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How to Add Sticky Posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives

add sticky posts WordPress

You can add sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives and make your post different and worth reading.

Every website owner should look forward to making their content quality better along with better content representation.

Content is always the king but if it is not well presented, even good quality content does not make it big.

The best way to represent content different from others is by using UL elements that are not common but very attractive. One of such thing is sticky posts.

You can highlight important points or show affiliate links through stick post.

It instantly makes your web content different and better than others and it will help you create a complete brand by using it in most of the content page you have on your website and your readers will get into a habit as well which will help to in the long run.

add sticky posts

How To Add Sticky Posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives Using Plugin –

Step 1. To add sticky posts, you need to install and activate the plugin named Sticky Custom Post Types.

Go to Admin Dashboard and from the left menu, select Plugins and click on Add New from the dropdown menu.

Search for the plugin by its name and install and activate it.

Once done, you have to come back to the Dashboard and go to Settings from the left menu and click on Reading from the dropdown.

add sticky posts

In the new screen, you have to scroll down and you have to select the position where you want Stick This Option to be enabled. It could be homepage or any particular post type as well.

By default, WordPress shows sticky posts only on the home page and therefore, you have to enable in for other post types as per your requirement.

For example, if you have movie review custom post type or coupon code custom post type, you can select where the sticky post will appear.

Step 2. Now, it is time to add sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives on different positions and make them appear differently.

For that, you have to create an archive template for your custom post type already present on your website.

Create a file named archive-post-type.php and then go to theme’s archive.php file and copy the entire code inside it and paste it in your archive-post-type.php file.

Then if you know coding, you can modify the code as per your requirement to create any template you need. Then upload the file to your theme’s directory where archive.php file is.

sticky posts

Step 3. Then you have to edit the important file functions.php and paste the following code there. You have to go to Dashboard, Appearance and click on Editor. File the functions.php file there and add it.

function wpb_cpt_sticky_at_top( $posts ) {
    // apply it on the archives only
    if ( is_main_query() && is_post_type_archive() ) {
        global $wp_query;
        $sticky_posts = get_option( 'sticky_posts' );
        $num_posts = count( $posts );
        $sticky_offset = 0;
        // Find the sticky posts
        for ($i = 0; $i < $num_posts; $i++) {
            // Put sticky posts at the top of the posts array
            if ( in_array( $posts[$i]->ID, $sticky_posts ) ) {
                $sticky_post = $posts[$i];
                // Remove sticky from current position
                array_splice( $posts, $i, 1 );
                // Move to front, after other stickies
                array_splice( $posts, $sticky_offset, 0, array($sticky_post) );
                // Remove post from sticky posts array
                $offset = array_search($sticky_post->ID, $sticky_posts);
                unset( $sticky_posts[$offset] );

        // Look for more sticky posts if needed
        if ( !empty( $sticky_posts) ) {
            $stickies = get_posts( array(
                'post__in' => $sticky_posts,
                'post_type' => $wp_query->query_vars['post_type'],
                'post_status' => 'publish',
                'nopaging' => true
            ) );
            foreach ( $stickies as $sticky_post ) {
                array_splice( $posts, $sticky_offset, 0, array( $sticky_post ) );
    return $posts;
add_filter( 'the_posts', 'wpb_cpt_sticky_at_top' );
// Add sticky class in article title to style sticky posts differently
function cpt_sticky_class($classes) {
            if ( is_sticky() ) :
            $classes[] = 'sticky';
            return $classes;
        return $classes;
    add_filter('post_class', 'cpt_sticky_class');

The above code makes sure that your sticky post stays on the top of the custom post type archives.

If you know coding, you can change the position as per your requirements.

Step 4. Now, a sticky post does not look good without color and for that, you have to open Stylesheet from the Editor and paste the following.

.sticky {
background-position:right top;

As you can see, there is an image which you have to upload as per your wish as to how you want your sticky post to appear.

That is how you add sticky posts in WordPress custom Post Type Archives and now, it will appear on the top of every custom post type archives.

Cool Things You Can Do With Sticky Posts In WordPress –

Now that you know how to add sticky posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives, you can extend your knowledge to apply in different areas and here are the things you can do with the sticky post.

sticky posts

1. Expiring Sticky post

If you are using to highlight a special event or to show affiliate links and coupon codes, you can create a hype by automatically disabling the sticky posts.

For that, you need to install the plugin Expire Sticky Posts and set the expiry date.

This will come really handy.

2. Displaying Latest Sticky Post

You must be using sticky posts only for a few featured posts.

But with time, your featured posts disappear under the burden of new featured posts. To revive them, you can have custom archive pages.

Paste the following code in the functions.php file. This will create a shortcode and paste the shortcode anywhere you want to display them.

function wpb_latest_sticky() {
/* Get all sticky posts */
$sticky = get_option( 'sticky_posts' );
/* Sort the stickies with the newest ones at the top */
rsort( $sticky );
/* Get the 5 newest stickies (change 5 for a different number) */
$sticky = array_slice( $sticky, 0, 5 );
/* Query sticky posts */
$the_query = new WP_Query( array( 'post__in' => $sticky, 'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1 ) );
// The Loop
if ( $the_query->have_posts() ) {
    $return .= '<ul>';
    while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) {
        $return .= '<li><a href="' .get_permalink(). '" title="'  . get_the_title() . '">' . get_the_title() . '</a><br />' . get_the_excerpt(). '</li>'
    $return .= '</ul>'
} else {
    // no posts found
/* Restore original Post Data */
return $return;
add_shortcode('latest_stickies', 'wpb_latest_sticky');

3. Styling Sticky Posts

If you want to make your sticky post stand out, you need to make it stylish. Here is the code you need to paste in stylesheet for decoration.

.sticky {
border:1 px solid #f5f5f5;
.sticky:before {
  content: "Featured";
  color: #FFF;
  background: #f20000;
  padding: 10px;
  display: inline-block;
  text-align: right;
  float: right;
  font-weight: bold;
  text-transform: uppercase;

There are various things you can do with sticky post and you need it to make your custom posts stand out.

Now that you have decided on the theme and the layout for your website, all that’s left is to get some good quality content on there. The first thing that you need to do is to organize your content and set the information architecture in place; usually with most WordPress themes especially for blogs, it goes something akin to this, topic> category> tag> title and once your users drill down to the post, they should be able to review it. The problem though is that most users’ attention is limited to a bare few seconds per page and you may want to make it easier for them to find the relevant posts with ease. That’s why you should start using sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives; it’s easy and does not cost anything extra. You may have to download a plugin or two but the basic set up is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. Just check out the instructions posted below and soon you should be able to utilize sticky posts in word press custom post type archives with ease.
With sticky posts, you can ensure that your audience accesses the relevant posts right away; you can even set an expiration date on these sticky posts so that they do not clutter up space. The one advantage to using sticky posts is that it makes your content stand out from the rest and your customers no longer have to drill all the way down to find something interesting to read; instead, they can access it right on the front page thanks to the sticky posts. These sticky posts can even help you streamline your branding strategy and enable your website to get more traction online. While content is king and good content goes a long way to enabling your website to land more traffic, often users do not bother to search for older posts and often just move on. Given this, it makes more sense to use sticky posts for those important posts and get them displayed right on the front page.
When it comes to sticky posts, you can either download and install the ‘sticky custom post type’ plugin or go for the manual version. The latter requires you to be familiar with coding so if that’s not your cup of tea, then you may want to stick with the plugin which automates the process neatly. All you have to do is to download and activate the plugin. Once you have activated it, you need to head over to the admin dashboard, check plugins and from the scroll down list, choose “add new”. Now search for the relevant plugin by name and click on install. That should do the trick and the new plugin should be installed, now all that you have to do is to activate it and now, head over to admin dashboard, settings and choose “reading”. Here you can decide where you want your sticky posts to go and customize it as per your preference. Soon you should be set and be able to publish your first sticky post online.

Lawn Care WordPress Theme for Lawn Care Specialists

gardening landscaping WordPress theme

Salient Features of lawn care WordPress theme


  • Color changing lawn care WordPress theme
  • Easy to use shortcodes which are in built
  • Visual composer, and other page builders like Elementor work fine with this theme
  • Great visual capture for online visitors
  • Call to action buttons like social media and phone number on top
  • Working hours widget also given
  • Services explained explicitly on homepage
  • Complete gardening solutions explained with visual icons
  • Creating keeping in mind for lawn care specialists
  • Recent projects also showcased nicely
  • Our services explained in 3 different ways
  • Team member is optional and can showcase lawn care specialists
  • Testimonials are important for any local business and online reviews help build trust
  • Footer is fully widget friendly and so is header and sidebar
  • 5 level page drop downs are available
  • Google fonts of more than 600+ are available for selection and implementation
  • Typography is more supported by use of latin and cyrillic sub sets
  • Use of font based icons to have a great fancier and better visual look on the website
  • SEO friendly coding with coding standards of WordPress maintained
  • Simple and effective Customizer based Lawn Care WordPress theme
  • Check your changes online live while getting them done
  • In built 100+ shortcodes for use in the overall site
  • Use shortcodes plugins as well along with the ones present
  • Use page builder shortcodes and widgets along with them to have unlimited possibilities
  • Several plugins like contact form, WooCommerce, SEO plugins, and others like slider and gallery are compatible for added functionality
  • Based on HD and retina ready as well as devices and browsers tested
  • Lawn Care WordPress theme for lawn services

    Lawn Care WordPress theme are suitable for lawn services and gardening services. It has been been created to satisfy and fulfil the requirements for such websites.

    Since lawn care WordPress theme belongs to local business category all the features which are essential for local businesses like social media, contact forms, call to action like phone number on the top and other features as essential for any local business to get maximum sales and leads from their websites.

    Any lawn care Company requires their services and information are nicely displayed for their website so that they can showcase their content nicely and efficiently.

    Since this mobile optimized responsive template has all these facilities it becomes obvious for them to nicely display everything.

    Lawn care website has the options of displaying services in 3 different ways one with full images and little content.

    One with the help of a nice image and pointers using font based icons. And third with the help of columns and using fancy icons.

    Our team is also displayed which can again be used for other things like client data or to explain lawn specialists or more services.

    Testimonials are reviews are necessary because they help build genuine interest of any visitor into your website and work.

    Latest posts are also displayed and so is the footer with lots of variations.

    There are several variations of footer and header possible and above that both of them are widget friendly.

    Different and more options are available for inner header pages as well to display anything like a map or a slider in inner page.

    Also for the homepage one can have slider as well as replace it with anything else of their choice.

    Full slider controls like animation effects and pause timings are given in this theme.

    Lawn care WordPress theme also focusses on call to actions and hence on the header social icons for social interaction and phone numbers are given.

    Also footer showcases working hours of the lawn care company.

    And contact us involves in built contact form for the lawn specialists WordPress website.

    Lawn care specialists can also avail the great resources in hand like the documentation and full manual available to create the same impact like the demo.

    Once the WordPress theme is installed it installs itself with a set of homepage and inner pages can be set up easily without any troubles.

    If you’re planning to start a lawn and gardening service-oriented business, then the first thing to remember is the kind of services you are going to provide. Lawn or gardening services is not easy to do. A single miss cut of a tree or bush and the whole backyard will look bad. For that, you need to hire professionals too. When business is being started, only two things matter – the idea of implementation and investment. So, if your implementation is right but you don’t have the investment to make, then it’s totally not going to work. Same goes for the other side too. Another thing, that will also greatly decide your success, is how much diverse you can be for your business.

    In this online age, every service has a website. So, if you’re also planning to build one for your business development, then you will also be needing the right tools too. And that’s where Lawn Care WordPress Theme comes into play. Now you can also showcase your social media platform handles, along with ways of contracting, combined with the fact that users can also call you. This makes the business a lot easier to care for and also help it to grow, as well. The website will be mobile optimized as well, therefore any customer who visits your website on his or her portable devices can also take advantage of your services too. The website will be packed to the brim with functionality and customizability, along with having the visual appeal too. These three things will make the website even more impressive.

    There will options to put your business’ testimonials and customer reviews as well, thereby making other customers know that they can trust the service. There are over 600 plus Google fonts, from which one can customize or choose to use. There will be options for sliders and galleries as well, thereby making the website look more modern and sophisticated. Combine that with the support of SEO tools. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. With this tool, your website will be SEO friendly, and it will be ranked at the top of the Google Results when any customer will search for lawn and gardening services. In that way, the customers when they see your website, and if they become interested, they will be more source of income for the business as well. All this is possible due to the presence of these WordPress Theme.

    There will be support for numerous widgets and as well as plugins too. So, you can add more functionality and beauty to your website, if you so want to. There is also support for Woo Commerce to monetize the website and bring in more revenues. In that way, the profits will help the business to steady the ship, and thereby improve upon the services too.  The amount of assistance Lawn Care WordPress Theme will give you in building up your website is insane. That’s why it is always recommended to always use this option, for getting the work done at a more affordable price.

    12+ WooCommerce-based plugins for increasing your store functionality

    WooCommerce based plugins

    WooCommerce based plugins for enhancing your WordPress store features

    The global networking system with its advanced functionality together with WordPress content management system with its user and customer nature offers every single individual or business representation a wealth of opportunities to exercise all their e-business and e-commerce activities and give their online commercial business a go.

    It’s an obvious truth, that the commercial – ready potential is limitless in the digital environment when your website is provided with out-of-the-box e-commerce basis, being well –optimized for the flawless cooperation with a number of popular WooCommerce -powered plugins for increasing your online shopping functionality.

    In this article we believe in offering you the best and the most trusted 12+ WooCommerce based plugins which are truly practical and easy in installation, as well as further customization, aiming at meeting all your commercial and business strategies, plans and contributing to their transformation into reality.

    1. Booster for WooCommerce:
    WooCommerce booster plugin

    Booster for WooCommerce is highly flexible and adaptive, immensely powerful and extendable, smart and intuitive WooCommerce solution for boosting your website commercial potential. This amazingly designed and supported plugin comes loaded with lots of essential features, including bulk price convertor, currencies, currency exchange rates to be automatically updated, possibility to specify different currencies for external products, add multiple currencies and set product prices in them, arrange categories, product listings, etc.

    2. WooCommerce Customizer:
    WooCommerce customizer

    The next top –rated and highly versatile WooCommerce plugin compatible with your WordPress – powered online presence is WooCommerce Customizer generating lots of customization and management options, so that your website will look and feel e-commerce ready. By the application of this plugin you will be able to add to Cart button text for all your product types, manage the number of products, which are going to be showcase in every page, customize heading text for the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tabs and undertake other customization processes.

    3. WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers:
    WooCommerce Sequential Order

    WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers is another WooCommerce – based plugin ready to go hand in hand with the E-Commerce – supported nature of your web pages. The advantage of this plugin is the way it sets sequential order number for new orders in an automatic mode, thus making the whole process more comprehensive and precise. No coding knowledge is necessary for dealing with this simple and smart product.

    4. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro:
    WooCommerce checkout field editor

    WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro plugin will definitely extend your WordPress – authored website WooCommerce and E-commerce possibilities to another level by letting you edit and manage checkout fields on your WooCommerce – based page. Do not worry about how to add or customize custom fields in billing, shipping or other sections, display order details page and Email, remove, disable or enable certain fields, since this plugin will let you do all in the easiest way.

    5. WooCommerce Currency Switcher:
    WooCommerce Currency Switcher

    WooCommerce Currency Switcher is a compulsory plugin for all those online store owners and private entrepreneurs, who want all the potential at their website disposal to switch product prices on the website on different currency values and realize their conversion. This plugin includes 3 widgets: currencies switcher, currency converter and currencies rates, as well as automatic conversion of currency depending on the visitor’s IP address.

    6. WooCommerce Products Filter:
    WooCommerce Products Filter

    WooCommerce Products Filter is a must – have WooCommerce –based plugin to drive your commercial activities to a step forward. With this highly practical and comprehensive plugin you will have lots of options at your disposal to exercise, besides, it will be fairly easy to filter your available products according to product categories, attributes, tags and custom taxonomies.

    7. WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite:
    WooCommerce custom products tab

    WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite is another plugin to boost your WooCommerce powered and WordPress compatible online store presence and operation. With the great assistance coming with this plugin it will be possible to create a custom product tab with each single content, and that tab may contain text and html, as well as shortcodes.

    8. WooCommerce Products Per Page:

    WooCommerce Products Per Page is designed pixel perfectly and ensured by super functionality to be compatible with any WordPress – based modern website catering to commercial businesses. This amazing product is ready to insert “products per page” dropdown on your website and let you customize dropdown position in the page, list of options visible for users, number of available products per page and much more.

    9. WooCommerce Products Carousel All in One:

    If you are looking for all – in- one WooCommerce solution option to run on your online profile for better online store functionality, look no further than the plugin called WooCommerce Products Carousel All in One. You may stylize your digital platform with carousel display to showcase newest, featured, bestsellers, on sale and others in the most eye – catching and consumer – driven way.

    10. WooCommerce Quantity Increment:

    WooCommerce Quantity Increment is easy to install and activate, simply usable and configurable, inherently flexible and user – optimized WooCommerce – based plugin intended for any WordPress website of commercial nature. The plugin generates Javascript –based inputs for you to get maximum control and management over your website appearance.

    11. WooCommerce Stock Manager:

    WooCommerce Stock Manager is considered to be another highly – popular and preferred variant for advancing the WooCommerce potential of any website performance. This is a great tool to manage and control your stock for products and their types. It lets you set “Manage stock”, “Stock Status”, “Backorders” and “Stock” for every product and its type available on your market.

    12. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway:

    WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is very suitable and dependable Stripe payment – based plugin to add diverse payment possibilities to your online shop. Use this plugin and establish strong commercial ties with your customers and let them make online payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and other popular cards for the sake of their convenience and comfort.

    13. WooCommerce Multilingual:

    WooCommerce Multilingual is WooCommerce and WMPL – based e-commerce plugin to support multilingual usage of any website. This plugin includes lots of controls and features to let you translate your WooCommerce products and their types, manage the translation of product categories, tags and custom attributes, sends emails to the users in their preferred language, etc.

    Mechanic WordPress Theme for auto car repair and other repairing websites

    mechanic WordPress theme

    Salient Features of Mechanic WordPress theme


  • Mechanic WordPress Theme is responsive
  • Google mobile friendly test passed and tested for several mobile and hand held devices
  • Several browsers tested for cross browser testing fulfilment
  • SEO friendly and SEO friendly coding done
  • Based on Customizer for live changes to be checked while getting them done
  • Simple and elegant look and feel
  • Flat and materialistic design used for modern design trends
  • HD ready and retina ready theme
  • Multilingual with tested by using plugins like WPML, qTranslate X and Polylang
  • Translation ready with PO file available within the mechanic WordPress theme
  • In comparable with in built features like shortcodes for several different features
  • In built team, columns, gallery, contact form and 100+ shortcodes available
  • Social icons used with 600+ font based icons
  • User friendly page templates given
  • Blog templates also included
  • Page builder compatible and tested with Visual composer and Elementor and Live Composer as well as site origin and Sandwich page builders as well as Beaver builder
  • Tested with several free and paid slider plugins for video and image slideshows
  • Gallery in built but tested with several gallery plugins and found working fine
  • Mega menu compatible with recommended plugin
  • Several in built header and footer variations
  • Widgetized theme with sidebar and footer and header widget friendly
  • Call to actions included everywhere from header, homepage, footer etc.
  • Business working hours widget and shortcode included
  • Compatible with other shortcodes plugins for increasing and enhancing more additional features
  • Tested for faster speed and loading time
  • Tested for security vulnerabilities
  • Forums like bbPress and WooCommerce and BuddyPress work fine with this theme
  • Suitable for any industry apart from car repair and other repairing services website
  • Cyrillic and Latin subset fonts included
  • RTL tested for right to left languages like arabic, hebrew
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based and flat design based
  • Full documentation and manual included
  • Mechanic WordPress Theme for repairing website

    Mechanics are required for car repair or other types of repairing services. Repair servicing companies need to have some online info so that people can find them and contact them for various repairs.

    Thus this mechanic WordPress theme facilitates the same idea of having an online website which looks nice and professional. Showcases all the old and current portfolio and about the company.

    Also gives important information about phone numbers and other services.

    The homepage starts with the header which gives Working hours on the left and phone number on the right both of which font sizes can be changed and font can be changed as per ones’ liking.

    Thereafter logo and menu is given.

    Menu can be mega menu but since this is a small local business website we suppose not much of a menu would be present.

    5 levels of drop down are provided in this template.

    Logo as well as textual logo both are provided and any of them can be used by the user who uses this template.

    Slider features nicely after the menu and logo area and gives a nice look and feel with full wide images.

    It can showcase services quickly and the main USP of the repairing company.

    Slider has 10 slides by default. Need something more fancy one can use other paid or free slider plugins which are all compatible with this mechanic WordPress theme.

    Several call to action buttons are included below the slider which include appointment, location, call us now and working time.

    These can be linked to several pages or on the same page or footer.

    They can be changed to something else as well as some other use can be placed for this area or can be hidden altogether as well.

    Then comes a nice area which is white and whose background can be changed as well as color can be changed and we have showcased welcome section of the website here.

    But any other thing like about us or mission or USP of the website can be showcased.

    Thereafter why choose us follows which showcases the main criteria of why their service is better than the rest.

    Nice icons have been used which are font based. One can make use of images as well.

    Here after fancy services columns have been showcased which can be extended to any number of rows as one wishes for depending on the services one will have.

    They can be linked to inner pages for more info about the service or details about the service or else read more can be removed as well in case one wants to keep it short.

    Team is again another fancy section describing about the team.

    One can have as many team members shown on the front page and can have this section hidden as well.

    Testimonials and clients logo follows next.

    Reviews are important for online and both offline services so that people understand why customers are happy with your services.

    Mechanic WordPress theme is based on the perfect theme which brings the level of WordPress theming to the next level with its great features like mega menu, background change, several inner page templates and blog templates, Sections on the homepage from pages.

    Page builder compatibility in built shortcodes, footer and header variations and lots more.

    This is a killer theme which comes as a pre bundled package with the entire other themes and is no less that the rest.

    The main objective of having a car is to simplify life by owning a mode of safer and quicker transport between places. Riding a healthy car is fun to ride as well as safe for the passengers sitting inside it. It enhances the rider experience of the driver and the comforts of the passengers as well.

    There are a bunch of local garages that offer car and other vehicle repairing and maintenance at a certain cost. But with the advancement of technology and internet running a business in full offline mode does not help. It can only cater to local customers that know the location of your garage. But what about other people who do not commute through your auto shop’s location? In order to survive in this highly competitive market, you need to expand your business model to cater to a larger audience and this is one possibility if you decide to take your business into the web. For building this online face of your garage, you will need to have a good looking website that will dominate the competitors’ website in terms of performance and flexibility. This is the rule that predominates after the advance of the internet and digital market.

    Making a custom website by yourself will be okay if you have the right coding skills or maybe you have to invest time and money by hiring engineers. But why waste so much money and time when there are content management systems such as WordPress that will make your work easy. Thanks to WordPress, the most innovative CMS tool to build content-rich, flexible, responsive websites just according to your needs. But how to make your website popular in the internet cut-throat competitive market? That must be your question. Well, the solution lies in enhancing your SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization with the help of mechanic WordPress themes.

    Car repairing business needs to show more images and videos than actual write-ups and texts so that the visitors can see the quality of your car repairing techniques and then can opt for your offering. This requires a large number of images and videos to be uploaded to your website and these themes are way much smoother to give you the best experience to manage your gallery consisting of images and videos. You can customize the colour of our themes according to your needs to bring your garage business lively and appealing to visitors. Not only this, these themes are loaded with security features that will make your website devoid of any security holes without slowing down your website.

    These mechanic WordPress themes also offer more features like setting up an online store so that you can sell different automobile spare parts to maximize your profits. These themes are highly responsible and mobile friendly, which means there will be no slowing down or experience of any glitch when users are opening this website in smartphones or tablets. So, if you want to maximize your revenue generation from your garage business, then you definitely need to provide good service to a large number of people that can only be achieved if you decide to go ahead and bring up your dream garage business into a lively website via mechanic WordPress themes.

    How to add donation buttons and PayPal buttons in a WordPress website?

    donation buttons PayPal WordPress

    Wondering how to add donation buttons in a WordPress website?

    This article will accompany you through the steps of adding donation and Paypal buttons to your non profit, NGO, business, school or another website.

    Donation buttons are convenient donation tools to grow a non profit organization or fundraising.

    Donating online via PC or portable devices is the easiest way for thousands of people worldwide to contribute to the implementation of this or that charitable program or campaign, donate for some business event, product, plugin, etc.

    All in all, your efforts to add donation buttons in your website will be profitable both for you and your online audience.

    Reduce the fundraising costs for your charitable, religious, educational or scientific website.

    Give your potential contributors, donors and fundraisers an opportunity to act online while on the move, at any time and from the convenience from their homes or bedrooms.

    Additionally, you will establish a strong communication ties with younger generations you are used to doing everything online.

    Now, if you are seriously wondering about how to add donation buttons in your WordPress powered website and start accepting donations online, follow our step by step guide for adding donation buttons manually or through relevant plugins.

    1. How to add PayPal donation buttons in WordPress manually.

    First of all, you need to create a PayPal account.

    If you already have a PayPal account, log in and click on Tools menu item. In the opened page, click on PayPal Buttons. Further, you need to find Related items on the right and use Create new button link.

    When you create a button, choose Donations under Choose a button type. On this page, you can also find customization tools. Choose to display credit card logos, to use smaller button, language and country for button or to use your own button image. Then, you need to choose currency and contribution amount. You can choose to let your donors enter their own contribution amount.

    As soon as you are done with this part, click on Create Button. Next, you will be able to see the code which is required to display PayPal donate button. Open the email tab and copy the given link in any text editor.

    Next step is to go to your WP Admin Dashboard and edit the post or page you want your PayPal donate button appear on. Make sure that you are using text editor mode instead of visual editor.
    Then, copy and paste the following piece of code:

    <a href="Email URL that you got from PayPal" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

    Don’t forget to use the link you have copied in the text editor instead of “Email URL that you got from PayPal”.

    We are finished. Now you have the required donation button added to your site. If you want to locate it on your sidebar, paste the above mentioned code inside a WP text widget.

    2. How to add Paypal donation buttons using a plugin.

    If you are looking for a simpler way to bring online donation functionality to your WP site, you’d better use this method. You can find lots of free donation plugins in WordPress repository of plugins. However, navigating your way through the avalanche of such plugins can be irritating. Therefore, we have chosen one of the best PayPal donate plugins to do a top class job for your site.

    PayPal Donations:

    PayPal Donations


    Start with uploading ‘paypal-donations’ folder to the ‘wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it through WP Plugins menu.

    Now, you need to visit Settings, PayPal donations page for further customization. In General tab, you need to add your PayPal email, as well as choose the currency for the donations.

    Additionally, you can find optional settings, like Page Style and Return Page. As for the Page Style, you can add a custom payment page URL that exists in your PayPal account profile. As for the Return Page, you can provide a URL which the donators will come to once they are done with their donations. It can be a Thank you page or the like.

    Now, let’s pass to the optional settings. You can set the default amount to be received as a donation, state the purpose of donation and reference for the donation. Finally, you are offered to select a button style.

    Now, you are ready to showcase PayPal donation button with the help of the following shortcode inserted into any WP post or page:



    An alternative way to add Paypal Donations button to your WP site’s sidebar is to go to Appearance, Widgets, add title, text, purpose and reference. Once you are done with filling the fields, don’t forget to Save.

    Anyway, PayPal Donations is not the only plugin that can be a wise contribution to your website, especially, if you want to add more than donation buttons.

    Another user and developer friendly plugin to give you infinite control is

    Give: Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform by Wordlmpress

    Give Donation Plugin


    This plugin is custom built to grant you with a reliable donation framework so that you can accept online donations easily.

    With Give you can have totally manageable donation forms, review and monitor donation statistics, as well as use other payment gateways and tools.

    You don’t need to pay a single penny to acquire this plugin.

    It is available for free and as such is suitable for non profit and tax free organizations and companies, as well as for those working on a tight budget.

    PayPal Donation Buttons:

    PayPal Donation Buttons


    This plugin is a good alternative to PayPal Donations, since this one also offers paypal buttons integration into your site.

    It offers you 9 standard Paypal donation plugins. You are also authorized to use your own custom button.

    Moreover, by the application of PayPal Donation Buttons, you can display Donation Goal and Donation List history on your page, post or widget.

    If you are searching for a donation plugin optimized for your WooCommerce based online store, you can use

    Potent Donations for WooCommerce:

    Potent Donations for WooCommerce


    Transportation WordPress Theme for Cargo and Logistics

    transportation WordPress theme

    Salient Features of Transportation WordPress theme

  • Transportation WordPress Theme for cargo and logistics
  • Cargo WordPress theme for cargo delivery and transportation
  • Cargo and transport related websites are suited for this look and feel
  • Header has address and working time
  • It also has phone number
  • Menu displays 5 level drop downs
  • Mega menu can also be implemented
  • Slider default has 10 slides that can be added into it
  • Slider timings can be changed like pause and animation effects
  • Better call to action banner under slider to help get you the USP of their service
  • About us and main features with nice icons serving as bullet points given below that
  • Services mentioned with helpful icons which are 675 in number which serve really helpful and look professional
  • Font based icons more than 675 in number given
  • Google fonts based theme for having more than 600+ fonts
  • Cyrillic and latin sub sets also supported so that any language can be written nicely using this theme
  • Translation ready transportation WordPress theme
  • Multilingual ready transportation WordPress theme with compatibility with WPML, Polylang and qTranslate X
  • Easy to use Customizer based theme so that one can view all the changes while they work on it
  • Services section nicely showcased and any number of columns and rows can be added nicely
  • Latest news section is shown however there are various blog post types that can be added
  • Contact form shown and testimonials also given
  • More than 100+ in built shortcodes and compatibility with other shortcode plugins increases the number to more than 200
  • Page builders work nicely with this theme. Any page builder can be used along with this theme
  • Very less scripts used so that the site loads up faster and better
  • Fully SEO compatible WordPress template
  • SEO compliance and code compliance done
  • Coding as per theme review standards and codex standards set up by WordPress team
  • Secured coding and compatible with security plugins
  • Compatible with Cache plugins
  • Based on modern design standards like flat based UI
  • Minimal design presented
  • HD ready and ready for higher resolution monitors and devices
  • Several page templates for easy set up of pages and blog given
  • Several header and footer layouts given for set up various header and footer
  • Simple to use with color picker and font drop downs
  • Full complete manual provided
  • Fully widgetized theme with footer, header and sidebar widgets given
  • Transportation WordPress Theme for Cargo and Logistics

    Transportation WordPress theme for cargo and logistics has been designed to suit the requirements of cargo websites and truck deliveries.

    The slider comes with a full width slider which has several controls like animation effects control and pause time control.

    It also has the ability to get upto 10 slides.

    We have a nice header on the top with call to action buttons like working hours on the left and phone number on the right.

    Menu on the top right and logo on the left.

    Header variations are possible as given with this theme and there are 4 variations of header possible. Set up the header the way you want it.

    Thus giving you ample variations to set up your website the way you want it.

    It also has a simple bar with 3 icon based topics shown which showcases the USP of the site.

    About us thereafter with a nice image and feature rich bullet buttons with icons and text thus giving a pleasing and soothing effect for visitors.

    Services section thereafter with 9 icon based blocks 3 in a row each with 3 columns. One can change it to upto 6 columns and any number of rows.

    Latest News shortcode is also given thereafter to showcase any news or press release or any case studies for this website.

    Transportation case studies or their fleet size of trucks and cargo carriers and other types of news materials can be published with the help of the blog.

    Thus this cargo and transportation WordPress theme has given ample possibilities for one to set up their website the way they want it. Color picker gives choice of unlimited color options.

    Request a quote form and testimonials area and a client area with logo comes next on the homepage.

    Several page templates given for oneself to set up the pages as they require and need. Page builders compatibility means that any page can be set up anyway as and when required. So basically pages can be set up by any novice and in any way as required.

    Inner page variations for header are also given.

    Footer remains common for the whole website however 4 types of footer variations are also given for the footer so that one can have the way they would have imagined for the footer.

    Sidebar is widget friendly so add as many widgets as you want. Use different widgets for blog sidebar and page sidebar.

    Footer columns are also widget friendly and so are the header area as well just on the top.

    Transportation of goods and raw materials from one industry to another or from the place of origin and the place of consumption is very important in business. This requirement of logistics and cargo system has created many business firms that are now ruling over different nations. But the most interesting thing to be noted is the change of business pattern initially from traditional ways to more advanced and modern ways i.e the online methods. Companies that underestimated the power of the internet are now behind the competition timeline of today’s world. Be it logistics and express postal services, cargo and warehouse, freight and other relevant services having an online website helps businesses to connect with more people without many efforts.

    During earlier times one had to invest money and time to hire website developing specialists to design websites. But with the introduction of popular content management systems such as WordPress, people now can build and develop their own websites without writing a single line of code. This not only allows businessmen to save a lot of money but also allows you to invest more time in other matters of the business. Not only this, with these use of correct WordPress themes you can add various functionalities and customizations to your website to make it look more promising and appealing to your future customers.

    With the help of transportation WordPress themes, you can build your own powerful yet flexible logistic website that will definitely fulfil your customers’ needs. You can customize every corner of the website that is very important to maintain the reputation of your company such as the homepage, header and footer area. So, in order to showcase your business’s potentiality and transparency you display all the service you provide in this logistic firm along with the prices in a grid format. In Fact, you can customize the background, colors and fonts too as per your desire with these WordPress themes. You can also redesign the menu of your website to give a smooth user experience to your potential viewers when they navigate through your site

    The most important feature of these WordPress themes is that you can literally play with plugins to see which ones will help you to make your website more creative and interactive. Just like the Woo Commerce plugin which will allow the users to pay right at your website for your services by integrating different payment methods. Now when you are giving users the chance to pay through your website, increasing the security of your website is mandatory. These can be achieved by using different security plugins that will secure every bit of data on your website from getting stolen. You can add another important functionality such as live chat plugin to answer all the queries of your customers in real time right through your website.

    Now if you want to grow your user base then you should consider improving your search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. By the way, if you are using these themes rather hiring specialists you can yourself set up the SEO plugins to rank high in different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Apart from these, transportation WordPress plugins are highly responsive and mobile friendly which means that there will be no glitch or lack of smoothness when users open up your website from small screen devices such as smartphones or tablets. In short, if you want to build up a great looking website by investing less time and money to show your business offerings in an elegant way and to connect with a large number of audiences with minimal digital marketing, then the choice that you should give a shot is the transportation WordPress themes.

    Customer Reviews and Testimonials Plugins for WordPress

    Customer reviews testimonials plugins WordPress

    There are a lot of customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress, in the following list.

    There are many sites that are crawling for user-generated reviews and testimonials nowadays, including Google Places and Google Local Search. WordPress, as we already know is one the largest online website creation tool available today. It is an open source platform and easily accessible by anyone so most of the users like to work on it. People working on WordPress will definitely need customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress.

    We’ll be focusing on plugins that are popular and highly-rated. Some of them are currently being updated and supported by the developer, and others have some unique feature(s) to set them apart from the rest.

    WP Customer Reviews

    WP Customer Reviews


    It is one of the most common customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress. It allows you to setup a specific page on your blog to receive customer testimonials for your business/service or to write reviews about a product. It has various new features will help you to keep track of customer reviews and testimonials on the site.

    Key Features:

    • Fast and lightweight
    • Moderate reviews before displaying them publicly
    • Add multiple rich schema markup types
    • Customize the review form fields
    • Supports both Business and Product review types

    Rich Reviews

    Rich Reviews


    It is another free plugin that helps you both collect and showcase reviews from your customers. It also adds schema markup for rich snippets and allows you to moderate any customer reviews before you display them on your website. It is one of the simplest customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress.
    The aesthetics aren’t quite on par with WP Customer Reviews, but other than that it has a similar feature set.

    Key Features:

    • Readers can submit reviews from the front-end
    • Moderate reviews before posting them publicly
    • Add proper markup for Google rich snippets
    • Insert reviews anywhere using shortcodes

    It creates shortcodes so you can include review forms, collect reviews, and display them on appropriate posts and pages within your WordPress site. One interesting feature this plugin has is that it uses the Google reviews microformat so these rich snippets would be included in the search, in theory, a boon to local search engine marketing efforts. It is also one of the great and simple customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress available on the internet.

    Easy Testimonials

    Easy Testimonials


    It is an easy-to-use, basic plugin that still packs a lot of features. It’s also one of the most popular customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress, with over 80,000 downloads and a rating of 4.6 stars.

    With Easy Testimonials, you can display your testimonials as a customized widget, or add them to any post or page with a variety of shortcodes. You can also use the Settings menu to generate your own shortcodes with custom display options. One of the best features of this plugin is the ability to control how the testimonials display.

    There are over 30 different display styles you can choose from, so you can customize the look without having to learn CSS. There’s also a field in the settings menu to enter custom CSS if you want to fine-tune the display further.

    Key Features:

    • Display random testimonials in your sidebars, pages, or posts
    • Choose from cool transition effects like slides or fade out
    • Include ratings and images with your testimonials with markup
    • Link testimonials to a custom URL (like a product page)

    Google Places Reviews

    Google places reviews


    If you’re running a local business, you might already have a stash of reviews that you can add to your website. Basically, Google Places Reviews helps you add reviews from Google Places to your own website via a handy widget.

    Key Features:

    • Showcase up to 3 reviews per location
    • Show reviews for your own business or other local businesses
    • Choose from multiple themes
    • Includes Google Places autocomplete if you want to allow customers to search

    Testimonials Widget

    Testimonials Widget


    It is one of the most popular customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress, and when you look at all the included features, it’s easy to see why.

    With this plugin, you’re not just limited to testimonials; you can also use it to display portfolio projects and reviews. Each testimonial can include videos as well as images and text and supports categories and tags, and review scheme for rich snippets. Once created, the plugin lets you display each of these via shortcodes, widgets, or functions in your theme files.

    Key Features:

    • Choose from carousel, fade, or slide transitions
    • Filter by category, tag, or post ID
    • Responsive slideshows

    The testimonials display with basic styling and minimal options to change the look, so if you want more display options, you’ll have to know at least a little CSS to really customize how things get displayed.

    Testimonial Basics

    Testimonials Basics


    Testimonial Basics is one of the simplest and easy-to-use customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress that make it very easy to add testimonials without complicated options and configurations. There are styling options, including nine different fonts, so you can customize the look easily.

    The testimonials support both a five-star rating system and Gravatars so you don’t have to upload any images (providing, of course, that the author of the testimonial has a Gravatar associated with their email address).

    There are input forms included, either as shortcodes or widgets, so you can collect testimonials from customers/clients directly on your website. You can also display your testimonials with shortcodes or widgets.

    Furthermore, this particular plugin is also available in French, Dutch, German, and Spanish. It is proved to be of great help among all customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress.

    Research has shown us that displaying testimonials from past customers on your site can create more trust in prospective clients. If you apply the tips for effective testimonials, you will be making their decision process even easier. From the list we provided, you should be able to find the perfect testimonials plug-in for your WordPress website. Start talking to your past clients and getting those quotes to add to your website now.

    As we said, there are a large number customer reviews and testimonials plugins available for WordPress. We couldn’t possibly cover all of them, but we did our utmost to list all of the best above. Thank you.

    Exercise and WorkOut WordPress themes for being fit and healthy

    exercise workout WordPress themes
    Exercise and WorkOut WordPress themes have been on the rise and with more and more themes now developers are targeting niche markets.

    One such market is the fitness market.

    Fitness personal trainers, gyms, health clubs, cardio studios, nutrition clubs and groups and meetups of fitness trainers are being targeted for these websites.

    Definitely every business needs a website and hence trainers and gyms and health clubs definitely need their own websites.

    These features and their requirements and needs have been catered to in these exercise and workout WordPress themes we have presented below.

    All these exercise and workOut WordPress themes are multi concept and multipurpose but specifically have been created in terms of requirements of fitness websites but can be used for other websites and industries as well.

    People want to select WordPress CMS for any and every business above others because it gives peace of mind, less learning curve and is a scalable and flexible CMS without much hassle for even first time users.

    It is 1 click installation and can be used on any shared or VPS or dedicated hosting platforms so irrespective of any language or PHP hosting this CMS can be used nicely.

    Themes compatible with WordPress are desired because they include a full website within itself and without much hassle and spending too much time you can easily

    1. BeFit Pro:
    personal trainer WordPress theme


    Designed to have a black and orange killer design so that one can get easily attracted to. This was initially created to cater to personal fitness trainer but can be used by gyms and health clubs as well. It showcases a nice gallery and video as well as slider and showcases all the services nicely. Has call to action buttons and contact form and info as well as social icons. Also one can easily add more and more content using shortcodes and recommended page builder. Also exercise and workouts can be easily showcased. Also pricing table compatibility is present so one can showcase different prices as well.

    Definitely a go to theme for your next exercise and Workout WordPress website.

    2. Strong Pro:
    crossfit WordPress theme


    Strong Pro is a nice exercise and WorkOut WordPress theme which has all the features essential to make it into any type of fitness or gym style websites. With features, exercises, daily chart, pricing table this color changing theme is desirable by all. Built upon customizer one can easily change any type of content from backend and check the changes live there itself.

    Also compatible with recommended plugins which include portfolio, contact forms, page builder for building any type of layouts as well as other awesome features this theme present unlimited possibilities for any user to develop their perfect fitness website.

    3. Yogi Pro:
    yoga WordPress theme


    Initially created for yoga trainers and users however is a multipurpose responsive theme which can be used to showcase many exercises and workouts in gallery and portfolio as well as services. Showcases team members nicely. It is compatible with font awesome icons for 500+ icons pack and with Google fonts just like others so there is no dearth of any fonts or typography. Unlimited possibilities and layouts are possible by use of recommended page builder for any pages this theme is perfect solution to any fitness or gym website.

    4. Gym Master:


    Gym Master is a great gym theme which has a nice pricing table showing the prices of the gym. It is a customizable and full color changing simple theme for someone who wants to have a simple info website with a blog and services and about classes and contact info. This simple exercise and WorkOut WordPress theme is great for someone who wants to have a simple and short website in no time without any hassle.

    5. Fitt:
    weight loss WordPress theme


    Fitt is a weight loss WordPress theme nicely done to showcase the testimonials properly. It nicely showcases our classes and trainers. Pricing plans and client testimonials along with a nice timetable is showcased on the homepage. Perfect for a gym with trainers and lots of different schedules. Can cater to large health clubs and gyms. Nice slider which is interchangeable and has lots of features. Call to action like contact info given on the top and 5 level deep drop downs available.

    6. SKT Fitness Pro:


    SKT Fitness Pro is a nice grey and orange WordPress theme which can be changed to any other color. It gives a nice soothing effect. Has skills counter to showcase your trainer skills.

    Has social media integrated and lots of other plugins and in built shortcodes to make your life easy while building the website.

    This is built upon a theme options framework which is easy to use and can setup homepage and other pages so easily can be set up using either the in built shortcodes or using a plugin which is recommended for shortcodes or else using our recommended page builder.

    7. Zym:


    Zym is a nice animated exercise and WorkOut WordPress theme which has been created to cater to small to medium gyms and trainer websites with focus on video blogging as well as location map and contact info because gyms are always local business and people should be easily able to find out your location and info for them to connect with you and join your gym.

    Features are similar to what we have shared for other themes above with responsive and cross browser compatibility checked.

    8. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    This one is a complete package and as the name suggests is complete in every way with several header and footer variations, full color changing options, full typography options and full layout building options. Compatible with recommended page builder this theme has unlimited possibilities and is suitable and can be used for any and every type of website and industry and hence has been included in this list.

    Conclusion: There are several more exercise and WorkOut WordPress themes that we could have shared but we thought the above are sufficient and should suffice anyone looking to open a quick gym or fitness website or trainer website or a blog related to fitness and health and cardio can make use of any of them and get a website which will be high on traffic as these are all SEO friendly and will have all features required for all types of layout and building possibilities.

    In order to remain productive in life, you must have a sound mind and a healthy body. To acquire a healthy body, you will need` a balanced diet and regular exercises.
    The mushrooming of fast food joints have contributed to the rise in the number of overweight and obese cases as well as diseases. On the other hand, fitness gyms and clubs have increased and become popular, perhaps to take advantage of this increase in numbers.
    To acquire a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you should do is to change your eating habits, join a fitness club or gym and for those who can afford it, get a personal trainer. However, making that decision to join a gym is not always easy. You will have to be psyched up for it or be motivated to do so. Without motivation, your journey to a healthy lifestyle can be fruitless.

    If you are in the fitness industry, one of the most crucial things to do is to motivate your potential clients to join your fitness club or gym. While having a website is important, having one that motivates your potential clients to sign up for your services or club is a smarter way of ensuring that you remain on top of your game. This industry has become very crowded and competitive too. Staying afloat and relevant requires tactics and smart ways to sell your services.

    Before a client joins a fitness club or gym, one of the things they look for are testimonials from former clients and the gym equipment available. People want to see real results in order to be convinced and the only way to showcase this is by having a website as your marketing tool. If looking to launch a website for your fitness business, a good WordPress theme is all you will need to get new customers.

    We have compiled a list of suitable Exercise and Workout WordPress themes to help you make your fitness-related business or blog flourish. As you browse through the various themes discussed here, you will notice that they are superbly designed and customizable to suit your business needs and that of your clients. The themes come with appointment schedules, pricing tables, workout timetables, exercises and are user-friendly. These Exercise and Workout WordPress themes also come integrated with social media tools which helps build your online audience as well as promote your business.

    All the themes are multi-concept and multipurpose but specifically designed with the fitness requirements in mind. Fitness personal trainers, gyms, health clubs, cardio studios, nutrition clubs and groups and meetups of fitness trainers are being targeted for these websites. They offer users 1 click installation and can be used on any shared or VPS or dedicated hosting platforms. Irrespective of any language or PHP hosting, this CMS can be used nicely.

    The list below is not exhaustive. There are many other Exercise and Workout WordPress themes but the ones discussed below are sufficient and should suffice anyone looking to open a quick gym, fitness or trainer website, or a blog related to fitness, health, and cardio. These themes are SEO friendly and will have all the features required for all types of layout and building possibilities.

    Golf Club WordPress theme for golf courses and clubs

    golf club WordPress theme

    Features of golf club WordPress theme

    • Golf club WordPress theme is responsive and Mobile friendly
    • Has been tested for several devices and browsers for cross browser compatibility
    • Compatible with multilingual plugins
    • Translation ready and PO file ready
    • Easy to edit the homepage and inner pages
    • Compatible with all kinds of page builders
    • Depends on latest Customizer for live edits to the site
    • In built 100+ shortcodes for use
    • More than 100 shortcodes can be added using compatible plugins
    • Page builders come again with their own shortcodes
    • Unlimited possibilities for homepage and inner pages because of shortcodes and page builders
    • Header and footer variations given
    • Header and footer widget friendly
    • Sidebar widget friendly and tested with Monster widget
    • Blog templates and page templates included
    • Contact form and booking plugin compatible
    • Call to actions included everywhere
    • Social media friendly and schema and SEO friendly
    • Specific items like Opening hours, contact info given in footer
    • Font awesome icons added to have you unlimited social icons choices
    • Galleries and slider plugins tested
    • Mega menu compatible theme
    • Cyrillic and latin fonts also compatible
    • Simple to use and understand with full documentation and manual added
    • Color changing using easy color pickers
    • Font control like fonts, colors etc.
    • Lesser scripts so faster loading theme
    • Great support included
    • HTML5 and CSS3 based
    • Implements latest WordPress theme standards and security standards
    • Extremely scalable with all popular WordPress plugins tested and found compatible

    Why Choose Golf Club WordPress theme?

    Golf Club WordPress theme has been designed and developed to help all the golf club resort owners and their operators to benefit from this website template.

    Golf Club WordPress theme features some of the great features and functionality which are needed specifically for such type of websites.

    Some of the features which we can think of are like page templates where one can add any type of pages with sidebar or without sidebar.

    The template comes with a default slider which is a great one and can be used to change pause time, slider effects.

    Also the slider can be replaced with any other plugin slider of WordPress.

    The full banner sized golf club WordPress theme gives a feel of class and style and hence is fully wide.

    Golf club WordPress theme also has 3 services at the very start under the slider with a welcome text.

    The 3 services can be renamed to something like 3 salient features of the club or linked to important links of the club like history, legacy etc.

    Latest News follows the 3 columns area. It can be used to showcase events, recent celebrations or get togethers held and or recent competitions or important notices of the club can be displayed.

    Trainers section follows the latest news area which shows the trainers who train you during the golf club courses.

    This trainer can obviously be renamed to management team and management team can be added here.

    All the details of the management team can be linked to inner pages where the management team details about their profile and what they do can be written.

    Inner pages have several templates where by those templates can be used to have with or without sidebar pages.

    Also page builder compatibility ensures there are limitless possibilities that can happen for inner pages.

    Header variations and footer variations just add to the teeth of this golf club WordPress theme which has other features like completely widget friendly and in built several 100 shortcodes amongst others.

    Shortcodes plugins also can add more features and as well as this golf club WordPress theme can be used for appointment bookings and contact as well with compatibility with various contact form plugins like contact form 7 and ninja forms.

    Plugin friendly and plugin compatibility can increase options and variations of any theme and hence we have added compatibility with several SEO plugins for SEO friendliness.

    We have added compatibility and out of box working with WooCommerce for shopping activities and online store like golf t-shirts etc.

    Added exciting features like Customizer based Google fonts for typography and cyrillic and latin sub sets and RTL for any other language compatibility.

    Also added features like color picker to change any element color respectively.

    If you’re a golf club owner or an operator, then opting for Golf Club WordPress Themes will perfect for you. It’s not easy to maintain or handle such a difficult task, i.e. build a website around this business, but with Golf Club WordPress Themes, it will all be easy and smooth. From showing the details of the trainers to the management team, everything needs to be incorporated on a single website. That’s why you need something that is easy to use and can be customized according to your liking.

    For starters, the website should always be responsive and should be always mobile friendly. So that users when access the website via their mobile phones, will easily be able to navigate around the website and know more about your business. The website should run on several devices and it should always be cross-device friendly too. Not only that, there should be an option to setup multi-language plugins, so that users from different regions, speaking different languages can easily know about your website, and learn more about it. Golf Club WordPress Themes deliver all of these, and then some more too.

    Being compatible with all kinds of page builders, it will be easy for you to edit your homepage according to your requirements, along with the inner pages too. The website also comes with various short-codes, up to more than 100. There is support for various kinds of widgets, along with blog templates as well.

    The theme will give you loads of customization options as well. There will be a place to reach you via the contact form, as well book for your service with its booking feature as well. Your clients may even call you, so that makes the process so much faster. The website will also be SEO (or Search Engine Optimized) as well so that clients could easily find your website via Google Search. Apart from that, the website will also be Social Media friendly as well. This will make your website more popular among social media audiences.

    There are various options for fonts you can choose from, thus giving the website an overall better look. With plugins for galleries as well sliders as well, the whole website will look livelier and visually impressive to the eyes of your clients. Not only that there will be support for HTML5 and CSS3 too, making the functionality of the website better. There are also various security standards also implemented for better security of the website. There are all possible with Golf Club WordPress Themes.

    From the latest news to the management details – now everything can be seamlessly integrated into the whole facade. So, that you don’t have to run for different various other plugins and templates. Everything will be there at just a single place. This will not only be cost-effective but also easy to use as well. That’s why Golf Club WordPress Themes should be your go-to place for all your golfing needs.

    Women WordPress themes for women entrepreneurs & business websites

    women WordPress themes

    Women WordPress Themes for women entrepreneurs and business websites

    In the present world, the global digital networking system is not dominated by men at all.

    Along with male representatives, girls and women are present on both sides of the Internet platform – as digital product users on the one hand and digital product holders on the other.

    As there are certain formal and structural lines of how content is shared between female representatives and how networking, socializing and communication take place in female communities, a series of directed women WordPress themes gradually appeared on the relevant market to be easily acquired and practiced by every single woman or girl, irrespective of her age, networking or technical experience, developer skills or any other characteristic feature.

    We have tried to sort out some of the most popular and friendly women WordPress themes from thousands of products proposed to assist every potential woman entrepreneur or business lady to organize a professional and competitive online presentation of her business and other initiatives independently.

    1. Girlie:
    girly WordPress theme


    Girlie has all the prerequisites to be called one of the perfect women WordPress themes, which truly takes advantages over many other respective platforms proposed for the women at present. This stylish and girly, smart and resourceful, wonderfully structured and professionally developed theme tends to satisfy all the feminine plans and ideas to be revealed in the online network. The theme comes with well optimization for mobile, tablet and other device usages, easy set up and fast loading structure, lots of customization options integration, as well as default smart slider on the homepage to showcase the most expressive and influential images and content in relation to any business or matter.

    2. Character:
    personal WordPress theme


    If you are an ambitious lady with a clear cut decision of making a strong and reliable personal website or blog, catering to some hobby, profession, service provision, product display or some commercial undertakings, look no further than Character. This seriously looking and entirely adaptable, very intuitive and user – friendly one of the women WordPress themes and templates demonstrates simplicity and fastness in usage, convenience in customization and preciseness in its overall structural and design solutions. Thus, with this theme you have every single part and instrument of the theme in your arsenal to provide the exceptional and outstanding look and feel of your web page.

    3. Gravida:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Elegant and stylish, innovative and original, visually effective and eye – catching, technologically super and conceptually unparalleled, Gravida comes with solid, stable and dependable foundation, on which any woman or girl will have all the chances to start any new project or enterprise, or expand the borders of already existing business outside of its geographical location, thus being accessible to more people, including both clients and partners all over the world. The theme has been developed in the way to be able to work with any WordPress supported product, as well as to adapt to any mobile and device usage without resulting in some defects or flaws in relation to the website running on it.

    4. Shopzee:
    eCommerce WordPress theme


    With Shopzee it is not necessary to have any extensive knowledge concerning IT, development, graphical design or some coding, since this feminine – centric WordPress product includes theme features, controls and elements, which are very easy and intuitive in usage and customization. The theme can be stylized with elegant shades and subtle design solutions to convey the website visitors your style and taste to the maximum extent, neatly arranged theme sections and areas can be filled with all the relevant details describing you as a private entrepreneur, business woman or successful independent woman of any activity.

    5. SKT Magazine Pro:
    magazine WordPress theme


    SKT Magazine Pro combines interactiveness and brightness, dynamic and energetic design, colorful appearance and unique structure, which are characteristic features every single female representative is fond of, no matter what she is engaged in. Yet, the most striking thing about this women – friendly template is that it does not limit itself to an attractive look only, but instead balances between perfect outlook and stunning performance and well optimization for any modification and editing procedures whenever necessary. The theme is packaged with tons of useful and practical selection options for blocks, slider styles, layouts and so on.

    6. Yogi Pro:
    yoga WordPress theme


    Yogi Pro is polished and pliable, smart and durable, stable and solid, bold and delightful framework, which for sure will be a preferable variant for all those women, who have set their mind to run any yoga, fitness, aerobics, healthcare, weight loss or any other relevant website manifestation. This elegant and fresh looking template will ensure your website perfect functionality, social media integration and SEO optimization, mobile and device compatible layout, user and developer – friendly admin panel and customization options, strong and model HTML5 and CSS3 coding, as well as lots of shortcodes, Google fonts and diverse icons integration within the theme to choose from and personalize the target website in the most alluring way.

    7. Toothy:
    dentist WordPress theme


    Based on a strong and powerful framework which is in compliance with all the modern standards specified by the WordPress community, Toothy has been minutely analyzed and crafted to cater to any dentist, doctor or any other medical representative. Hence this sophisticated and feature – rich premium theme will be perfectly suitable for any female doctor or medical expert to present her profile, services, clinic or another centre in the most customer – friendly way, so that her patients will be in constant contact and communication with their reliable doctor.

    8. Marvin:
    personal WordPress theme


    Elegance and modernity, power and professionalism, simplicity and fast loading are the terms which splendidly describe Marvin as a strongly recommended one of the women WordPress themes to be utilized by any female member. The theme is well – structured and stylized, written on the stable HTML5 and CSS coding and arranging everything in the homepage to keep the website visitor’s focus and attention on the required content, portfolio, images, services, address, phone numbers or any other contact information, accurately fitting in the theme sections. All in all, the theme is able to display whatever is needed in the most professional and precise way and be presentable for every single website user.

    Salient features of these Women WordPress themes

  • Any Women would want their website to have a look and feel of women centric business
  • Great look and feel with focus more on designing aspects like cream, white, pink and other women colors
  • Simple to use for hassle free usage of women via theme options panel mostly
  • Full documentation is given for each theme so that step by step procedure can be followed
  • Instagram and other social media feeds can be easily added into sidebar and footer widgets
  • Sharing of blog posts can be done using sharing plugins and all themes are compatible
  • Opening of an online shop is easy using WooCommerce as all the themes are compatible with that
  • SEO friendly coding done for each of the website templates
  • Color changing is very easy due to color pickers and gives unlimited possibilities
  • Font changing is easy as they are all integrated with Google fonts
  • Commenting options are given for easy management of comments
  • Mobile friendly and user friendly themes
  • Quality of these themes are top notch and extensive testing done for each of them
  • Not all of them are blog like so women business websites which want a corporate feel can also be done
  • Food blogging and recipe menu plugin compatibility is given with most of them
  • Ample shortcodes provided so that you need not search here and there for extra functionality
  • Several sliders tested and found working out of the box
  • Compatible with several gallery plugins and has in built galleries too
  • Sidebar fully widget friendly and several page template and blog template provided
  • Recent posts type also given
  • Coral colors and elegant typography with all dynamic and changeable given
  • Portfolio of fashion photography or lifestyle and fashion blogging also suited
  • Background is changeable in most of them
  • The whole world is not only run by male representatives and entrepreneurs. The female army is also a part of that revolution too. Female representatives not only are present to the product side of things but sometimes turn in to the person who directs the business too. That’s why, if you’re a woman, and you’re planning to build something, like a website, for the world, in a good way, then Women WordPress Themes will help you achieve all of that, in no time, and just with minimal efforts.

    The first features when you look into building a website is to see whether that website has the option to be built as a women-centric website, right from the start. This is indeed the most important feature to be kept in mind. The next would be looking for support for colours that are women-centric too – like whites, pink, rose gold, etc. – the colours that entice women. Colour scheme is very important here too. It should be also seen that the various options and themes could be used very easily, and without much hassle, to be honest. If there are included steps in how to use a certain function or option, it should also be shown. Women WordPress Themes support all of these, and even more.

    For starters, there should be an option to include social media on the website too. Women and girls love going on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure such options are also supported. Women WordPress Themes will give you total control over sharing blog posts, as well as support for various types of plugins as well. Not only that, there is support for WooCommerce too, along with SEO or Search Engine Optimization as well. This will make sure, all the other women will find your website easily, via Google Search. The colour of the fonts can be easily changed along with support for more fonts types, via Google Fonts. There will also be commenting options, so those other users could easily connect with each other and build a whole community of like-minded women. Women WordPress Themes offers all of these features, very easily.

    The website will be as usual mobile friendly as well, along with top-notch quality to back that all up. There will be options for women who want their websites to have felt like a corporate website – Women WordPress Themes also give you that feature too. Coming to various other features, like the inclusion of various other plugins and widgets, along with galleries too, so that websites that focus on thing like Food Blogging, will be much more visually impressive to the visitors. Apart from the widget, there are options for numerous templates too, along with top class functionality and responsiveness. It will help the website look very much dynamic, and thus can cater to a whole wider range of audience. You can even change the background of your website, to any picture you like the most. Such is the power of Women WordPress Themes, and it is quite certified that you’ll be happy using it.

    Pizza WordPress theme for pizzerias and restaurants

    Pizza WordPress theme

    Features of pizza WordPress theme

    • Nice Parallax effect on top by default
    • Compatible with recipe and menu plugins for easy menu showcase
    • Pizza WordPress Theme is responsive and Google mobile friendly
    • Slider continues in section 1 to list you all the product slides
    • WooCommerce supported out of the box in this theme
    • Various types of pizza can also be listed as product style
    • Store location added in footer
    • Nice call to action phone number given on top for users to call you back
    • Store opening hours given in footer and also coded as shortcode
    • Why Choose us service blocks given
    • Testimonials and what customers say given
    • Blog and page templates
    • Comes pre-packed with all features and goodies of the perfect theme
    • Several other plugin compatibility
    • Contact form by default present and plugins like Ninja forms and Contact form 7 tested
    • Multilingual compatible with plugins like WPML, qTranslate X, Polylang etc
    • Several page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer tested successfully using this theme
    • Several page templates and blog templates available
    • Footer and header widget friendly
    • Several header in built choices available
    • Several layouts for footer and header
    • Fast loading pizza WordPress theme
    • Built upon easy to use customizer
    • One can watch changes live getting it done with the customizer
    • Colors and fonts easily changeable
    • Integrated with Google fonts which are 650+ in number
    • Cyrillic and latin fonts also tested
    • Tested for RTL as well
    • Integrated with font awesome icons which are 580+ in number

    Why Choose Pizza WordPress theme?

    Pizza WordPress Theme has been created to remove the differences of having a simple website and having a niche website just created for Pizza and menu types of websites like cafe, restaurant and food websites.

    Pizza theme contains several features as given above which are worth the money and above all since it comes as part of a bundled package you get lots of other templates along with this one free of cost without spending additional price.

    Since part of the Perfect theme Pizza WordPress theme has all the goodies of perfect theme like various header layouts and footer layouts so that one can have the desired header and footer as they need.

    Pizza theme also has compatibility with several WordPress plugins which make it desirable for every store which has menu.

    So menu items and recipe plugins can easily be installed to have a nice menu for order or recipes list for added interest in pizzas.

    Also the theme is compatible with multilingual plugins like qTranslate X and Polylang and WPML among others.

    So multilingual website becomes very easy to create using this theme.

    Pizza WordPress theme also has several page templates which can be used for several page building structures.

    Also since the WP theme is compatible with several page builders one can create their own layouts using the full width page template which gives them a canvas like experience and one can add any type of page layout using page builders.

    Pizzeria service theme has a great gallery section and compatibility with several gallery plugins so that one can view the various delicacies and the various pizzas on offer.

    Tested with 10+ sliders any type of slider can be added into this theme whether paid or free and can be used easily to have the desired slideshows.

    Classic blog integrated so that one can use this section for any type of news or events or press releases.

    So any type of announcements can be made easily without any hassle using this blog section.

    It is important that such local businesses like Pizzas should have proper call to action and hence the contact info has a contact form and location map and phone number and email integrated.

    Whereas header showcases a phone number for prompt attention and prompt calls that can be made to have the order done in no time.

    This pizzeria service WordPress theme can also be used to have appointments and bookings with compatibility with various contact form plugins like contact form 7 and ninja forms.

    SEO and schema related plugins also tested with this fast loading theme which is suitable for any type of business and commercial use.

    WooCommerce tested pizza WordPress theme provides a window to hold an online shop for taking direct pizza orders.

    Pizza is a typical Italian dish made up of yeasted flatbread usually circular in shape and is generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese. It is baked in an oven and can also be topped with different vegetables, meats and condiments. But with the aspect of globalization, pizza is now one of the popular dishes among youngsters and is available at every corner of the world. So there is a cut-throat competition between restaurants that produce pizza dishes and also among different pizza parlors. However, if you are already running a pizza parlour or you want to open a similar very soon always remember to take your business online to gather more and number of customers in this competitive edge.

    But how do you spread words about your pizza business to those people who don’t commute through your pizza parlor’s location? Well, there is a solution for that. Making a perfect looking, powerful and mobile-friendly website for your parlour will be the best option to consider. Nowadays with the use of the various content management system, website designing is a no-brainer at all. One of the popular CMS to be considered is WordPress and the pizza themes available there will brilliantly serve all the needs to develop your pizza business website.

    Pizza WordPress themes will allow you to develop your website in no time with an increased number of extra functionalities to emphasize the website to your potential customers. You can add perfection to your website with as many customizations you want so that no customers are left in a corner. With the advanced security and optimization of Pizza WordPress themes, you can design your website so perfectly that it will enhance the user experience of your potential visitors. Your pizza business is all about how your dishes look and tastes. For that maybe, you could welcome your guests either by displaying high-quality pictures of your pizza dishes in the form of a slider right on the homepage or making a grid of your various pizza dishes offered by your parlour with its details so as to keep transparency to your customers. With the help of pizza WordPress themes, you can customize colours, header, footers, fonts and even background of the website to give a touch of sophistication. Reaching a larger number of audience and showcasing your pizza dishes is all about SEO(search engine optimization) which pizza WordPress themes will do perfectly for you.

    With the use of various WordPress plugins, you can enhance different functionalities of your website to make it look more interactive to your potential customers. Suppose, your audience needs to locate your shop and for that particular job there is a map plugin included in these pizza WordPress themes. If you are a pizza restaurant owner, you definitely want people to talk about your dishes and your services. So, you must consider the social media plugin which will allow users to share the content of your pizza website on various social network platforms. This will help you to pull customers from various corners to your website and hence, in turn, will help you to grow your market base day by day. Nowadays, people want doorstep delivery of food from restaurants. So, if you want to simplify the lives of your customers and follow the trend of doorstep food delivery, then WooCommerce plugin will be the best plugin for you to consider. It will allow website visitors to order food items right from your website. Moreover, this plugin is also integrated with different payment gateways, so the user can pay you online right through your website while ordering pizza items.

    Pizza WordPress themes have security features built in its core ensuring the highest level of security possible for your website ensuring no data loss or stolen. Moreover, these themes are highly responsive and can adjust itself perfectly to any screen size without compromising the look and performance of the web pages. So if you are looking at the future with a firm pizza business proposal, then making your business turn into a success story is very much possible with pizza WordPress themes.

    WordPress themes best suited for Medium – sized businesses and websites

    medium sized business WordPress theme

    WordPress themes best suited for medium sized businesses and websites have been discussed

    Enhancing business and individual online performance with the appliance of modern and powerful themes of WordPress production has long become a checked and widely utilized practice at present for the companies and undertakings of different calibers.

    With their cost – effective and affordable policy lots of such themes seem to be perfect for medium – sized businesses and websites which operate on a limited budget, but want a framework on which they can have a strongly designed products for the powerful initial experience of their clients, user – driven website behavior, and which will succeed in providing the web services which have been prioritized by the target business owners and representatives.

    In our article we have searched and sort out some of the WordPress themes best suited for medium – sized businesses and websites, so that every businessman or private entrepreneur can save his time and financial means, instead find a perfect starting point for his long – term plans and marketing strategies in the dynamically developing and crowded digital environment. Each suggested template is worth every single penny you’ll spend on it and will go well with every kind of business or initiative.

    1. Bizness Pro:
    responsive business WordPress theme


    Bizness Pro is thoroughly thought out and seriously stylized, strongly developed and feature – rich, intensively resilient and flexible, user and customer – friendly and truly intuitive template, ready to adapt itself to any claim and requirement set by the website owner. This premium quality template is power – packed with tons of customization options and configuration controls to transfer your website to a platform, which will be mutually beneficial both for the business and its customers. Responsive design, e-commerce compatibility and other compulsory qualities have been taken care of in relation to this product.

    2. IT Consultant Pro:
    consultant WordPress theme


    IT Consultant Pro is the next WordPress theme best suited for medium – sized businesses and websites, especially IT companies and tech startups, business, financial and IT consulting services can greatly benefit from it. This truly versatile and inherently resilient, easy to use and customize website builder will take all the responsibility on it while taking a website of any direction, nature or popularity to a more advanced level of functionality and performance, when armed with the most informative content and modified and presented in the most efficient manner.

    3. Spirited Pro:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Modern and dynamic, elegant and stylish, visually eye-catching and clearly designed, customer – oriented and responsive, mobile and browser compatible, Spirited Pro has all the potential in order to contribute to any medium – sized business promotion online and the customer engagement into it in the shortest period of time. Functional possibilities are endless with this theme, especially when being linked to diverse plugins, such as WooCommerce, xTranslate X, gallery, slider and SEO plugins for the website better operation.

    4. Towing:
    towing WordPress theme


    Powered to generate a feature – rich, yet very flexible structure, established on responsive and cross – mobile compatible framework, coming with multilingual support and translation ready, nature, Towing can maximize your online success and considerably improve the people’s conversion into it. Apart from that, this top – rated theme is very lightweight in performance and very easy in usage, so that it will be at your constant control and management all the time.

    5. Welder:
    welding WordPress theme


    With alluring design and graphical solutions, adaptable structure and lots of handy and practical features within, shortcodes inclusion and Google font compatibility, responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, stunning performance with diverse useful plugins, and finally, the overall compliance with all the modern WordPress standards and requirements, Welder is another credible template, especially suitable for every welder and welder – related industry manifestation in the digital platform. Precisely arranged homepage sections and areas, as well as nice – looking slider availability will also boost your business effectiveness, resulting in your customer’s satisfaction and positive feedback.

    6. Blendit:
    blendit single page WordPress theme


    Modernity and creativity, stylish look and robust feel, inherently flexible structure arrangement and feature – rich package of theme options, elements and controls, user – oriented nature combined with strong and stable responsibility to adapt itself to any proposed screen size and dimensions are what make Blendit stand out among many other premium – quality themes, especially preferable by those individuals and company representatives, who aim at progressing their medium – sized business by the help of unlimited possibilities this WordPress theme may provide them with.

    7. SKT Biz Pro: 
    business WordPress theme


    SKT Biz Pro, as the name itself states, delivers all the business – driven possibilities one may exercise in favor of his developing business. Professional and awe inspiring overall appearance of the theme, convenient homepage sections to publish all the relevant content in relation to the company, its history, founders, staff, services and products, as well as other useful details, easy to navigate nature and total responsiveness for mobile and device access of the website make SKT Biz Pro an irreplaceable and functionally saturated product.

    8. High Tech:
    computer repair WordPress theme


    High Tech is also among the most strongly recommended WordPress themes best suited for computer repair medium –sized businesses and websites, which is loaded with every single theme unit and essential feature every such website will ever require, including home, about us, services sections to be highly informative for your customers and clients, lots of shorctodes inclusion for creating the necessary website content and managing it as the case may be, blog and gallery sections to present all the latest news, special offers, discounts or other information, a well as to showcase the relevant high – quality images.

    9. Exceptiona:
    accounting WordPress theme


    Created and launched by the dedicated WordPress specialists to satisfy all the current challenges the worldwide web may suggest, Exceptiona with its truly exceptional nature comes loaded with all the potential and functional opportunities to overcome them. The easy to understand and exercise theme structure is combined with super functionality and all – inclusiveness on the one hand, and easy to navigate dropdown levels and the overall customer – optimized website nature are mixed with simplified installation and customization processes. This uniquely developed theme has also been checked for its total responsibility, multilingual support and flawless plugin compatibility experience.

    Law Firm or Attorney WordPress Theme for legal services

    lawyer law firm attorney WordPress theme

    Law Firm or Attorney WordPress theme is a business based on trust.

    Law firms need a professional website and so does the attorneys. Hence we have come up with a special theme just targeting law firms or attorneys. Our WordPress theme has host of features which we will be sharing below.

    1. It has a beautiful slider which can be used to showcase your latest case images or awards or any important messages like 25+ years of experience etc.
    2. It has got a profile section displaying profile of your law firm.
    3. Our law firm WordPress theme made for attorneys integrates social media like avvo, rocket lawyer, linked in and facebook.
    4. The top section has a call to action displaying phone number and email id for urgent calls to your office.
    5. The right sidebar boasts of a contact us today section which can be used to send quick emails/messages from visitors or future prospects to your office.
    6. Areas of practice on the left sidebar quickly showcases your areas of practice so that the visitor knows for sure which areas you/your firm practices in.
    7. As per attorneys needs we have contact us area, gallery area with photos and videos to showcase either their office set up or have video testimonials. They also can use this area to showcase press or media images.
    8. Law firm or attorney WordPress theme boasts of theme options which allows for color changes and font changes.
    9. It comes with more than 100+ shortcodes for ease of use like info boxes, accordions, line etc.
    10. It also comes with 600+ google fonts to select from.
    11. Most important feature here would be that it is fully responsive and mobile and tablet compatible.
    12. This theme comes with free installation and great support.

    As said before this theme is perfect for lawyers, law firms, attorneys, legal corporations and any other related law and legal institutions.

    You can download the theme from here.

    Trust is very important because a law firm or attorney is the one who is regarded as high as a doctor.

    Many times the life of a person is in the hands of an attorney because of the circumstances and the case he is facing. Hence law firm or attorney WordPress theme should reflect the genuine services on offer and showcase the practice rich experience, lawyer credentials, the firm case studies and lots of other things which prove them as the best in the industry for that particular service.

    If anyone is a divorce lawyer specifically then that should get highlighted on the website and similarly if a law firm deals with only corporate law the best then that should be reflected.

    Our newly designed and created law firm or attorney WordPress theme has a great call to action on the very top with phone number, address and hours of working for the law firm or attorney website.

    A nice navigation menu which has 5 levels of drop down for having a nicely set up big website which has multiple levels of menu and multiple menu items.

    A nice slider which has pause time and animation control given as well as call to action with a nicely laid out form for visitors who are in need of legal advice can explain their problems and contact law firm is given.

    Why Choose us is laid out at the beginning because as i said in the start of this article that any law firm or attorney WordPress theme based website is based on trust and reliability and hence Why Choose us stands here as the main USP of the law firm or attorney services.

    Practice areas are nicely laid out with the use of icons which are font based and text respectively.

    Our attorneys area in this theme showcase the attorneys in team and their relevant experience and profiles.

    Blog posts can showcase case studies, popular laws passed and how awards for the law firm. So several uses for the same blog posts.

    Customer testimonials are very important as they show relevant experience from customers point of view.

    Also social profiles and links to various directories where the law firm or the attorney has been reviewed like AVVO is one of them are listed below.

    Thereafter again call to action is included and a bigger and broader footer section with opening hours and others have been given.

    Footer, header and sidebar is widget friendly in this law firm or attorney WordPress theme and thus one can easily have whatever they want to in these areas without showing the default ones if not in need.

    Apart from being responsive and great look and feel which gives a pure professional look this template is also responsive and cross browser compatible and has been tested for all sorts of hand held and desktop devices too.

    The digital era has helped in allowing various businesses and industries to reach the next degree of customer outreach. Marketing and making your appearance through social media is the new ball game in town. This is why an online website becomes critical in order to give a thrust to any type of business. Fortunately, advanced technical skills such as coding need not be acquired to build a website. With the help of advanced content management systems such as WordPress business can now easily buy domains and choose a suitable theme that reflects their business vision.

    The legal market revolves around certain important values such as confidentiality, professionalism and responsibility to perform in the best interests of the client. With regards to your website, the reflection of these values are of utmost importance. Just the way you are expected to enter a courtroom with an appropriate attire and appearance, the same is applicable for your website. This is why we have collated a wide range of Firm WordPress Themes keeping in mind the needs of the legal industry. Our Law Firm or Attorney WordPress Themes can be bought and easily used by Lawyers, Legal Advisors, Barristers, Law Firms, Legal counsels and similar professionals. The themes are designed keeping in mind a modern and professional look as per the tone of the Legal industry.

    Our Law Firm or Attorney WordPress Themes have been built such that it will help you to reach out to a larger range of audience be it divorce, human rights, corporate law and much more. With help of our themes, your interactions with your clients through our website can be helpful in getting a fruitful business by making a lasting impression. Our themes have been equipped with a range of features. They can be customized and organized as per your tone and liking. We have a plethora of Law Firm or Attorney WordPress Themes that have been specially designed keeping in mind their respective fields and their needs.

    The technical aspects of our themes have been time tested to assure the best and maximum results. Advanced security protocols have been installed to ensure secure access to website to both the clients as well as yourself. Also, the responsiveness of our themes are quick allowing it to run faultlessly ensuring a great customer experience. Our themes have also been built for compatibility for a wide range of devices be it mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

    With all senior executives of successful business rating that digital transformation is a must, then it simply implies that if your business does not have a website then it may end sooner than you realize it. Hence it is recommended that professionals such as lawyers take advantage of the internet, by making a strong online presence through social media and website. When these techniques helping to generate a greater amount of traffic through online information based practices, why would you lose out on such a great opportunity? Pick a out theme from our list of Law Firm WordPress Themes and get your website up and running in no time!

    Personal WordPress themes for building some personal blog and websites

    personal WordPress themes
    One of the basic and essential tools the person will need in order to start the crafting of his personal blog or website is a professional and well – structured personal WordPress themes available for them.

    It’s a widely known phenomenon, that there are endless possibilities and chances both for individuals and companies coming along the global networking system.

    As for the people trying to personalize their professions, hobbies, works, services, products or whatever it is in the digital world, the Internet is of great benefit to them in many diverse ways. Hence, by the application of a handy bunch of the proposed handy tools and strategies every single individual will have all the potential to fully demonstrate his profile in the online market from the ground up.

    Keeping this in mind, in this article, we have sort out the best and highly recommended WordPress templates worked out and developed primarily to cover any personal and individual undertaking or initiative in the most productive way. All of them share the necessary theme controls and other features for the individual to take the whole process of the relevant website or blog building upon himself.

    Personal WordPress themes for building some personal blog and websites

    1. Me:
    resume WordPress theme


    Me is extensively intuitively, deeply customizable and adaptive, well – developed and seriously worked out one of the individual and personal WordPress themes to cater to any individual business or profile, resume and CV presentation. With the application of this user and developer – friendly template you will not need to be familiar with all the structural and technical aspects of the medium in depth, since the theme management options are really intuitive and smart to be exercised in the easiest way, at the same time saving your time and efforts to the maximum extent.

    2. SKT Launch Pro:
    author WordPress theme


    SKT Launch Pro is stylish and modern looking, bright and dynamically designed, very flexible and adaptable, technologically cutting – edge and easy to customize template of WordPress ready to feature any personal or private online performance. With this perfect product every single person will be able to identify all the functional and visual drivers of the theme and subsequently stress out all the specific and attractive points of his newly launched products, services, e – books and other items so that they will be easily accessible and available for the website visitors and potential clients.

    3. Character:
    personal WordPress theme


    Built on pliable and sophisticated framework, proved by eye –catching and alluring design, Character appears with its multipurpose and feature – rich nature to be exercised in relation to any private and personal matters and affairs. This modern and resourceful theme meets all the current requirements specified by the WordPress community and comes ready with lots of customization options to redecorate and restructure the default theme to match his needs and working perspectives. Character also shares totally responsive touches and mobile and device – friendly layout to be qualified and suited for any mobile and device usage.

    4. SKT Lens Pro:
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    SKT Lens Pro is considered one of the best and the most convenient website creation and management tools to carry out any personal or individual plans and projects to be exceptionally deployed in your website or blog. This one of the personal WordPress themes with its neatly and precisely distributed overall structure and its dynamically developed integral parts can cater to exclusively any matter, from portfolio and resume display to wedding production, design agency, beauty center or something of the kind. The theme comes integrated with SEO and SMO optimization, shares multilingual support, as well as perfect operation with a set of modern and useful WordPress compatible plugins.

    5. Panaroma Pro: 
    portfolio WordPress theme


    If your primary goal is to make a visual impact on your visitors by means of the high quality and alluring images and content of the website homepage background, Panaroma Pro can be an ideal selection. This professional and sophisticated premium personal theme will contribute to the building of any private website or blog at any level of the website construction and design. Apart its stunningly beautiful appearance, Panaroma Pro is loaded with a powerful package of theme inner options and settings to make the website control and customization an easy task to perform.

    6. PicArt:
    portfolio WordPress theme


    PicArt is fresh and colorful, powerful and pliable, polished and refined template at your disposal to undertake the manifestation of you and your relevant activities without worrying about the difficulties and complex situations you may ever encounter, as PicArt will prevent you from such uncomfortable and sticky conditions to the maximum. Thus, the theme allows you to create, design, develop and has total control over the personal website or blog across a variety of fields and areas, at the same time providing premium quality website performance on the one hand, and perfect customer experience on the other.

    7. SKT Magazine Pro:
    magazine WordPress theme


    SKT Magazine Pro is designed to showcase any magazine, journal or news – related website or blog, highlighting any single aspect of the life and lifestyle, ranging from politics and science to sport and beauty. You may externalize and organize the website operational potential as per your requirements in order to maximize the number of people visiting your online platform daily. For the website better optimization, you are free to install all the compatible plugins, such as Disqus, Facebook comment plugins for the website social media integration, WooCommerce plugin for commercial and shopping purposes, as well as qTranslate X and other plugins for the website multilingual support.

    8. Girlie:
    girly WordPress theme


    Girlie has been planned and implemented specifically to satisfy all the needs and pretenses any feminine representative may express. Hence, Girlie is designed and dressed with many girly touches and shades to be visually and graphically perceptible for the website female visitors. This elegant and imaginative, smart and secure, well – structured and well- developed personal and individual WordPress powered website will for sure simplify all the management and customization process of the whole web page and blog, as well as manipulation and distribution of the whole relevant content.

    There are endless possibilities and opportunities for individual professionals to grow their business when they take up their work on the internet. This Global networking system has totally changed the game for the last few years. It does not matter if you want to showcase in what field you are expertized or you want to sell personal products to customers, going online and setting up a personal website will be your best option to grow and flourish in this competitive market. Many organization and individuals underestimate the power of the online market and hence are forced to fall behind their competitors.

    Past is gone when building a website was either costly or a hectic job to accomplish. With the introduction of WordPress and it’s diverse themes has helped millions of companies and individual professions to expand and stand out their business amidst high competition. Personal WordPress themes will help you to build a super flexible, top-notch website with a very simple easy to use interface with a lot of functionalities. With these personal WordPress themes, you can customize the website just the way you want. You will have your website ready in just a few hours without having to code a single line. And moreover, you save a lot of money as well as time, which you can use to enhance your business or personal offerings to your audience and clients.

    ‘The first impression is always the last impression’. We all have heard of it, right? To make your website and your business or individual proposals look more promising, you can change the colour, background, header and footer of the website. With help of Personal WordPress themes, you can also add a homepage slider with images of your recent projects undertaken or a calendar of your recent business meets or events. This can be one of the elite ways to welcome your visitors. You can also customize the menu to help your customers a smooth experience navigating through your website pages. These themes also support a lot of plugins which can be used to enhance the functionalities of your website and on the other hand will give your visitors a smooth and interactive user experience. For example, You can address your customers queries by integrating a live chat plugin or maybe you can offer your customers to download brochures of your business proposals in PDF format by the help of PDF viewer plugin. There are plugins too that acts as a marketing tool for your website such as the social networking plugin which helps the users to share content from your website in different social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

    Nowadays the solution to every problem is Google or Bing. These Personal WordPress themes have a built-in search engine optimization feature to help your website rank better in search giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. so that it gets recognised by people more than other websites of similar nature. During earlier days smartphones and tablets weren’t popular and people were habituated in using computers to access the internet. But now the scenario has totally changed and people use small devices more. This is where these responsive personal WordPress themes come into play. These themes will make your website look perfect in any screen size. In short, if you want to grow your business, reach a larger market base and stand out in every possible way from your growing competitors then these personal WordPress themes will surely make your dream come true in reality.

    Hairdresser WordPress Themes for barbers hair salon and parlors

    hairdresser WordPress themes

    The best hairdresser WordPress themes have been compiled by our team for hairdressers and hair stylists, barbershops and beauty centers, hair and nail salons, spa and massage centers, as well as other beauty centric activities and businesses.

    If you are in hair cutting and styling field and want to enhance the number of your clientele, putting all your theories, business plans and objectives, client based marketing tactics and more into test with the help of the modern digital world can be the wisest thing you can do.

    Well, if you run a small and client oriented hair salon or barbershop or own a chain of famous beauty centers or studios with high health and beauty standards, our hairdresser WordPress themes are for you.

    We have done our best to sieve the most niche specific hair and beauty salon, barbershop and hairdresser WordPress themes and templates for you to jump into the whole new world of digital opportunities and tangible results.

    Each of the hairdresser WordPress themes included here that you will give a try is a unity of the whole expertise and intelligence of our dedicated developers and designers who have spare no effort to make all our templates enviably beautiful and functionally advanced.

    From good to best, those products are pretty simple and affordable in usage while letting you achieve reasonable profit margins and a broader client base.

    1. Perfect Beauty Spa:

    perfect beauty spa WordPress theme


    Perfect Beauty Spa is by far one of the top rated and visually eye catchy spa and salon, make up and nail studio, barbershop and hairdresser WordPress themes. It is custom built to flaunt your unique style with ease since the whole structure of the theme with all its ingredients is highly customizable.

    It means that you can take the given framework, alter its look and feel, color palette, typography, and finally, replace the default content with your own one sharing your business profile, beauty salon, your team members, location, services and more.

    With HD readiness and cross mobile compatibility, Perfect Beauty Spa is the one to share the future proof responsive web design ready to respond to any user’s behavior based on the mobile or device the latter is using.

    2. CutsNStyle Pro:

    responsive hair salon WordPress theme


    The authors of CutsNStyle Pro have taken the complexity out of your website’s creation and further customization with details on the theme’s durability, customizable layout and handy toolbox.

    The warm breeze in the appearance, the smooth navigation controls and the optimal speed your site is running on, all the nuances of CutsNStyle Pro are essential in captivating your website viewer’s attention and keeping him or her within the territory of your online profile.

    Display your best works and hair dos via the homepage nicely formatted slider and control how they are showcased to your web surfers.

    Us as many as 20 sections of the front page to locate your valuable information and contact details, choose the most relevant page template with sidebar controls and add your secondary content in footer, header and sidebar areas.

    3. Fashion Trends:

    fashion WordPress theme


    Fashion Trends is one of the lively and colorful, warm and energetic, commercially and multilingually competent hair salon and hairdresser WordPress themes for the relevant businesses of any caliber and client engagement, from startups to seasoned beauty and hair centers and studios.

    Further, this template is specialized in keeping your site’s exquisite look and functionality under any condition and when accessed by any portable device.

    The theme’s responsive nature paired with SEO friendly coding is what will make your online exposure more results generating.

    Live changes and previews are also possible with this template based on the Customizer. Just use the simple and intuitive admin part of the theme for making constant changes and modifications and preview them instantly to make sure everything is done properly.

    4. Beauty Cuts:

    hair salon WordPress theme


    Another crafty and delicious, splendidly worked out and designer made template catering to hair and beauty world with boundless manifestations comes loaded as Beauty Cuts.

    What makes this theme so special among dozens of other niche specific templates is the seamless unity of form and function enabling you to bring all your talents and services in front of your clients in a beautiful fashion.

    The real catch of this wonderful template is that you can personalize it to clearly express your brand, business profile or professional skills in the simplest way. You don’t need to worry about the distorted images or illegible texts whenever your website users are browsing your site on their PCs, mobiles or smartphones.

    5. Massage Center:

    massage WordPress theme


    Massage Center is an expansively multipurpose website building tool with boundless potential you can have access to.

    If you spend any length of time viewing the demo version of this template, you’ll discover multiple features, page and post controls, convenient layout with useful sections and slider part to make your hair or massage salon one of a kind in the digital arena.

    Simplicity yet durability, error free performance and admin optimized dashboard, responsiveness and plugin compatibility are what designate Massage Center as one of the top quality spa and massage, beauty and hairdresser WordPress themes in the current repository of WordPress digital products.

    It is also readily social media friendly for constant flows of new clients from social media networks, as well as shortcodes and font’s based to set up your content with the right typography.

    6. Panaroma Pro:

    portfolio WordPress theme


    Image centric and visually awe inspiring, Panaroma Pro is a modern looking and creative template with unique approach towards sharing your images and photos with your web users.

    Choose the most attention grabbing imagery and make them waving across your homepage to greet your clients and customers. Whenever you need some other slider with more capacity, you are free to add any of the compatible slide plugins and display more dynamic slideshows.

    Choose among the possible page templates with or without sidebar, use more than 100 shortcodes for quick updates and freshness of your site, and make your content be in the focus of attention via search engines and their rankings.

    Hairstyling is not just for women anymore, now men’s are also into styling their hairs as much as women’s do. With the fashion trends changing constantly, you need to make sure that you keep yourself updated with the latest developments in the industry. So if you have your own beauty salon, parlor, barber shops, or you are in a profession of hair styling/hair cutting and want to enhance your business, you need an amazing website.

    Since there is a lot of competition in this business, you need to put all your theories, plans, objectives and marketing tactics into making a killer website. Your website should reflect your true capabilities so that your customers know what you are capable of delivering.

    Today is the era of digitalization and more people all around the globe prefer going through online websites thoroughly before buying any beauty products or taking any services. There are lots of freelance hairdressers who run their business online, but their business seems to have stagnated just because their websites are not that enticing. By building your own amazing hairdresser website, you already position your business on a path to success, and with our Hairdresser WordPress theme, you can surely expect more business.

    Hairdresser WordPress theme not only helps in increasing the scope of the business. But also saves a lot of your time and money. Since the maintenance associated with the themes are minimal, you can relax and focus on your business rather than spending time on technical issues.

    You can even customize the layout of the hairdresser WordPress themes, as they offer full flexibility. You don’t even need a separate person for helping you out with customizations, as we have made the process so easy that you can do it yourself.

    When it comes to technical capabilities, our themes are one of the best. All of our themes are reviewed and tested so that we can give cent percent results to our patrons. Our Hairdresser WordPress themes are designed for everyone as they emphasize performance, accessibility, ease of use, andsecurity. Another advantage of our themes is that you can even integrate social media plugins with it, thus letting you easily spread the word about your business.

    When it comes to the design of our themes, no one can beat our record of delivering everything perfectly. You can easily trust on us as we have dedicated expertise, skilled and intelligent web designers who will be available at 24X7 for your support.

    So choose from our range of Hairdresser WordPress themes to make sure that your business has a nice online presence that appeals to everyone. With so many customization options, strong coding, options to add awesome plugins and aesthetic looks, you would surely be able to attract a whole new customer base. The day you get a strong online presence and people start visiting your website regularly is the day you know that your business will succeed. So, let us help you on that journey by giving you one of the best Hairdresser WordPress theme.

    Great WordPress themes for building professional and great looking websites

    great WordPress theme

    In our article we have tried to demonstrate some of the great WordPress themes

    WordPress content management system with its emergence and development totally destroyed the barriers which lots of people usually face to when trying to make something of their own in the relevant powerful digital world.

    Working out a strong and reliable platform to be a helping hand to startups, beginners in the online area, and even for the professionals, who are engaged in some kind of successful and prosperous business, but lack developer or programming knowledge on the one hand, and does not want to spend financial means on hiring some specialists and designers to exercise their business online presence by means of a website, hundreds of WordPress based themes have been projected and crafted to be a great alternatives for anyone and for any single type of web page manifestation.

    Which are particularly suitable for building professional, great looking and highly competitive websites and blogs. All of them represent a unique mixture of beautiful external appearance and dependable functionality, moreover, those great WordPress themes have been crafted with user and developer – optimization in mind.

    1. Play School:


    Play School is lively and animated, bright and expressive, alluring and eye –catching school and education and one of great WordPress themes for running any education and learning related websites. As education should be interesting and engaging, this theme can be an ideal one for you with its stunning design to keep the student’s focus on the learning process. Play School has a powerful package of handy theme options and features in addition to a theme platform that is completely user – friendly. The theme can also be supported by diverse e –learning and Learning Management System plugins for better functionality, as well as with WooCommerce plugin for providing e-commerce services.

    2. SKT Architect Pro:


    The next aesthetically pleasing, highly alluring, sleek and polished, intuitive and smart WordPress supported template as a great website content creation and customization tool appears to be SKT Architect Pro. This general – purpose and multiconcept product is convenient for covering any type of construction and architecture industry and projects with the help of its tech – savvy and flexible structure to undergo certain modifications in order to meet all the requirements and needs put forward by the relevant individual or company, as well as completely responsive and mobile – friendly stylized layout to be compatible with any mobile and tablet usage.

    3. Diet and Nutrition:


    Clean and fresh, modern and stylish, motivational and encouraging, Diet and Nutrition comes integrated with all WordPress related theme essential points and setting to cater to any diet, dietitian, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, health center or any other diet and health – centered undertakings. This high –quality and totally reliable theme revolves itself across a variety of homepage inbuilt sections and areas, shortcodes and icons extensively integrated and exercised for your comfort and convenience.

    4. StartUp Pro:


    If you represent a newly started IT company or a technical startup with unlimited number of modern ideas to realize and present to the public at large, you are in the right place to review StartUp Pro with its simplicity and convenience in usage, but power and stability in performance and operation. By the application of this highly recommended and really professional WordPress template your small company will achieve all the online goals and objectives which were foreseen prior to the website creation and development in relation to the business.

    5. Complete Pro:


    Complete Pro comes developed as a unique mixture of completeness, all – inclusiveness and technological saturation, as well as easiness in set up, usage and management, total flexibility and adaptability of any part of the theme. Being such, this great WordPress theme will considerably contribute to the intuitive structure and performance of any type of website and will take it further beyond the basics. Along with all the advantages mentioned above, which this amazingly structured and great looking theme shares, it also features tons of customization options and elements to have access and total control on the whole theme appearance and operation whenever required.

    6. Naturo:
    clean WordPress theme


    Nature will successfully cope with all the tasks and commissions encountered and will provide you with great looking and strongly crafted website to be utilized for the personalization of any personal undertaking, industry, corporate or business deals and so on. No coding or other knowledge is required for managing and altering Nature as per your needs and ideas, neither you have to share your respective content only with PC asses, as the theme is built on completely responsive layout, hence your website will adjust itself and fit any mobile and device screen sizes and permissions.

    7. Local Business Pro:


    Local Business Pro is believed to be a handy tool to promote to the process of presenting any local or small business in the online platform and make it accessible to more people even outside of the geographical location the business practices its activities. Armed with a set of applicable and dynamic theme controls and settings, this one of the great WordPress themes supports perfect functionality with any mobile and device version thanks to its 100% responsive and cross mobile compatible design. E – commerce activities can be realized within the scope of this outstanding product, being easily linked to commercial plugins. Full documentation and multilingual layout also accompany Local Business Pro.

    8. Fix IT:


    In case you have set up your mind to turn to an online visualisation of any repair, fixing, handyman or craftsman businesses, Fix IT is the best instrument to set up and run on your self – hosted WordPress website of the relevant nature. This one of the great WordPress themes is accurately structured with all the necessary sections and areas to display your company, your specialists, services provided and any other primary information. The integration of lots of inbuilt shortcodes and Google fonts will simplify the process of addition of the required features and items to your website and the theme compatibility with diverse popular plugins will enhance your website functional potential.

    Building a startup is never easy. You not only need the right tools but also use the resources efficiently as well. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, success can only be achieved if you have a platform that is not only reliable but also strong too. Sometimes lack of any kind of developer knowledge may hinder your chances of making a worthy website, that suits for your professional use. And that’s where WordPress Themes For Building Professionals comes into play. From various kinds of themes, for any kind of usage, along with improved functionality and overall looks and appearance, this is the path that is deeply recommended.

    If you’re planning to build a website for providing services for kids, then you need something that looks very much lively and animated to the eyes. Kids love things that look nice, and therefore, you need to hit that right design language. Apart from a good design language, you need features that are very much user-friendly, to both you and your customers as well. With various types of e-learning management services plugins, combined with the power of WooCommerce for any kind of e-commerce plugin, in case if you want to monetise your services from the start. It’s all right there for you to use smoothly and fast.

    Coming to other forms of professional services, like providing services for nutrition and diet for people who want to remain healthy. WordPress Themes For Building Professionals will help you create a website that looks very fresh and clean, with various other kinds of essential themes, so that it can target any kind of people. Not all people want the same diet or nutrition plans. WordPress Themes For Building Professionals knows this and provides options for everyone.

    Coming to other forms of building professionals, like startups, where building a new company website isn’t easy. You need something that shows its simplicity and ease of use, but also have very much stable in performance and overall usability. When a new company comes into existence, in this age of the online competitive world, it needs the perfect amount of exposure to sustain itself. And that’s what these WordPress Themes For Building Professionals will provide you with. Moving along to building websites for businesses that are operating locally, and getting them exposure to the online world, is also a very good feature. With geographical location functionality, Woocommerce integration, websites that are fully responsive on the mobile devices, along with various other commercial plugins – this makes it an excellent choice to choose WordPress Themes For Building Professionals for your next online venture.

    Even if you’re planning to build a professional website, providing services and support to people – for various kind of repairing and fixing jobs, WordPress Themes For Building Professionals have something for you too. With options to showcase your service features as well as the specialists who will be carrying out the work, along with other important information about your company – it’s just so much simpler to use. This exactly shows, how much of impact WordPress Themes For Building Professionals can have on your budding professional life.

    Party Planner WordPress themes for events and party planning sites

    party planner WordPress themes

    This time we have surfed the global networking platform for the best party planner WordPress themes for event and party planners and organizers, party venues and destinations, event or party day coordination and other relevant services and businesses online.

    Partly planning is a modern and trendy business field that required dedication to details, unique taste and great responsibility in order to make people’s lives more bright and organized on special occasions, parties, meetings and events.

    Whether you are offering party planning and organizing services for all occasions and for all budgets, or concentrated on rendering event planning and coordinating, serving and decorating services, conference and meeting arrangements or equipment, our collection of party planner WordPress themes of WordPress origin are there for you.

    Advertise your services and packages, offer seasoned professionals and planners, give contact details and serve all this information with a uniquely styled layout with any of the below stated party planner WordPress themes.

    To quickly recap, all of our themes are GPL based and open source products for you to take a thorough control over your profile or website without worrying about the legal part. Despite your willingness and readiness at times to get involved in a hard work, these party planner WordPress themes will not take much time or efforts from you in order to get the shape and functionality you are striving for.

    1. Perfect Event:

    perfect event WordPress theme


    Become your field’s top party and event planner with the huge assistance of Perfect Event to make your online presence truly unforgettable for your client base. It is by far one of the widely practiced and time checked party planner WordPress themes matching the needs of the most demanding webmaster or planning business owner.

    There are handy homepage sections along with the nice looking homepage slides to showcase whatever is important at the moment in the form of images or photos. Moreover, if you want to deliver the right traffic to your posts and pages, be sure Perfect Event knows how to do it. Packed with full responsiveness and SEO friendly coding, this theme exercises all the digital channels to direct the flows of new incomers.

    2. Flower Shop:

    flower shop WordPress theme


    Visually elegant and colorful, functionally reliable and hassle free, Flower Shop is the next pocket friendly yet fully supported website template for multipurpose usages across planning and coordinating businesses.

    Expansively energetic and highly ambitious, Flower Shop is flexible and resourceful to go hand in hand with any kind of customization or management. It means that you can take the advantage of the pre enabled tools and elements at your disposal in order to craft the unbeatable profile sharing your affordable services and packages.

    Over 4 header and footer variations are available together with fonts and icons packs, shortcodes controls, SEO friendly layout, page builder compatibility with Elementor and others, etc. The theme is also 100 % responsive and mobile friendly with HTML5 and CSS3 so that your website and its content will respond to any user behavior or environment.

    3. Wedding Rituals:

    wedding agency WordPress theme


    Wedding Rituals is another lovely and bright template to cover a myriad of topics and niches, from wedding and love story websites and blogs to portfolio and designer, wedding and party planners, event managers and others.

    From eye catchy design style to durable coding and flexible structure at your hand to alter the default look and feel of your site, Wedding Rituals knows no limits when it comes to quick operation and smooth navigation. All the nuances are minutely taken care of to result in stunning user experience and returned visits of your site.

    It’s an amazingly well constructed template with practical content areas and homepage slideshows to attract your visitors, pricing tables compatibility for displaying the prices of your services and packs, SEO and SMO friendly coding, as well as multilingual ready platform for more international content.

    4. The Art:

    art WordPress theme


    Balanced between beautiful look and dependable inner structure, The Art is also among the best party planner WordPress themes with a stress on large scaled images and other visual materials.
    Your website based on The Art will be one of the most important ingredients of your successful party planner business guaranteeing your maximum exposure to your audience across social media platforms and search engines.

    Moreover, your textual and visual pieces of portfolio, display of the happy parties you have organized, your contact details and blog posts will automatically resize to accommodate for any mobile or desktop resolution and scripting capacity. It means that you will never miss a single visitor trying to browse your content or get in touch with you for orders or cooperation.

    5. Nuptials:

    wedding WordPress theme


    Nuptials disseminates unique energy and inspiration ready to motivate your web viewers and persuade them that you are one of the leading party planning organizations they can rely on whenever needed.

    Offer your planning services both to individuals and corporates, wedding and birthday party, award ceremony or corporate party organization offers, luncheons, receptions, venues and more through your website and its sections like events or blog.

    Use slider area and gallery part to share the best moments of your parties and events, give contact details and keep your profile fresh and eye catchy through constant controls of fonts, icons and colors.

    With custom navigation menu and sleek navigation, the theme is also plugin compliant and wonderfully responsive to easily respond to your mobile user’s preferences.

    6. Photo Session Pro:

    photography WordPress theme


    Parties and memorable events planning is all about pleasing the client while making their undertaking, anniversary, event or day enjoyable, comfortable and safe. Your website showcasing such activities should give your audience the same feelings of convenience, serviceability and security.

    Photo Session Pro is one of such party planner WordPress themes to appropriately satisfy all your business and marketing needs in bringing your profile higher in search engine rankings, social media platforms and other relevant environments.

    This template is powered by easy to follow admin panel with tons of controls including those of colors, fonts and shortcodes, slides and photo albums, standard pages and contact forms, etc.

    There are always two phases present in human life good and bad, and things always take place according to these phases. But it’s very important to keep the good thing close to our heart by organising an event or a party and creating everlasting memories. Partly planning has become one of the modern and trendy business fields that require dedication to details and unique tastes in order to enrich people’s lives with joy and fulfilling their lives with memories on special occasions, parties, meetings and events.

    Whether you are a wedding planner or you run a company that takes up responsibilities of planning and organising events, meetings or parties, having an online website to showcase your offerings to your customers and how expertized you are in this business field is a thing that should be taken care of. With the introduction of various content management systems around the internet, building a website and updating them from time to time has been now a lot easier. On the top of line WordPress is one of the most popular content management tools that will allow you to customize your website to an almost infinite extent and will help you to add various functionalities to enhance the user experience of your potential consumers.

    The main motive of your business venture is to display your successful party plannings that made your clients satisfied right in your home screen to look more promising in the eyes of your future customers. This can be customised easily with these party planner WordPress themes along with different fonts, header and footer backgrounds available for your website. You can also boost up your website’s interactiveness by different plugins available with these themes. Now, what are the plugins?

    They are types of add-ons available with these themes to increase the functionalities of your website. All you need is to download and activate them on your website. For example, you can add live chat plugin in your website to allow customers to chat directly with you and you can answer their queries in real time. Another plugin that is useful in your business scenario is the mail and newsletter plugin that will help you to promote your website by providing discounts and offers to your registered customers through emails.

    You can also enhance the search engine optimization(SEO) of your website by using plugins available right with these party planner WordPress themes that will act as a marketing tool to place your website in top rankings in various search engines. Placing your website in top ranks in Google, Bing, etc will increase the exposure of your website and business to several folds.

    Moreover, with the use of open source, CMS like WordPress has some security issues. But with the use of these party planner WordPress themes, there are certain plugins that will help you to cover up these security holes so that no sensitive data gets from stolen from your site. So, if you are highly motivated to take this event management business to a higher level then you must have a smoothly running website that will help you to connect to your potential customers securely without compromising on the user experience. This is all possible if you give a shot on developing your website via party planner WordPress themes.

    Painter WordPress Themes for painting and artists websites

    painter WordPress themes

    An assemblage of search based painter WordPress themes is discussed for painters and artists, painting and design companies and agencies, graphic and interior designers and portfolio owners, illustrators and photographers, construction and corporate businesses, and any other creative or enthusiastic person dealing with visual imagery or painting.

    Painting is a form of fine art that fulfills a wide range of personal, cognitive and ideological tasks by letting a painter express his own viewpoint, feelings and the overall worldview.

    Moreover, it reflects and in the light of certain concepts assesses the spiritual content of the era, its social development.

    Hence, painting is one of the artistic ways of transmitting real values through eternity.

    As for now, it is more than just a means of self expression or the barrier of certain values of community, nation, etc. Anything catering to images and painting, photos and interior design, as well as any other visualization can be transformed into a productive business bringing you fame and popularity, profit or other tangible results.

    And this is true also for contractors and builders taking care of the visual condition and colors of different premises and residents.

    In this connection, here are some of the most noteworthy painter WordPress themes that have been minutely crafted to bring the most fitting website tools to painters and contractors, construction and architecture businesses, interior designers and illustrators, as well as other handymen and craftsmen.

    All of these painter WordPress themes are well equipped to transform your current website into something truly attractive and visually stunning thus reflecting the unique style and expertise you can offer them.

    1. Perfect Interior:

    perfect interior WordPress theme


    Perfect Interior is one of the deeply versatile and intelligent painter WordPress themes ready to revolve around any interior design and construction, renovation and painting, as well as any other portfolio based website or blog.

    Let your website visitors meet your team and its members and get acquainted with them virtually, check the list of your services and see your completed projects and drafts, as well as get in touch with you via the contact form, email, phone or social media profile.

    In this relation, Perfect Interior is custom built to grant you with all the needed theme sections, parts and widget friendly areas.

    2. SKT Architect Pro:

    architect WordPress theme


    The next stylish and businesslike, wonderfully gorgeous and flexible template to go well with any construction and design, painting and handyman websites and services comes known as SKT Architect Pro.

    Thanks to the fully manageable layout and feature rich toolbox to result in the required look and feel, this template can be used for multiple image and painting related websites, among them personal photography profiles and design agencies, graphic illustrators and painters, web designers and portfolio owners.

    The efforts of the future website owner are reduced to the minimum since all the compulsory coding and arrangements are already completed by the theme authors. All you need to do is to manage the theme’s appearance, colors and typography, and take care of the high quality text and visual content deployment throughout your posts and pages.

    3. Kraft:

    premium WordPress theme


    Kraft is a modern creature ready to sweep your website guests off their feet with its unique face and fantastic functionality.

    From smooth and robust navigation levels to responsive design for your website to look stunningly on every single device, Kraft shares all the necessary traits of the modern painter WordPress themes.

    We know that a good animation can do wonders when it comes to a perfect user experience. Hence Kraft is powered by HTML5 coding and CSS3 controls for you to integrate modern animation styles to your web columns and other areas.

    The theme is also loaded with an avalanche of shortcodes, page and post controls, FAQ and blog sections, etc.

    4. SKT Full Width Pro:

    Full Wide WordPress theme


    If you are looking for a designer made and functionally stable website building solution among painter WordPress themes that will be image centric and visually attention seizing, look no further than SKT Full Width Pro.

    From commercial and residential painting contractors to private designers and photographers can highly benefit from this niche specific template that comes with full responsiveness and plugin compatibility.

    Showcase that you are the painters clients can trust. Showcase interior and exterior painting, office and residential, carpentry and cleanup, batch and kitchen remodeling services and display the best images in the background of your homepage.

    5. Fix IT:

    handyman WordPress theme


    When you choose Fix IT for your home repair and renovation, painting and remodeling, moving or packaging, handyman or craftsman website, you choose the shortest path to the digital success. This top notch template is the one with a special stress on operational stability and precision and as such is ready to host your content in a pixel perfect fashion under any circumstances.

    Lots of shortcodes, manageable and widget friendly content zones, about us section for presenting your business profile or company, services section for all kinds of painting and fixing services are all given with Fix IT.

    6. Simple:

    simple WordPress theme


    Subtle and calm, elegant and nice looking, Simple harmoniously unites beauty with advanced technological solutions to bring a whole new philosophy to building a modern website.

    The theme’s uncluttered design enables anyone to try and test different color and font matches, add the best images to the homepage slider and control their look, pause time and animation.

    Full documentation is also available with Simple to make your working process simpler and more productive.

    7. Furnish (Interior Pro):

    free interior design WordPress theme


    Furnish is another highly advisable painter WordPress theme that is WooCommerce compatible for ecommerce activities and 100% responsive for mobile and device accesses.

    Any color skin or font type can be tested on the default version of the theme to accentuate your own style and brand.

    For such purposes you have preloaded fonts and color controls, icons and shortcodes all easy to apply.

    SEO friendliness and SMO compatibility of Furnish is another valuable feature that will bring higher results and higher conversion for your painting business.

    Artists express themselves through visuals like paintings, jaw-dropping architectural designs, illustrations and even designs of all manner of forms.

    As an artist, your brand is very important, whether it is an individual brand or a business brand. Your brand represents your unique style, personality and what you stand for. However, for it to stand out, vigorous marketing and online presence are vital.

    For someone in interior design, art and style are ways in which your perception of life is portrayed. Painting, on the other hand, allows a painter to express his feelings and point of view as it fulfills a wide range of personal, cognitive and ideological tasks.

    With Painter WordPress themes, you get a flexible platform to express your artistic self, online, build your business or company profile, and display all your paintings, artwork and designs for your potential clients. Showcase that you are the painter clients can trust by selecting a theme that suits your style.

    When it comes to designs and artwork, clients want to see real images of work done as well as testimonials from previous clients. Therefore, it is imperative that you showcase interior and exterior painting, office and residential, carpentry and cleanup, batch and kitchen remodeling services while displaying the best images.

    This builds up the client’s confidence in you, which translates into an increase in sales and profits and a demand for your services thus bringing you fame and popularity. Besides, when a potential client asks you to send a link to your portfolio, it will be a plus to send in a link to your website, which consists of more information about yourself, your work and testimonials.

    These Painter WordPress themes are ideal for painters and artists, painting and design companies and agencies, graphic and interior designers and portfolio owners, illustrators, and photographers. Not only that, it is also built to cater to contractors and builders who take care of the visual condition and colors of different premises and residential areas as well as any other creative or enthusiastic person dealing with visual imagery and painting.

    The themes have attractive, manageable layouts for interior design, architecture, photography and artwork and are well equipped to modernize your website into an artistic and sophisticated design that visually reflects your personal style and expertise.

    The Painter WordPress themes have been fashioned in a manner that enables your visitors to meet your team and get acquainted with them virtually, browse your list of services, see your completed and ongoing projects and get in touch with you via the contact form provided or through, email, phone or social media profile. The themes come integrated with social media tools.

    Among the themes available is a designer made and functionally stable website building solution that is image-centric and comes with full responsiveness plugin compatibility. For an artist looking to try out and test different colors, fonts and basically control the appearance of their website, this theme offers you an uncluttered design that gives you that flexibility. The outstanding quality of design and features are out of this world.

    Car Wash WordPress Themes for cleaning and washing websites

    car wash WordPress themes

    Car wash WordPress themes for car garage and car wash, diagnostics and painting, as well as cleaning services, mechanics and auto repair specialists, dealers and other car related business representatives.

    Cars and vehicles are no longer luxury, but means of transportation making our lives more comfortable and organized. Whether you are the driver or just passenger sitting next to the car owner, clean and fresh car inside and outside is what makes you satisfied by default.

    Apart from convenience and feeling of comfort the fresh and newly washed car can provide you with, taking care of the presentable look of your vehicle is important in relation to the impression you make on the people around you.

    A filthy car will never let people make judgments in your favor or prove them you are the one with good personal habits or lifestyle.

    In this article you are going to find a splendid assemblage of car wash WordPress themes suitable for representing any car related or car based website or blog, as well as any auto wash and cleaning, detailing and care services online.

    Take any of those car wash WordPress themes and make your website something your virtual guests will enjoy the most.

    From clear visual overview of your car garage or car wash center to error free functionality for them to surf your website smoothly, those templates include everything you need to make your presentation premium quality and user optimized.

    1. Car Rental:

    car rental WordPress theme


    Car Rental is one of the dynamic and well executed, visually energetic and functionally saturated sample among the best car dealer and car wash WordPress themes for making your website highly efficient in the modern digital world.

    Thanks to the simple and intuitive structure of the theme, even the novice will be capable of controlling the look and feel of his website based on Car Rental or change it as per the needs of his audience.

    There are home, our cars and services sections which are prebuilt for you to save your time and add your content, business profile, lists of available cars for sale and rent, car wash and mechanic services, and more.

    Homepage full screen slider is the best for showcasing attention grabbing photos and images of your cars, experts, happy clients and more.

    2. Perfect Cleaning:

    perfect cleaning WordPress theme


    Perfect Cleaning is a clean and crisp, lightweight and admin friendly WordPress template specialized in hosting any kind of website or blog catering to cleaning and washing industry, whether it refers to dwelling spaces and residences or vehicles and automotive.

    What makes this template so serviceable is the pixel perfect appearance across different platforms and browsers, as well as mobile optimized coding letting your site change its size or orientation based on the device or mobile under usage.

    From color and font controls to homepage slides possibility, from preloaded shortcodes for instant usage to social media integration with social icons, Perfect Cleaning is rich with handy features and elements.

    It is also optimized for plugin compatibility for commercial and trading, translation purposes, boosted traffic and client conversion and more.

    3. Auto Car:

    car repair WordPress theme


    Designed for stable performance and hassle free navigation, made by the most professional web developers and designers, Auto Car is one of the most successful projects one can find in the library of car wash WordPress themes.

    Ready to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client, Auto Car comes with a totally adjustable framework for adding your own touches, color preferences and typography to the theme via the preloaded color controls, fonts and icons packs, as well as pre enabled shortcodes for quick content setup.

    The greater success comes when you reveal the whole working potential of Auto Car and hit that tipping point located at its core. In this relation, you are free to combine the default template with as many practical plugins and extensions as you wish and double your revenues.

    4. Perfect Mechanic:

    mechanic WordPress theme


    The dedicated authors of Perfect Mechanic have one strong desire to make it an irreplaceable website solution for car related digital world.

    They succeeded in bringing a whole range of unique attributes to every single part and portion of the theme they came across.

    As a result, now we have responsive and mobile checked, fully fledged and inspiringly beautiful website building tool among the best car wash WordPress themes in the form of Perfect Mechanic which is also surprisingly pocket friendly.

    With this shortcodes supported and highly functional template, your website content will be like water.

    Just like you pour the water into the cup and it adopts the shape of the cup, your content will smoothly adopt the shape and resolution of every device and smartphone, from desktop horizontal navigations to mobile vertical ones.

    5. Movers and Packers Pro:

    moving company WordPress theme


    Movers and Packers Pro is a smart and comprehensive solution for many car and automotive related businesses.

    Whether you ran a delivery and moving, packaging or transportation services on your locality or outside of it, car dealing company or car wash garage, Movers and Packers Pro will be ideal for your needs.

    Packed with the default structure and content that can be changed and tweaked, Movers and Packers Pro comes bundled with preloaded Google fonts for any typography, icons for making your site friendly and professional looking, as well as several page and blog templates to play with.

    6. Towing:

    towing WordPress theme


    Just like the previous template, Towing is also a complex solution for car and vehicle based industries and services, from towing to delivery, and from car wash and cleaning to tire changing, etc.

    You can purchase this top notch website tool at an affordable price and have access to an avalanche of handy tools, preloaded packs of elements and pieces of shortcodes, homepage nice looking slider with controllable slides and much more.

    This SMO and SEO optimized, fully customizable and resilient theme is also ultimately shop and trading friendly with commercial plugins, as well as translation ready to make your content legible for a broader audience.

    Gone are the days when people judged others lifestyle by the presence of a car. Now the main objective of having a car is to simplify life by owning a mode of safer and quicker transport between places. Be it a rented car or owned car everyone loves to keep their cars neat and tidy. Clean cars enhance the comforts of the passengers as well as the driver itself.

    There are a bunch of local garages that offer car and other vehicle-wash at a certain cost. But does running a business in full offline mode helps? Not really! In order to survive in this highly competitive market, one has to take his or her business on the internet where it can show its offerings to a larger audience. This is the rule that predominates after the advance of the internet and digital market.

    But how to take your car wash business into online? That must be your question. Well, you first have to make a website, put rich content and allow visitors to jump into your websites by enhancing your SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization. Making a custom website by yourself will be okay if you have the right coding skills or by hiring engineers if you want to invest a lot of money into that. But again comes the problem of updating the website from time to time. Engineers will charge way too money and be doing by oneself will be hectic. Thanks to WordPress, the most innovative tool to build content-rich, flexible, responsive websites just according to your needs. In order to build a website with WordPress, you need themes that will fit perfectly with the nature of the business you own. This is where our themes come into play. Our premium themes are way too flexible and are loaded with functionality that will make your job more simpler in bringing the website live to your customers.

    We have a range of themes to support this nature of business each with different features and functionalities to choose from. Car wash business needs to show more images and videos than actual write-ups and texts so that the visitors can see the quality of your car washing technique and then can opt for your offering. This requires a large number of images and videos to be uploaded to your website and our themes are way much smoother to give you the best experience to manage your gallery consisting of images and videos. You can customize the colour of our themes according to your needs to bring your car wash business lively and appealing to visitors. You need to have a date picker and forms so that your online visitors can schedule their car wash at your garage, we offer that functionality too. Not only this, our themes are loaded with SEO also so that you can expose your business to a larger group of people.

    We offer many more features like setting up an online store so that you can sell different automobile spare parts to maximize the profits. Nowadays, people use smartphones and tablets more than computers and laptops. So, to reach more number of customers our themes are fully responsive and optimized to enhance the user experience of your customers.

    Agriculture WordPress Theme for agri business and products


    Features of agriculture WordPress theme

    • Agriculture WordPress theme for agri business and products
    • It is Responsive and Google mobile friendly
    • Retina Ready and HD Ready
    • Multilingual ready and translation ready
    • Full color changing with color picker available
    • Several page templates available
    • Layouts can be built using page builders all of which are compatible
    • 11+ popular sliders tested and found working fine
    • Fully SEO friendly with SEO friendly coding and SEO plugins compatible
    • Simple management via Live Customizer
    • Watch changes live when you manage via customizer
    • Full typography control via Google fonts with more than 650 choices available
    • Contact form in built plus compatible with major contact forms
    • All call to action buttons, location map available
    • In built more than 100+ shortcodes
    • Compatible with page builders
    • Compatible with many other shortcode plugins
    • Very few scripts used to avoid any conflicts with scripting plugins like galleries, sliders
    • In built photo gallery with options and slider options available
    • eCommerce compatible
    • Simple and elegant feature friendly
    • Full documentation available
    • Mega menu compatible
    • Support available through various channels
    • Tested for RTL languages
    • Cyrillic and latin sub set fonts also supported
    • Font awesome icons integrated with more than 580+ in number
    • Several header, footer choices
    • All widget friendly theme with sidebar, header and footer widgets available
    • Several page templates available
    • HTML5 and CSS3 based
    • Extremely plugin friendly and compatible with most popular plugins

    Why Choose Agriculture WordPress theme?

    Agriculture WordPress theme is a responsive WP theme which has all the goodies for agricultural products, farmers and other farm related products and services.

    It is a multipurpose agriculture WordPress theme which can be used for any type of agri business related activities and websites.

    Initial slider can be used to describe what the business is all about using images and text.

    Combination of great images with subtle text would mean users get about your main service and your USP quickly after visiting your website.

    Good call to action buttons like email and phone number has been used.

    Also get a quote now for agri business and agri products have been used which can lead to a form or can be used as a call us button as well leading to a IVR.

    Quickly after that starts the services section which has 3 services and can make you understand how the services can help you show customers what your main services are.

    It can also be 3 important pages linked which can when clicked on read more describe about more the services or the agri business.

    Agriculture WordPress theme thereafter has a welcome section which describes about the website or the company or the agri business.

    Thereafter it has a store shortcode which can be used to sell organic or herbal products or agri business related products.

    Thus compatibility with WooCommerce ensures that the website has full eCommerce independent capabilities to accept payments.

    Contact us section enables one to locate the business location easily using Google map and also have appointment and booking forms for messaging those who want quotation online.

    Also the other pages have page templates which enables one to have various blog pages and other types of pages.

    Compatibility with page builder plugins ensures that one can add any type of pages for inner pages so that one can have unlimited possibilities.

    Also with footer variations and header variations possible one can get the desired results for inner pages as one wants to. Thus giving full control of the website.

    Also inner pages and homepage fonts and typography and their colors are fully manageable.

    With latest color picker tools one can set up colors for any element across the whole website.

    Extremely plugin friendly this agriculture WordPress theme can add any type of feature on the go in future like multilingual, translation readiness and others like contact form, payment gateway, event calendar etc.

    Developing and building any kind of business is not easy – it needs the right amount of planning, resources, and as well as the exact amount of ideas and creativity, to take it to the next level. That’s why if you have an agricultural centered business, or have products that are agro-based, you need the right platform and resources to expand to a more diverse kind of audience. Naturally, this might seem more difficult than usual, but with Agriculture WordPress Theme, it’s just simple and easy to hit the nail in just one hit – basically promoting the ease of use with this option.

    When you want to build an online website for your agriculture business, you first need it to be responsive and very much mobile friendly. The mobile space along with smartphones is growing day by day – so you don’t want to miss out on that market share as well. Apart from that, the website should always be E-commerce ready for all your agro-based products to be sold. There should be photo gallery for your audience to know more about what you’re trying to do, it should be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, and various other key features that need to be implemented, in order to have a successful growth of the business.

    Agriculture WordPress Theme is the one-stop solution to all the above list of requirements, and even more. With its help, you can have your business’ website setup according to what you’re thinking of the future prospects of the business. From having various color picking tools, you can make your website more beautiful and sophisticated, and thereby attract more users. Users will know more about your business with various related images and texts. This will greatly help in letting know of the visitors what your business is all about and what is its uniqueness.

    If you’re planning to sell your agro-based products, you need your website to be fully acceptable to various modes of payments. Agriculture WordPress Theme makes this possible with the help and support of Woo Commerce that thrives in having the independent ability to accept payments. Apart from various payment gateway plugins, Agriculture WordPress Theme also support features like calendar events, easy reading via translation, etc. so that your audience will get to know about your business from any part of the world.

    A successful business also depends upon how well you provide support to your users. Agriculture WordPress Theme actually knows this, and therefore, provides all the necessities to achieve that feature. This includes having a mode of contact, where your users can get business quotations, get help in locating your business address via Google Maps, get help in reaching out to you via messages or forms for booking or even simple ways like setting up an appointment. The possibilities are just endless, any way you look at it.

    These are all the various reasons why Agriculture WordPress Theme is the go-to solution for your required agricultural business and product exposure. If you’re the kind of person, who very much puts the entire emphasis on having a structure that is not only growth hungry, but also competitive as well, Agriculture WordPress Theme will be your perfect answer.

    Chef WordPress Themes for chef cuisines and food recipe sites

    chef WordPress themes

    A unique collection of the best chef WordPress themes for chief cookers and chefs, restaurant and café owners, creative individuals who love cooking and sharing their talents with others, as well as any food and drink related business owners you want to allure their prospective clients and diners.

    As a cook or chef you will always find yourself in a busy situation creating tasty and drool inducing dishes and would like to share them with people. And whether you want to run a personal blog to include your unique meals and cooking or culinary recipes or create a professional website for your eatery, bar or restaurant, café or coffee house, our chef WordPress themes are for you.

    A smoothly usable and navigable cooking or chef, restaurant or pizzeria website is of paramount importance when it comes to increasing your client base and inviting more and more people to try your delicious meals and offers.

    Your food related website is not just your virtual pamphlet. It needs to generate a unique style and appearance combined with powerful functional base so that your web users will feel comfortable when accessing your site vie their mobiles and PCs or making orders online.

    In this spectrum, all our chef WordPress themes comprised in this article share all the above mentioned qualities and traits to make your profile fully adaptive and informative with different menus and menu items, opening hours and other contact details, fantastic photos of your food based business and more.

    1. Perfect Food:

    food WordPress theme


    Perfect Food is one of the modern and creative, wonderfully pliable and colorful chef WordPress themes custom built to satisfy the needs of every single chef and recipe, cooking or food delivery, restaurant and other food centric websites online.

    Customization ready layout of this responsive and cross mobile compliant, error free and premium quality website builder is what makes Perfect Food fully manageable at your hand. It means that you can apply any changes or modifications to the theme to make your own preferences noticeable throughout your profile with the right colors and color combinations, fonts and their styles, sizes and colors, preloaded shortcodes and more.

    2. We Bake:

    bakery WordPress theme


    We Bake is the next food and drink centric, bakery and meat shop, cook and recipe WordPress template for the purchase of which you are not going to sacrifice all your money or time. Instead, you are going to pay almost next to nothing for the theme but get complete access to a plethora of useful features and controls.

    Elegant look and face of the theme is critical to alluring your first time web viewers and displaying the most appetizing images of your food based creations and compositions. In this relation, you can either use the default slider of the theme with slide controls and animation effects or can replace it with any other compatible slider.

    3. SKT Food:

    food WordPress theme


    Meet one of the seriously developed yet simple in usage, polished and fully sophisticated chef WordPress themes ready for multiple manifestations online.

    All in all, SKT Food will grant you with the core functionality which is more than enough to demonstrate your culinary or cooking business from a positive angle. However, you are free as in freedom to test and try different practical plugins for more traffic and client engagement, user comfort and saved time.

    From shortcodes plugins to give you access to more pieces of codes to SEO plugins for more SEO optimized performance of your site, from recipe plugins to commercial ones, all are compatible with SKT Food.

    4. Perfect Pizza:

    pizza WordPress theme


    With a nice looking “hero” image on the homepage, shortcodes based performance with tons of customization options, user and admin friendly coding and more, Perfect Pizza will be the most affordable chef website building tool you can find in the current repository of food and chef WordPress themes.

    With Perfect Pizza it is easier than you think to build and control a website your clients and pizzeria lovers can navigate and use, look through your menu and book tables. With nicely arranged theme sections and contents zones you will have a splendid area of usage to deploy your web content, from business profile and menu to contact details and images.

    5. Wine Pro:

    wine brewery WordPress theme


    Elegant and superbly worked out, Wine Pro will provide you with a fully controllable way to create the image of your culinary or cooking business, restaurant or wine house, as well as any other relevant business catering to food industry.

    You can never go wrong with this affordable and pocket friendly template that offers you a wealth of useful features and controls that many of other premium templates lack.

    It comes with totally responsive layout for pixel perfect mobile user experience, expansive functionality with plugins and shortcodes, gallery plugin compatibility for more effective image and photo categorization, multiple page and blog controls, etc.

    6. Restro:

    restaurant WordPress theme


    Whether you are specialized in creating beautiful and tasty dishes or your restaurant has cozy atmosphere and awe inspiring décor you want to show off your potential clients, Restro is what will do the job in the shortest time.

    The homepage slides depicting the aesthetic part of your restaurant or eatery, dishes and meals is the most productive way of highlighting what is great about your food business. Gallery area can also host as many beautiful images and photos as you would like to share with your diners.
    Clearly coded and functionally saturated, Restro is also 100 % responsive with useful documentation and full support coming along the theme.

    7. Coffee Shop:

    cafe WordPress theme


    Keep all your clients and customers, eaters and diners, prospects and leads updated and informed about your coffee shop or store, restaurant or brewery, café and bar with the help of Coffee Shop.

    With this template there is hardly a shortage of every essential web component you might need in order to be presentable and discoverable online. Responsiveness and mobile friendliness, pre enabled customization options with colors, fonts and page or post controls are the integral parts of Coffee Shop.

    Although food is one of the necessary elements to sustain human life it can also be used to promote cultural diversity. You may be a chef or cook and like to cook and innovate different food dishes and at the same time want to share with people. Or maybe you run a restaurant that offers top of the line dishes that no other competitor can. But for any of the above-mentioned business, you need a platform to showcase your qualities and to reach as many numbers of people to outstanding your competitors.

    But, how do you attract customers that do not commute through your restaurant’s location or haven’t tasted your innovative dishes? Well, the answer is simple. You need a perfect looking, search optimized and mobile friendly website. Nowadays with the help of WordPress, website developing is a no-brainer at all.

    Chef WordPress themes will help you to build your website in no time with increased functionalities and perfect looking with as many customizations you want so that no customers are left in a corner. With the cutting-edge security and optimization of chef WordPress themes, you can develop your website so perfectly that it will enhance the user experience of your visitors without any glitch that will hamper your image. Nowadays nobody likes to read boring texts and moreover, your business is all about how your dishes look and tastes. For that maybe, you could welcome your viewers by displaying high-quality pictures of your recent dish innovation in the form of a slider right on the homepage. This will keep the users hooked to your website for more and more content. With the help of Chef WordPress themes, you can customize the colour and background of the website to give a touch of sophistication. Reaching a larger number of audience and showcasing your dishes is all about SEO(search engine optimization) which chef WordPress themes will do perfectly for you.

    With the introduction of WordPress plugins, this is considered to be the most powerful platform to develop and maintain websites. Suppose, your audience needs to locate your shop and for that particular job there is a map plugin included in these chef WordPress themes. You can offer your visitors to know about dishes too by letting them download the recipes in PDF format. This can be achieved by a plugin known as PDF viewer. If you are a food blogger or maybe a restaurant owner, you will always want people to talk about your dishes and your services. So, you must consider the social media plugin which will allow users to share the content of your websites on various social network platforms. This will pull back customers from various corners to your website and your market base will grow bigger and bigger day by day. You may also consider selling various food items on your website or making them available for the customers to order food from your website. For this, the WooCommerce plugin will be of great choice.

    Chef WordPress themes have security features built in its core ensuring the highest level of security possible for your website ensuring no data loss or stolen. With the increase in mobile users, one must consider developing a website that is mobile friendly and highly flexible and this is where chef WordPress themes stand out. These themes are highly responsive and adjust perfectly to any screen size without compromising the look performance of the web pages. So if you are looking at the future with a firm business proposal, then growing your business into super success is very much possible with chef WordPress themes.