to many popular search engines, you must check your page description and title that will help the search engines to generate another title which will explain each result and the way it relates to the user query.

Image Sitemaps

Image sitemap helps the search engines to index all the images used on the web page, especially significant when you update the web page frequently. You can create a sitemap only for images and add those. Otherwise, you can add those images to an already created sitemap or default sitemap.

If you want to perform the task easily, then several plug-ins can help you to generate a sitemap. Once you are done with installation then go to the dashboard to activate the sitemap for your image or images.

Page Elements

Most of the search engines take the entire page into account including page title, URL, keywords, and other elements. Now, you may ask a question that these are not related to images but these factors have an impact on SEO ranking.

As a developer, try to include your image related phrases or keywords in the URL and page title as most search engines use these paths to interpret your images.

Social Media Tags

Now, you may have a question that this article is supposed to discuss the guidelines to image SEO, but social media tags can help you to create SEO-friendly images effectively. Social media tags are mainly a path for you where your page or content can be shared by many people. You can also use a plug-in for this task and most of the plug-ins support‘ open graph’; a social media tag language.

Now, it is a matter of fact that why you should use social media tags for the images? Social media is a powerful platform that allows you to get potential customers for your business.

Structured Data

Structured data may not be the best approach to increase traffic on your website but sometimes it can also produce effective outcomes. If a person searches your website in some search engine and gets the result without going through the entire website, then it is acknowledged as inadequate use of image optimization.

The entire traffic is dependent on how you are developing the structure of the page, for example, if your website contains the image of your products then the rate of traffic and positive results will increase. Otherwise, if you are trying to increase traffic by using info-graphics on your page then most of the visitors will not go through your website.

Now, how to use structured data on your website? The easiest way is to do it with plug-ins. But make sure that the image must have a relation with the instance of the specific type, for example, if you define the image of food property then it must have a connection with foods.

Now you may have a clear idea about how to use relevant images that will help you to improve SEO ranking effectively. If you want to increase traffic on your website or give your site some boost up then try to use the above-discussed guidelines to image SEO. These guidelines also make your content more interesting and accessible to your target audiences.

Useful Code Snippets for WordPress websites and developers


Below is a list of few useful code snippets which can be used in WordPress and come quite handy sometimes. For most of them there are different plugins.

But as they say lot of plugins do more harm than good.

So better to use these useful code snippets whenever and wherever necessary.

Here you go:

1. Temporary Maintenance
The following code needs to be added to your theme’s functions.php to temporarily close access to your site by visitors. Only admin who can log in and then check the website but not others. This way you can work on the site and do changes without your site being accessed or without worrying about people seeing a messed up website:

// Temp Maintenance - with http response 503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable)
// This will only block users who are NOT an administrator from viewing the website.
function wp_maintenance_mode(){
if(!current_user_can('edit_themes') || !is_user_logged_in()){
wp_die('Maintenance, please come back soon.', 'Maintenance - please come back soon.', array('response' => '503'));
add_action('get_header', 'wp_maintenance_mode');

2. Add featured images to WordPress feeds
Another code snippets for WordPress
Featured images aren’t by default added to a WordPress rss feed and hence this code snippet which can be pasted in functions.php comes handy:

//Function to add featured image in RSS feeds function featured_image_in_rss($content) { // Global $post variable global $post; // Check if the post has a featured image if (has_post_thumbnail($post->ID)) { $content = get_the_post_thumbnail($post->ID, 'full', array('style' => 'margin-bottom:10px;')) . $content; } return $content; } //Add the filter for RSS feeds Excerpt add_filter('the_excerpt_rss', 'featured_image_in_rss'); //Add the filter for RSS feed content add_filter('the_content_feed', 'featured_image_in_rss');

3. Minimal Comment Limit in WordPress
Most people have comments in their blogs to increase interactivity and healthy discussion on the site. But there are some scammers who want to just get a link out of the site and hence they will reply with minimal words like “good read”, “nice post”, “thanks” etc. Hence to stop these users from posting such less content which makes no sense here is a code which gives control to admin to limit comment limit:

add_filter( 'preprocess_comment', 'minimal_comment_length' );

function minimal_comment_length( $commentdata ) {
$minimalCommentLength = 20;

if ( strlen( trim( $commentdata['comment_content'] ) ) < $minimalCommentLength )
wp_die( 'All comments must be at least ' . $minimalCommentLength . ' characters long.' );
return $commentdata;

4. Increase WordPress memory limit
Some hosts by default limit the memory limit to just 2mb and hence it becomes difficult to upload large media files in media section of WordPress.
For this we need to add the following code in wp-config.php

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '96M');

5. Allow PHP in WordPress text widgets

Sometimes it is difficult to just add another template in WordPress and hence a widget can come handy. But wait text widgets as normal don’t allow for php code. Hence the following code snippets for WordPress can be used for this purpose:

add_filter('widget_text', 'enable_php_code', 99);

function enable_php_code ($text) {
if (strpos($text, '' . $text);
$text = ob_get_contents();
return $text;

6. Remove URL field from Comment
There are 3 ways in which this can be done.
One is if you want to completely remove website field from WordPress comments on your theme paste the following code into your theme’s or child theme’s function.php

function ra_remove_comment_url_field( $field ) {
return '';
add_filter( 'comment_form_field_url', 'ra_remove_comment_url_field' );

If you want users to add url but not display them use the following code instead:
function ra_hide_comment_url( $url ) {
if ( !is_admin() )
return '';
return $url;
add_filter( 'get_comment_author_url', 'ra_hide_comment_url' );

And if you want to remove website links on comments but not pingbacks and trackbacks then paste following code in function.php

function ra_hide_comment_url( $url ) {
if ( !is_admin() && get_comment_type() == 'comment' )
return '';
return $url;
add_filter( 'get_comment_author_url', 'ra_hide_comment_url' );

7. Empty trash of WordPress
Its real simple just paste the following code into wp-config and it works like a charm:

define('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 1 ); //Integer is the amount of days

8. Reduce post revisions or disable post revisions
This is a great way to reduce the size of MYSQL specially if you have a big site or have the tendency to revise a post many times before finally publishing it. Add the following code snippet in wp-config.php:

define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 2 );

You can turn off the post revisions by writing false instead of 2 above. Given below:

define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', false );

9. Move WordPress admin bar to bottom
The following code pasted in functions.php does the work:

function fb_move_admin_bar() {
echo '

body {
margin-top: -28px;
padding-bottom: 28px;
body.admin-bar #wphead {
padding-top: 0;
body.admin-bar #footer {
padding-bottom: 28px;
#wpadminbar {
top: auto !important;
bottom: 0;
#wpadminbar .quicklinks .menupop ul {
bottom: 28px;
// on backend area
add_action( 'admin_head', 'fb_move_admin_bar' );
// on frontend area
add_action( 'wp_head', 'fb_move_admin_bar' );