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20 Best Resources to Learn Advance WordPress Development

Learn WordPress development

Let us discuss some of the best learn WordPress development resources in the following section.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used by people with various skill levels to build their website from scratch. Though one does not need coding knowledge to build their websites on WordPress, however, one might not be aware of the tremendous potential of the tools associated with it.

Detailed knowledge of WordPress can help them gain an understanding of the uses of these tools. Additionally, with the help of these tools, they can set up various functionalities on their website.

For this purpose, numerous forums, blogs, videos, online courses, etc are available from where one can learn WordPress development online.

SKT Blog

SKT Blog

SKT Blog contains numerous posts covering smaller aspects of WordPress. It mainly covers how to optimize the performance of the website along with the security with the help of various advanced coding techniques. Users will learn about topics such as functions of PHP, uses of Rest-API, WP-CLI, how to modify the admin in a WordPress site, use of Gutenberg, etc.

WP Beginner

WP Beginner

WP beginner is an online resource that contains many blogs and articles on topics related to WordPress and WordPress plugins. Learners can search on specific topics in WP beginner that they want to learn. It also contains a YouTube channel and a video section covering various related topics. Though it does not contain any proper course format, however, the amount of information it includes can benefit anyone who wants to learn different aspects of WordPress.

WordPress Developer Handbook

WordPress developer handbook

Developer Handbook is online resource is developed by WordPress. It is not for beginners who have started as developers, but the contents have been developed for the experienced developers. It covers topics related to the development of plugins, the coding standards of WordPress, development of themes, using the Rest -APIs, etc. To understand the content and get benefitted from it, developers must already CSS, HTML, and Javascript knowledge.

WordPress Gutenberg Handbook

WordPress Gutenberg Handbook

Along with the Developer’s handbook, WordPress has developed this handbook to complement the former. This handbook helps one to learn WordPress development concerning the basics of WordPress editors. Developers and designers are required to be skilled at Javascript. As a part of this course, they will learn to develop custom blocks, settings of the themes or plugins, personalizing toolbar options, the appearance of sidebar, etc. They might not gain any form of advanced skill, however, they will learn how to make effective use of the editor.



Learners are required to subscribe to this online resource to navigate through the library. This resource focused mainly on developers and designers. The course content is well designed and focuses on the objectives and outcomes of learning. It includes various quizzes, downloads, as well as workshops. One can sign-up for a 7-day trial period, and following that one can choose a basic or pro version against monthly fees.

W3 schools

W3 Schools

W3 Schools is a reliable source of learning for developers who want to gain advanced skills in coding. The tutorials in this online learning resource are free, well designed, simply written and are interactive which make it more interesting for learners. The students can go through every concept and attempt the quiz to examine what they have truly learned. They can learn WordPress Development involving the knowledge of server-side languages such as Python and PHP, other programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. After acquiring the skills, they can obtain academic certificates in their preferred programming language.

WP sessions

WP Sessions

This site is built up by the developers for the developers with intermediate or advanced skill level. As a result, beginners might not find it useful enough. One needs to either sign up for a VIP membership or can buy different training courses individually. WP session includes a collection of videos prepared mainly for the developers already working in the industry. The course is well structured with updated information. One can access this site from various devices and if required can download the video content as well.



This is a free online learning resource of superior quality where learners can advance their WordPress Development skills. It covers a wide range of topics such as building websites with the help of PHP, developing plugins and themes, coding with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using WordPress API, etc for both web developer and designers. It also provides tips for mobile web development and various options for web designing software.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

From this leading online resource, one can learn WordPress Development topics such as working on blocks and tips on using PHP with WordPress. The course provides in-depth guidance on the topics and includes images for better understanding. It also covers coding topics such as the use of JavaScript for designing various interactive features on the website and many others.

SiteGround Knowledgebase

Siteground Knowledgebase

The tutorials in this site are designed mainly for the beginners; however, it includes some advanced tutorials as well. The content is designed to help the developers learn how to work effectively on the backend of a website. As a result, the developers would learn the use of WordPress CLI, monitor, and clean-up security breaches, use .htaccess file and many more.



The approach followed in this resource is unlike other resources discussed in this article. Instead of tutorials, videos or any other form of guidance, learners will get an opportunity to enjoy plenty of hours of practice on topics that range from basics to advanced knowledge of coding applications. One will learn WordPress development including advanced Node applications, algorithms of JavaScript, and various programming techniques, basics of HTML and CSS front end libraries such as jQuery, SASS, Bootstrap and many more.

Envato Tuts+

Envato Tutsplus

This e-learning resource includes educational content in the format of written course, videos, and eBook. Though the written courses can be accessed for free, one needs to take a premium membership for getting access to videos and eBooks. While the free tutorials help developers in learning the use of plugins for adding a feature or functionality on the website, the video and the eBooks help in advancing the coding knowledge.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq

This website contains contents regarding the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in designing web pages, and building web forms, implementing WebVR and adding animations, etc. The course topics focused more on designing and hence one will learn the advance coding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If the learners want to build impressive web designs for their clients by depending less on the plugins, these courses are extremely useful for them.


Yoast Academy

This is a very effective online resource from where one will learn WordPress Development involving the SEO tools. The articles on this website not only cover topics related to SEO but also on User Experience and Analytics. Linkedin Learning

This website includes a huge library of online courses covering a wide range of subjects including WordPress training. All courses are accessible to members and there is a free trial membership for the users. The subjects included in this site are marketing, photography, IT, animation, web, business, development, designing, etc. The content is well-designed and makes the entire learning process interesting.

Tom McFarlin Blog

Tom McFarlin Blog

This blog includes insights of Tom McFarlin, a backend engineer as well as a WordPress contributor that would help developers in improving their skills in the CMS. One should note that one will not find tutorials in this blog. Rather it covers various topics and suggestions from an experienced authority in WordPress.

Liquid Web Knowledge base

Liquid Web Knowledge Base

It provides various tutorials that would be useful for developers working at the backend of the websites. The tutorials cover topics related to a command-line interface which can be added to other applications to the server such as phpMyAdmin, NextCloud, etc. These courses will also help the developers to learn WordPress Development related to the use of CLI for adding various applications.



This is a free website that has dedicated an entire section to various topics related to WordPress. The topics range from the basics of WordPress to in-depth articles that help the users in learning uses of specific functions in editors, and also how to create personalized shortcodes. This site is useful for both beginners as well as the users with advanced skill.

WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex

This website is ideal for developers to learn WordPress Development in terms of plugins. This site is mainly designed to help the plugin developers. As a result, non-developers might not find it useful enough. This online manual covers all the topics related to developing WordPress websites. It includes information regarding the download and installation of WordPress and upgrading to a new version.

Advanced WordPress Channels

Advanced WordPress Group

It is an online community of web developers who come together to share ideas and find a solution to complex problems. It mainly focuses on the advance knowledge of CMS. Unlike other communities, it targets developers who want to advance their coding skills to the next levels. It covers topics related to the development of themes and plugins, PHP, JavaScript, Rest-API, WP_CLI and many more.

Though all these online resources are available in various formats, they are undoubtedly very helpful for WordPress users of varied skills in learning different aspects of WordPress Development.

The Small Business Guide to Instagram eCommerce

Instagram eCommerce

Small business owners often wonder about the reasons to use Instagram for their business. The best and peculiar reason to use Instagram for business is that the platform has over 1 billion global users and thousands of new users are joining each day.

At least 500 million users on the platform use Instagram stories daily. Hence creating video content and marketing for your business is the demand of this decade.

Global surveys say that 80 out of 100 Instagram accounts follow at least one business on their platform and at least 70 out of the 100 users prefer to shop from mobile.

Now if you manage your content and business strategically it could be one of your products that could be in demand in the Instagram eCommerce market.

In this article, we will enlighten you about taking advantage of Instagram eCommerce.

So that sales and revenue of your business can increase.

1. Setting up Instagram Shopping

Before moving on to the product catalogue you must check your eligibility and complete the account set up. Make sure that your business sells physical goods, is located in a supported market, and complies with Instagram eCommerce policies.

After the successful setup of your Instagram business account, you must connect it to your Facebook business page.

A) Create and Connect your Catalog
Your Facebook catalogue must now be synced with up your business Instagram profile. There are two methods to do so and you can choose the one that suits you.

The first method is through the Catalog manager where you yourself will have to do it.

When starting from scratch it is recommended that you head over to Facebook’s catalogue manager and choose the eCommerce catalogue option. For more details visit the setup details in the help section.

The second method is by adding your Facebook business account (already connected with the Instagram eCommerce business account) to either Shopify or which are Facebook’s certified partners.

After adding your account it will be sent for review and once it is accepted you will be notified in the Instagram app.

2. Engaging the Audience

Engaging your community with more than just business content is important. Paid promotion is one of the best methods but we still recommend using organic posts so you can establish a community with your customers and build trust.

A) Focus on user generated content

Involve your community by posting user-generated content. It will expand your reach and also boost sales. If you are just beginning reach out to customers ask them for reviews.

You can share their reviews on your profile and tag them. This will promote user engagement and brand interaction.

B) Experiment with Instagram Ads

Organic reach has certain limits but by investing small amount in Instagram Ads can help you in attaining more visibility. It is an effective method to reach a target audience based on their interests, demographics, and behavior.

3. Learning to measure the success of Instagram eCommerce

It is essential to know that all the efforts made by you are baring fruits. Visit your Instagram business account and click on your profile.

To check the Instagram analytics including comments, likes, and purchases visit Insight Tab option. On obtaining such information you can obtain valuable data and analyze the posts and products which have received considerable traffic.

This will help you in focusing on posts that the users like so that you can stock up on similar kind of inventory.
In addition to these insights, you can also learn about the users that interact with your posts through this area. You can view the geographical details, gender, and age range.

If you are running Instagram Ads you can also view activity based on impressions and reach. The Facebook Ads manager reporting will display all this information on the computer but even without a computer, you can access this information from the insights tab.

4. Checkout

Instagram checkout was launched earlier this year in March and is still in a closed beta program.

Their posts appear like organic posts but they do not redirect the users to other websites and keep them on the Instagram platform which results in a faster and seamless shopping experience for users.

The posts can appear in the stories, feed, and also in the explore tab. There is an undisclosed selling fee that charges the merchants instead of users which will increase the conversion rates for your business. The fee is expected to be affordable for the eCommerce brands.

5. Branded Content

One of the excellent ways to maximize product exposure to potential customers is by using posts from other brands that tag you. When other established business tags your products and page in their posts it receives exposure and definite hits.

This feature is functioning prominently with Facebook and this year Instagram has rolled out this to influencers for testing.

Recently they have invited more accounts for testing it. So keep checking and utilize these features as soon as you get a chance.

6. Product Tagging

A shoppable photo tag is one of the most impactful Instagram eCommerce profile features. It has now extended support to a total of 45 countries. It enables businesses to include special discounts and tag item prices during the publication of photos.

It also allows adding a unique description to every appropriate tagged product and it can differ from the main context of the post.

This appears as soon as a user taps on the price. It is possible to add up to 20 prices on a carousel post and up to five prices in one photo. The best part is that the shop section appears directly on the Instagram homepage.
With the written permission of Facebook, agencies can offer services like ticket booking, cleaning, and other promotional services.

The Instagram eCommerce platform is gaining popularity from the ‘One Tap Show’ feature and also from the ‘Now More’ function in promotional posts and stories. They are also working dedicatedly on enabling a payment system and native booking facility.

Instagram allows users to adapt their accounts into user-friendly websites. With the combined efforts of creative marketing agencies and social media specialists, the popularity of Instagram is growing and it can bring real revenues to the business of any scales.

Truly Free WordPress Themes for creating business site free of cost

truly free WordPress themes
If you are expecting to have a clean coded and complete customizable themes then truly Free WordPress themes will help you out.

With the help of the theme customizer feature, you can easily edit the themes features, elements and components on your own. Still, if you think that you will need some extra resources for development and designing work then you are going in the wrong way.

Truly Free WordPress themes permit you to make changes by your end without any technical knowledge.

Hence all the WordPress themes listed below are compatible with every plugin and very easy to implement all the features you desire. Plus all are authorized to use at zero charges.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services


This theme is basically created for service providers business.
The main goal of this theme is to take your business to reach the users all around the world.
Because Maintenance services are easily viewable at every device hence all types of users can access this theme at any time and experience the benefits.

To create a simple but effective website you can delete unwanted features and elements that are not in use.
Easy coding of this theme will help you to enable or disable any of the components and element.
Google fronts will highlight your website content in an attractive way.

Clean Lite

clean WordPress theme


Clean Lite is a corporate business WordPress theme obtainable at free.
Without any internal errors, you can create different pages for about us, blog and contact us. To make communication easy and powerful you can add a contact form and call to action feature at the top of the template plus in the footer section.

The Clean Lite has verified with various devices, browser resolutions hence this template works perfectly by getting the same look and feel that you will create.
While just dragging and dropping the element your website can be created instantly but in the pro version of Clean Lite.

Web Programmer Lite

programmer WordPress Theme


If you are looking for Truly Free WordPress themes then Web Programmer Lite is the best option.
This theme is well structured. All the elements and components options are given separately to access any easily.
The simple look of this theme will make your website more elegant.
If your first priority is your content then you can easily use the blog feature to create articles and posts.
To make the blog readable by every user from the world, easy social media integration option is also made available at free.
You will be able to find each and every option that the IT Service website needs.

Charm Lite

WordPress blog Theme


Charm Lite is a unique and refreshing WordPress theme that has a different design layout structure to showcase the photography portfolio.
The changes you have done will be viewable quickly with a real-time customizer option. The different look of sliding banner makes this template unique from others.
To make your photographs sell you can convert this template to the online store by utilizing plugin provided by eCommerce that is WooCommerce.
To form an image in a good manner, you can use a gallery plugin. Plus you can create different category options to display different images properly.

Kraft Lite

premium WordPress Theme


Kraft Lite is considered as a best free multipurpose web template. However, this theme can be used for a small business startup.
With the free Template, this theme also provides you with free plugin integration.
Kraft lite is cooperative with standards pages like the 404 error page, achieves and comment page templates in paid one.
.MO File and .PO file will assist you in translating language form one to another native language.
Hence you can target people around the world and this strategy can take you to the top of the search engines page.
If you want the same look and feel that has in demo one, then without touching the settings your website will have similar look and feel.

SKT Towing

towing WordPress Theme


SKT Towing and Truly Free WordPress themes can be converted into different purpose business website.
The easy contact feature i.e. call to action and contact form is also active to use instantly. Simple testimonial section can be added to enhance trust with your customer.
This theme assures that any extra adding feature will not affect your SEO ranking and loading speed. You can also perform the changes in real-time using live customizer option.
Hence, you can now create a web page according to your business need very fast and quickly with flexible and SEO friendly outcome.

SKT Panaroma

portfolio WordPress Theme


To show different comments and recent posts you can edit the sidebar any time.
In the pro version of SKT Panaroma, you will have a different design for inner pages.
More than 4 options will be provided with the sidebar option.
The features like more than 600 fronts and color pickers make this theme much appealing in front of your users.
The best edit option of SKT Panaroma is for the menu, layout, and header footer section.
No cost will be required for extra support and maintenance in the paid version.

SKT Magazine

magazine WordPress Theme


SKT Magazine is different from other magazines or newspaper web templates because of it forms a modern layout design.
This web template can act as an online journal to rise news for an entrepreneur or a businessman.
This theme has lots of options to make a customization process easy.
Because this theme includes updated CSS file and HTML code the header of this web template is editable including logo and image slider option.

Complete Lite

complete WordPress theme


Your product can be visible by adding the WooCommerce plugin to catch the user’s attention for making an order.
The basic elements like product details and product team member information are viewable easily using the customizer option.

Truly Free WordPress themes have arrived with SEO friendly and WPML compatible features.

In addition to this various plugins can be integrated to support multilingual functionality.
You can experience all the advantages of this theme by just a single click.
Yes because this theme is fully optimized, the website get loads very faster.
Hence without wasting time you are authorized to install the theme in one click.

Great Free WordPress themes for creating websites having great features

Great free WordPress themes

While choosing a theme many users are confused that from a legion of themes which theme should be chosen free or a paid one?

This is a common question. Some people say that free themes are pointless and shoddy. But the features of great free WordPress themes can’t be ignored. Like free themes are basic primary, plain and smooth in terms of usability. These basic features make great free WordPress themes a more powerful and perfect platform for beginner and non-coder users.

Free themes can be used for blogging, online shopping, or photography. Also, these themes can be used for corporate business and large enterprises. Some latest features that are co-operative with these themes are multilingual functionality for translation of languages. WooCommerce can be used for online shopping. SEO friendly features will help your website to get crawl by Yahoo and different top search engines.

Some Great Free WordPress Themes and their features are listed below


minimal WordPress theme


Shudh is for commercial and personal projects website. This theme is flexible that we can create a website with a portfolio to display work in more detail. The Shudh will harmonize its features for a perfect blogging website. The theme is created with the white space area design format to highlight the text. If you want to add some more sections to the homepage layout, you can do it at any time. In the next level of Shudh, you will be facing some extended and stunning features to showcase your work portfolio in a proper manner. Extended features like gallery and blog compatible.

SKT Handyman



With the help of SKT Handy, the website can be created to provide health facilities, dispensaries and to solve the health issues. The theme can be modified to create a non-profit organization like baby care and old age home, etc. To modify the inner pages of SKT Handy you can utilize the page builder feature. Elementor and SKT Page builder are supported. The inner page can have a slider with images, slider with video or slider with animated pictures. For making an appointment with a doctor you can add a plugin like a booking appointment. To take an online consulting fee you can integrate different payment gateways.

SKT Simple

Simple WordPress theme


The Look of SKT Simple is very neat and tidy to express a business point of view quickly and effectively. If you want to remove extra pages then the theme can be a one-page theme with a single scrolling effect. Small agencies and freelancers can build a website to grow their business widely. You don’t need to know even one line of code to customize the website. Proper navigation is provided so that you can jump from one page to another. Hence the theme is fully dynamic featured. The white background will make a difficult thing sorted out.

SKT Parallax Me

parallax WordPress theme


To make any changes in the theme you can go to the Appearance section in the dashboard. Then you can customize the theme pages that you want. SKT Parallax Me has an inbuilt facility to add images to the gallery section. SKT Parallax has the advantage to view the demo at free cost. Just click on demo buttons and the theme demo will be displayed. Study each and every section and pages of the demo to get working flow idea of a business. Every slider section can be dynamic in nature.

SKT Lawzo

lawyer WordPress theme


If you are a lawer and want to create a website can be a tough job because all things should be legal and in a proper format. To create a website in a more professional way SKT Lawzo is created that pretend that the theme is created for legal firms only. The header and footer of SKT Lawzo are customizable so you can edit the menu sections and contact details at the bottom part. The map feature can be integrated easily if you want that your customers can reach to you. Previous experience matters a lot when it comes to trust and faith. Hence, the testimonial block can be created to showcase the past client’s review.

SKT GymMaster

Gym WordPress theme


The sections of great free WordPress themes are well organized in a proper manner to make the customization process easy and to meet all your needs. Different categories can be created for a gallery section to display images in one pattern. More than 200+ fonts options are there to take benefits by applying to the content. The inner page’s design can be different but in the paid one. For example, inner page will consist of right and left sidebar and the option for no sidebar. WooCommerce will be helping out to support the eCommerce feature. And contact form 7 will help you out to avoid spam user and making communication easier.

SKT Blendit

Single Page WordPress theme


SKT BlendIt is a straightforward and potent WordPress theme. This theme allows you to edit each and every part of a theme at zero cost. If you ever imagined any look for your website, then your dream can be true as an unlimited customization option will be given. Customization choices are given for color, font, and widgets. Plus some static backgrounds can be provided. Some plugins can be installed that support the customization feature. Before getting a theme you can check the main features of this theme. Some Google fonts are integrated by default.

SKT Start-up Lite

startup WordPress theme


SKT Start-up Lite is the tidiest great free WordPress themes that can be used by juridical persons and a business man to form a website for a small firms. This theme supports the RTL feature to get language translated to the user’s native languages. The English language will be the default language you can see the example in the demo option. Within some minutes your business will have a facelift to reach all the audience over the world. SKT Start-up Lite is created with the build-in page layouts and build in slider option. Some free shortcodes are offered to get free from coding.

Create Professional Business Website with free Corporate WordPress Themes

free corporate WordPress themes

The main purpose of developing a business website is to not only make people aware of the services and products a business offers but also to generate leads and reach potential customers.

Various free corporate WordPress themes can be used to create an ideal business website.

While brands and businesses want to highlight the key aspects of their organization on their website, they also want to give it a professional appearance that will help in gaining the trust of their visitors.

SKT Consulting

SKT Consulting


Among the various free corporate WordPress themes available, it is unique in its offering of a large range of typography options that includes more than 800 Google fonts.

This theme is compatible with popular slider plugins such as Smart Slider 3, Fusion, Crelly Slider, and many more. It is also compatible with various SMO plugins, as a result of which the content on the web pages could be shared on various social media platforms.

Gravida Lite

corporate  WordPress Theme


This theme is counted as one of the multipurpose responsive free corporate WordPress themes. It comes with a default slider that includes 5 slides. Various shortcodes plugins can be used to enhance the functionality of the website built on this theme.

It also includes five levels of a drop-down menu that helps in easy navigation between different pages of the website. Standard pages such as blog, 404, search and others are available with this theme. It is coded with programming languages such as HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Black and White Lite

black and white WordPress Theme


Similar to many other free corporate WordPress themes, this theme is coded as per the codex standards. The website could be customized by adding the required widgets including various call-to-action buttons on the header, footer and sidebar sections. Various popular page builder plugins are also compatible with this theme.

With the help of customizer, one can preview the changes from the backend before finalizing them. Its compatibility with eCommerce plugins allows the admin to build an online store. The job board plugins help in hiring new talent for the organization.

SKT White

white WordPress Theme


This WordPress corporate themes free download comes with a responsive Supersized Slider that includes 5 slides. It can be used to develop a visually attractive website highlighting on the textual and image content of the website rather than its design.

It is compatible with popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. Various call-to-action buttons can be added to different sections of the website. The color scheme of the links as well as the buttons can be changed on the theme.

The theme is HD and retina ready, as a result of which, it looks great on various screen resolutions.

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair


As one of the free responsive corporate WordPress themes, it is compatible with AMP plugin which further helps in offering hassle-free accessibility from various devices. One can add various elements such as images, banners, video and various other multimedia files to hold the attention of the viewers.

The service section includes six columns, where the admin can highlight the various products or services. The theme comes with four layout options for header and footer section.

It is compatible with various SEO plugins which help in improving the rankings of the website on various search engines. With the help of more than 850 Google Fonts, various typography options can be used to create a stylish website.

SKT Complete



It is included in the list of WordPress free corporate themes owing to its popularity in terms of developing business websites. The compatibility with various cache plugins helps in improving the user experience.

The default slider includes three slides where various elements could be added to inform the visitors about the products and services offered by the brands or businesses.

It is compatible with various RTL languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, etc. It is compatible with popular page builder plugins such as Gutenberg and many others.

Popular contact form plugins such as Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, WP forms are compatible with this theme which helps in developing different types of forms on the website.

SKT Contractor

SKT Contractor


This WordPress corporate themes free is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. The iThemes security helps in protecting the website from any form of external attacks such as hacking or others.

It accommodates MailChimp, which helps in free email services. This theme is compatible with various page builder plugins that help in developing various pages on the website.

Envira Gallery allows the users to include images to the website to create attractive and interesting content for their visitors. Broken Line Checker helps in detecting the broken links and repairs them.

SKT Elastic

Elastic Pro


This free WordPress corporate themes can be translated into other languages with the help of PO files. It is compatible with various SMO plugins that help the users to share the website content on various social media pages.
With the help of color picker, the color of various elements on the website can be changed.

SKT Education Lite

education WordPress Theme


This theme is compatible with popular page builder plugins such as Elementor, Beaver, Divi, Live Composer, etc and is considered as one of the WordPress free corporate themes.

Popular SEO plugins such as Yoast, All in one SEO, etc are compatible with this theme which contributes to the website rankings on the search engine result pages.

The customizer allows admin to check the changes live from the backend before deciding on them. It includes a five-level of a drop-down menu for easy navigation within the website.

IT Consultant Lite

consultant  WordPress Theme


This free responsive corporate WordPress themes can be accessed from various devices and browsers. This theme has passed WordPress theme check.

It is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It is integrated with social media and comes with a default Nivo slider.

All these above-mentioned free corporate themes are effective in creating professional websites on WordPress and they can be customized as per the requirement of the owners of the website.

Simple Ways to Clean Up Your WordPress website and optimize it

clean up your WordPress website

The main reason to clean up your WordPress website has been explained in this article.

It will help you increase the footfall in your website.

Imagine you are a car racer, racing on the track and want to win the race so it’s not only enough to only have a well-tuned car but other factors are also needed.

Now a question comes in your mind that what is the relation of WordPress with a car? Suppose, you are trying to open a web page and it’s taking too much time, then what will happen then?

The answer is either you will lose interest or you will just leave that particular page and continue to search other pages.

Cleaning up your WordPress website not only ensures more footfall but it also helps you to rank better in the results of search engines.

Here a few easy yet effective ways to clean up your WordPress website are discussed.

Select Great Web Host

The web host is like a path where your WordPress website runs smoothly so try to ensure a perfect web hosting plan for your website to run as fast as possible.

If you have a personal blog with limited visitors then you may choose an average web hosting plan with comparatively fewer server resources.

But you need to ensure one thing that if the web hosting plan is meeting your requirements then your website may face excess loading times and poor responses.

Most of the website owners run their website on a shared hosting plan it means the host’s resources are shared with other websites. This leads to poor performance and a lack of response from their audiences.

You must need to ensure that your web host supports all the updated and latest technologies that can only make your website perform well. If you need to eliminate all these possibilities then you may have to go with a better web hosting plan.

One thing that you need to remember while choosing any web hosting plan that speed is entirely dependent on your requirements and it has charges.

Some well managed hosting solutions will help you to clean up your WordPress website and to maintain your website at a specific interval.

Only well planned and technically updated web hosts can ensure a perfect performance for your website.

Install a Perfect Cache Plugin

Cache helps your website to load faster by combining javascript and CSS files and also caches the HTML version of your most visited page and posts that help to cut down the server response time.

An updated cache plugin can save your audiences’ time by eliminating the excess page generating time.

Most of the widely used cache plugins have several features like CDN (content delivery network), image optimization, Gzip compression, and many others.

We will introduce some of most popular cache plugins are

1. W3 Total Cache:

2. WP Super Cache:

3. WP Fastest Cache:

Several hosting servers come with pre-installed cache plug-ins that can take care of the major portion of the optimization tasks mentioned here earlier.

Use a Fast Theme

Suppose you are a car racer but your car is not designed adequately with proper aerodynamics then what will happen? Unfortunately, the answer is you will lose the position in the race if you compete in the race with this car.

The same is also true for your WordPress website. A theme is an essential component of your page that can help you to load your webpage quickly. Themes that are not coded properly and have the heavy script and image properties often take more time to load that ensures your target audiences to visit other pages rather than yours.

Nowadays, most popular themes are not only light but they are also compatible with several devices such as laptops, desktop, mobiles, or tablets.

We recommended

SKT Perfect

commercial wordpress theme



SKT Elements Pro

SKT Elements Pro


are the most popular fast and SEO friendly themes.

So before publishing your website you need to ensure that your page is not having a heavy theme as it can be a negative factor for your website.

Connection to a Reliable CDN is Important

CDN also is known as a content delivery network is a bunch of connected servers that are covering around the globe. Each server on the CDN has a cached copy of your website’s files that reduces workload from your hosting.

CDN fetches the content from the closest server as per the location of your audiences. This network clones your website content to other servers that can boost up your website’s speed.

It is important to choose a reliable CDN that can only save page loading time and also can attract heavy traffic on your website.

There are several CDN that can help you to resolve your website’s speed issues and fortunately some CDN offers a free plan. There are also several CDN that can only host some parts of your website such as the image.

Install Essential Plugins only

Plugins are the helpful element for your WordPress website but too much of it can also slow down your site.

If you are experiencing that your website is taking too much time to load then check the plugins that you are using. Remove all the unnecessary plugins from your website and try to keep the most relevant plug-ins.

Ideally, you need three types of plugins namely SEO, Optimization, and security plug-ins for your website and sometimes marketing, form, and backup plugins are also required.

Other plug-ins you are adding to your webpage is associating several risk factors for your page. Installing essential plug-ins is another effective way to clean up your WordPress website as well as helps in optimizing the website too.

Another matter of concern is the security issues because WordPress is often considered to be an unsecured platform so it is vulnerable to install substandard plug-ins.

Gzip Compression

Compression helps you to reduce the file size to smaller for faster network transfers. Some hosts have built gzip compression on their dashboard while in other hosts you have to install some plug-ins to enable this service.

Gzip compressor can also reduce 95% of the file size in some cases, but the average compression ratio is lower. Smaller file size means saving time for your audiences while loading your webpage.

The best feature that gzip provides you is that all the compression process happens solely on the server. When your audiences’ browser sends the request to your web host for the web results then only the compressed files are served without any prior delay.

For example, if your page has 5 MB of data to load, even it is compressed by 30% then it means after compression the size is 1.5 MB. Now, you have the idea about the file size difference and this is the only factor that abandons your audiences from exploring your website.

Keep your WordPress Up-to-date

When you are using anything then maintaining the thing properly can ensure the longevity of the particular thing so the same goes for your WordPress website too.

WordPress is an open-source project that has a thousand contributors to make the platform better and user-friendly.
WordPress offers various updates with new features, Critical bugs or security fixes frequently for its users to experience the smooth operation of their websites.

An update is not a complex thing to do all you need is to click a button and experience the hustle free performance of your WordPress website. There are also several other updates for the themes and plug-ins that are also important for you to ensure faster performance for your WordPress website.

Optimize the Uploaded Images

Images are another significant element of your website that attracts huge footfall at your website and also makes your web content more accessible and readable to your audiences.

Large images are often the main cause of abandoning audiences to explore your website. Large images are not easy to load in some browsers but optimizing images can make your website blazing fast.

As per proposed guidelines by HTTP archive the average size of all uploaded or external images should be around 1 MB.

The old way to optimize your images was to use image editors before uploading them to your website.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, several plug-ins can optimize every image on your website automatically ensuring the highest quality in the smallest size. Some image optimizers also help you to optimize existing images on your website.

As a developer, you need to keep in mind that the overuse of image or too much image on your web page takes too much time to load on your audiences’ browser.

Thus, high sized images also have a high cache memory so optimizing those can also clean up your WordPress website and are also able to optimize them effectively.

One thing you must know that when you upload any image on your WordPress website then WordPress creates different sizes of those images. So, uploading a full-size image and then compressing it to a smaller size can only assure you a slow website.

Unfortunately, it happens frequently so as a developer or owner of your website you need to choose a suitable image size for your website that can only attract huge traffic on your website.

But before compressing images whatever the way is just to make sure that the quality of the image is not compromised.

Optimize your Database

Let’s take an example, you have a library that contains many books some of them are relevant and others are of no use. So, all you need is to clean the irrelevant or unnecessary books if you want to access relevant books easily.

The strategy is also the same for WordPress too sometimes the database of your WordPress site is clogged up with unnecessary information or data.

Unnecessary data clogging to your database can slow down your website so you just need to clean up your WordPress website for better performance.

Several things are considered to be irrelevant information such as revisions of your post, spam comments, unused tags, expired transients, and many others that causes your website to lag. Several plug-ins offer you to perform the clean up at ease and effectively.

A clean and well-managed database can run queries to fetch data more easily and enhance the overall performance of your website.

Store Heavy Media to External Platforms and Use Lazy Loadings

Let’s take an example first, you have two separate web pages, the first one contains 100 images of 3 KB each, and another one contains 2 images of 2 MB each now the question is what page will load faster?

The answer is the latter one as it has only two images that won’t give pressure to the server, therefore, it will not cause your website to slow down to other users. If your website has a large amount of media then it is advisable to send them entirely to a different external platform. You might say that this is also the same as CDN but no there is a notable difference with CDN.

CDN clones the original files in many servers around the globe but the original files are still there on your web server. As a developer, you just need to offload hosting videos files to external platforms and embed them on your website. This is considered to be an effective way to clean up your WordPress website as well as to attract more traffic to your website.

Now comes lazy loadings, it is the way that helps to optimize your WordPress website. Let’s take an example; there are some images on your webpage that can only be seen whenever the users scroll your page.

So, it is not necessary to download those images on the time of initial page loading instead those images can be downloaded when the user is scrolling your page. This strategy is known as lazy loadings. According to a survey, you can save more than 10% in page size as well as page loading time after using this method.

Several plug-ins can help you to apply lazy loading and image optimization at the same time.

From the above discussion, you must have a clear picture of the significance of cleaning and optimizing your WordPress website. Fast loading sites not only attract huge traffic or improve user experience but also improves search rankings of your website.

5 Add-Ons to Make any Theme Sing and Dance

wordpress theme sing dance

No theme has everything you need. Sometimes you need add-on apps to do everything you want the site to do.

Some add-ons are available as plugins, but sometimes an external application is the only way to get the functionality you need.

  1. Animated Banners

You might be looking for banner ads to promote affiliate products or services you provide yourself.

Animations get around ad-blindness in site visitors.

Everyone sees the same ads on every site they visit, especially with the extensive use of tracking pixels: Is it any wonder we stop seeing those ads?

A GIF banner maker lets you create unique ads that users can’t help but notice. You can use templates to produce GIFs in less than five minutes with a drag-and-drop interface, and you certainly don’t need any Photoshop® expertise.

You will need to check with the affiliate liaison department of any product you are promoting that your animations are acceptable in their eyes, or they could refuse to pay you the commission you are due.

Moderation is necessary, or the animations become annoying. Only animate one in three of your banner ads, but you can still make the rest of your banners unique.

  1. Split Testing

Many business owners fail to use split testing to its full potential because they don’t realize the potential impact it could have on their profits.

Yes, there are split-testing plugins for WordPress, but for simplicity, statistical analysis and support, a subscription service is better value: Better value because it saves you time and makes A/B testing simple enough that you can safely delegate the task and set up new tests more often.

Paid split testing services don’t come cheap because the potential benefits are so high.

Check out the calculation below:

You set up one test a week with two alternate landing pages and the winning option converts at 5% rather than 4% (25% higher conversions). Each week you take the better page and test it against a new variant. You get similar test results every week for a year.

1.2552 = 109476

This means you make 109,476 times more conversions or sales than if you had not run any split tests.

  1. CDN

Your web hosting is limited. Forget all the “unlimited bandwidth” and unlimited disk space. Those are not the limiting factors on your website’s hosting. The crunch factor is the number of simultaneous processes your site runs, which is the demand it puts on the CPU.

If you use a content delivery network (CDN), the CDN stores your web pages on its servers and your site is served from there instead of your web host. This has two main benefits:

  • The CDN’s servers are located all over the globe, so your pages load faster on Australia, Germany, and South Africa than they would if they were being served from one US location
  • Your site makes fewer demands on your host’s servers, so you don’t hit any limits. If you don’t run into the limits, the hosting company does not force you to upgrade to a higher-priced package.

You have many CDNs to choose from. Some are free, but as always, you get more from a paid CDN service than from a free one.

  1. Email Capture

If your website’s prime purpose is to make money, then you must capture visitors’ emails. Only then can you start learning what your prospect needs, growing your reputation as an expert, and building your relationship with the prospect.

An email marketing theme is one option. Alternatively, you can choose from scores of email marketing providers, all with varying costs and levels of service. Most email capture software uses popups because these have a better conversion rate than static forms. Start with a basic service and switch to a more comprehensive provider as your needs grow.

Every email marketing app has a learning curve, so don’t expect to grasp any of them instantly. It is worth persevering because of the power mastering the application gives you.

Most email marketing software lets you segment your subscribers according to whether they have opened previous emails, or whether they have clicked on email links recently. You can also set up if/then consequential sequences of actions; the sort of thing you would be doing manually if it didn’t take so long.

  1. Funnels

Your website represents part of the broad top of your sales funnel.

It’s not enough.

Funnel software helps you to convert browsers into buyers through a multi-step process.

Every one of the different funnel apps each has its strengths and weaknesses. At the most basic level are the free WordPress plugins, and these represent a good starting point, but some are more than landing page builders, and a funnel is much more complicated than a few landing pages.

Look at all the premium funnel options before making your choice. Choose one with the features you need, an interface you can work with and a price point you can live with.

Funnels are more complicated than the word implies. You need to cast your net wide to find the numbers you need at the top of your funnel. You will need multiple offers to appeal to the different sub-groups of subscribers entering your sales funnel. Similarly, different sections of your funnel population will have their own concerns, so they will react positively to different offers you make.

Your funnel will also enable you to visualize and keep track of upsells, cross-sells and down-sells. Trying to do all that in a spreadsheet is ineffective and time-consuming.

The Executive Summary

A bare-bones website is only the start. It’s like having a store with no salespeople. You need more.

You need all five of these services if your website sales are to reach their full potential. Check out free trials and see which application suits your needs the best.

Monthly subscription services like these do have one significant advantage over one-off purchases: You can test them out for a low outlay and discard them if the ROI is not favorable.

Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins for your blog or website

Best WordPress newsletter plugins for your blog and website have been discussed here.

To increase traffic its essential that you build your subscriber list. This article speaks about plugins which help you build your subscriber lists. Sending a newsletter and email marketing will form part of another article which will be published soon with cheaper ways to send newsletters to your subscribers using various services possible.

Now lets focus on list building plugins which is the main source and the first step in email marketing.

Among older ways to reach a client Email Marketing is still considered one of the best ways to increase instant traffic and reach directly to your clients who have signed up to receive updates of your website.

Popular plugins to consider for List Building:

mailpoet newsletter plugin WordPress

  1. Mailpoet Newsletters: Mailpoet Newsletters as the name suggests is not just a nice list building plugin but to store unlimited subscribers and also integrate itself (ofcourse paid) with several services like Amazon SES, Mandrill etc. So that you not only build your list but also start sending emails using either services like the ones given above or using SMTP. Free version has limit of sending only 2000 emails. Pro version doesn’t have any limits. However costs are a bit on the higher end if you consider paying every year for this service. Check out this service here: Hence as stated above this plugin is good for list building. You may consider other methods to send email.
  2. newsletter WordPress pluginNewsletter: This plugin is one of the best we found for easy list building and adding as many subscribers as you may want. One can track the email subscribers.

It also has additional options to send emails using SMTP which might be configured with Gmail or other email services for sending emails free. Since this plugin not just is a list building plugin but also a email sending one we added this one above others.

  1. Sendy widget: We all know Sendy is a software which you can install on your server and tie it up with Amazon SES for sending emails. If you haven’t heard about it i just wrote a small write up above explaining the same. As this widget names itself, it is used to build your list directly into Sendy server. So no need to do anything else but keep on adding subscribers to your ever growing list at Sendy.


  1. sendpress newsletter WordPress pluginSendPress Newsletters: Sendpress is another good list building method for subscribers. However the yearly price of $99 is too high if you just want to have it for list building you don’t need to pay anything. But in case you want to use it for services like mandrill, Amazon SES and then using them sending email newsletters then you will have to shell at least $99 per year. For list building methods this plugin does the job right and is quite good.
  2. Newsletter Form: Newsletter form is another method of list building. However the problem with this plugin is that it directly integrates with services like mailchimp, aweber etc. So basically you don’t have your list of subscribers in your database but into some of the services i listed above. Even though this method makes sense for users who want to send emails using services like this for users who just want to build their list this plugin might not be suitable.
  3. Nifty Newsletters: Another great plugin to build your list. However nowadays every plugin tries to market itself with not just list building methods but premium features where you can create a newsletter and send using services like SMTP, Amazon SES or Gmail.
  4. ALO Easymail Newsletters: Easy for list building. Not very intuitive for sending emails. Some reviewers have also pointed sending same email 10 times to same mailing list. Hence consider this plugin for list building methods and not for sending email newsletters.
  5. Email Newsletter: This is a simple plugin and not very intuitive. However it does work good for building list of subscribers but not very good for sending emails. It has SMTP email sending method.

We know there are many more newsletter list building methods. Most of them are paid. If you find any free newsletter list building plugins for WordPress left by us do let us know.

Event Planning WordPress Themes for coordination & planning websites

event planning WordPress themes
You are welcome to check this list of the best event planning WordPress themes, for event and party planning organizations and agencies, event managers and coordinators, event, wedding and anniversary catering, equipment rental and meeting rooms services, event venues and destinations, and any other planning and special day coordinating businesses online.

Special party or planning industry is growing in leaps and bounds while attracting more and more attention of clients and customers.

In a busy agenda of a modern person, sometimes it’s almost impossible to organize everything properly, especially, when it is a special day, event or occasion that should be memorable.

This is where hundreds of event and party planning services and service providers appear to be by your side.

In this article we have made the list of the best event planning WordPress themes for such services and business presentations online.

If you are looking for a crisp and well polished, designer made template that will require minimum time and efforts for activation and finalization with your own preferences, each of the event planning WordPress themes showcased in this article will fit your needs.

All of them come with customizable demo content forms for you to replace with your own one, as well as with thoroughly customizable framework to freely adjust and remodel to reflect the best flanks of your event planning business.

Thus, all that is required from you is to choose the template of your expectations and gain the competitive edge in your market segment.

1. Perfect Event:

perfect event WordPress theme


Perfect Event is one of the productive and painstaking, impressive and spectacular event planning WordPress themes you can give a try.

If you are on the lookout for the results driven marketing strategy for boosting your business online, this digital product is exactly what you need.

Ready to generate leads, prospects and exposure for your relevant business, this responsive and mobile optimized, SEO and SMO compatible template will let you grow your business and its attendance with fewer nerves, less efforts and financial means.

Make your events and services look organized and be easy to access with the prebuilt content areas and parts of Perfect Event. Use the pre enabled shortcodes to achieve the needed content setup or enhanced functionality.

2. Perfect Business:

perfect business WordPress theme


Perfect Business is the next recommendation when it comes to advertising any kind of commercial or revenue generating business, among them event and party planning ones.

Although the default version of the theme is more formal and serious looking, you can alter and customize it to generate more stylish and colorful one, depending on your business profile and the services offered.

This retina and HD supportive template is ready made to host large images and photos to drive more attention and client fascination. You can also use the nice looking homepage slider for your best offers, service packs, events or discounts in a visual format.

Checked for its stable performance for a myriad of useful plugins and extensions, Perfect Business also comes with smooth navigation acting as a road map for your website users.

3. Dating:

dating WordPress theme


Lively and glowing, inspiring and gorgeous, Dating is one of the newest event planning WordPress themes for dating agencies and dating organizers, engagement, wedding and anniversary catering and coordinating businesses and other party and event planning activities.

Communicate with different target groups through your website based on Dating, let your potential attendees find your website in search engine enquiries and quickly get in touch with you.

In this relation, Dating is professionally prepared and launched to meet all the requirements of SEO practices, especially when supported by SEO plugins.

SMO integration is also well done with social media icons as well as SMO plugin compatibility for sharing and commenting purposes and not only.

Dropdown navigation menu with 5 levels is also present with the theme to provide your web surfers with less clutter and possibility to find their way more quickly and effortlessly.

4. Flower Shop:

flower shop WordPress theme


Flower Shop is one of the dynamic and zealous representatives of event planning WordPress themes designed and developed for luxury and elite events planners and party producers, wedding and anniversary organizers, destinations and floristic services, etc.

Let people dream big with you and see what you have to offer them to make their special event unforgettable and unique.

Organize your content into reasonable parts and make them available in the preloaded sections of the theme, like home, about us, our services, contacts and more. Blog section can also be used for keeping your profile up to date with daily fresh content and posts.

This responsive and user optimized template has been developed with ease of use in the authors’ mind as well.

5. Wedding Rituals:

wedding agency WordPress theme


Wedding Rituals can be the most reasonable solution for party and event planners, especially those catering to wedding and engagement planning and coordinating services.

Catch the wave to prosperity and success with Wedding Rituals that is affordable and pocket friendly. The form and function of the theme can be easily configured and restyled since no hand coding is needed to make the default version of the theme the one you need for marketing your planning services.

Let people browse your website with relevant services at their suitable time and from their comfort zone, since this template is error free and quick in performance. It means that your website will be available around the clock and will grant your web guests with excellent user experience both for desktop and mobile accesses.

6. Gravida:

corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is a totally smart and sophisticated business and corporate website building tool with modern and impactful design ready to take your event planning business to a new level of popularity and client engagement.

This easy to use and lightweight template is ready to offer you a website creation and management possibilities with 0 coding knowledge or experience.

Pursue new market segments and solicit new sales with Gravida since it is amazingly commercial ready with WooCommerce compatibility. It means that you can accurately arrange your online store and sell any kind of products, services, items, packages or whatever it is.

To be a trustworthy event planner, your rate of success has to be high.
In our busy modern lives, having some level of organization can be daunting and challenging to some people. That is why you will see professionals hire a personal assistant to help take care of errands or tasks they are unable to handle.

Planning a special day, event or occasion can be nerve-wracking, especially if you want the event to be memorable. But luckily, professional event planning has become so popular, easing the work of modern working individuals who barely have time to plan for a simple kid’s birthday party, christening ceremony, or staff end of year party. It is in times such as this that the services of an event planner come in handy.

However, not all event planners will deliver to your satisfaction. The market might be flooded with planners but getting one you can rely on to deliver a smooth, memorable event requires a lot of background check, including testimonials from previous clients.

With the demand for event planning being on the rise, the best way for a planner to maximize on this demand and present his or her services better is through a website. If you are an event planner offering planning services of birthday parties, weddings, conferences, corporate events, among others, these Event Planning WordPress themes have been designed with you in mind. They will guarantee you a seat at the table.

When clients are sourcing for an event planner, they always ask for the website Url to check the client’s website design, display of content and images and client testimonials. Most clients will make an informed decision based on the above. Even though event planning is a social profession requiring you to spend a lot of time talking to people, a website is the other form of communicating with your online potential clients.

Therefore, as an event planner, it is upon you to ensure that your website addresses the needs of your potential clients. Images of your previous gigs should motivate the client into entrusting you with planning their event. So, make sure they are well presented and clear. The content should also address the client’s needs.

It is imperative to incorporate a WordPress template that gives you a crisp and well-polished look. And, our range of Event Planning WordPress themes gives you just that. Besides meeting all your needs, these themes also require minimum time and efforts for activation and finalization with your preferences.

The themes come with a thoroughly customizable framework and demo content form that you can freely adjust and remodel to suit your event planning business. With event planning becoming so lucrative, growing in leaps and bounds and attracting more and more attention from customers, we invite you to go through this list of the best Event Planning WordPress themes discussed below and pick one that will not only meet your expectations but also help you gain a competitive edge in your market segment.

6 Bitcoin Plugins for Accepting Payment on Your WordPress Site

Bitcoin plugins WordPress

The types of bitcoin plugins that are listed below.

A cryptocurrency, such as the bitcoin, is a type of digital asset, which has been designed to work as the medium of exchange for commercial transactions.

As the name suggests, these assets use strong cryptography which makes them completely secure.

Bitcoin, known to be one of the most popular types of cryptocurrency, was first released in the year of 2009 by an unknown organization.

However, it did not take much time to gain the monumental popularity, and as of now, almost all the merchants of the online sectors, including the WordPress, are using it as their medium of exchange.

There are various types of plugins available for the WordPress merchants, which are known to help them in numerous ways, such as offering a cheaper or free transaction fee and minimizing fraud. However, each of the types of plugins generally comes with different features.

Thus, if you are looking to gain more information on this context, then make sure to check out.

GoUrl WooCommerce

gourl woocommerce bitcoin

Formerly known as Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway Addon is a type of WooCommerce plugin, which allows its users to distribute files through payments.

If you choose to use GoUrl WooCommerce, then, you also will be able to select the amount that you are thinking to pay. Most of the WordPress merchants consider this feature to be very beneficial as it helps them to attract a lot of customers.

With this type of bitcoin plugin, you would also be able to accept payments through numerous payment processors and gateways such as PayPal, InterKassa, PerfectMoney, Alertpay, Payza, Stripe, EgoPay, and Bitpay for bitcoin payments.

GoUrl WooCommerce allows the users to set the lowest amount limit for their payments. Also, when a financial transaction is completed, you will get a download link from the plugin, which is heavily encrypted and will be available for a limited time period.

Another amazing feature of GoUrl WooCommerce is its ability to download and support big files, which it does through X-send file mode. This type of plugin is also much quicker and easier to access than the others as it uses an AJAX-payment form.

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Plugin

gourl bitcoin payment

This type of payment plugin integrates directly on the website of the user without any other external payment pages.

Like some other plugins, GoUrl also allows the users to accept numerous types of cryptocurrency payments, such as Litecoin, Reddcoin, Vertcoin, Dash, PotCoin, Peercoin, Feathercoin, MonetaryUnit, and, bitcoin.

With this plugin, you will also be able to set your desired prices in more than 100 currencies.

GoUrl plugin supports automated synchronization, which takes place in your site and the payment data.

However, if GoUrl is unable to connect with your website, then, it will store the notifications as well as the payment transactions in the queue and will deliver it to you after the connection has been re-established.

The plugin provides its users with ultimate security by using one of the best encryption technologies such as the SSL encryption. This highly efficient encryption helps to protect all your data as well as your customers against hackers or crackers.

Thus, if you are looking for a type of bitcoin plugins, which accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies while not taking a single dime from you, then GoUrl should be your go-to option.



Known to be one of the most popular payment plugins for the WooCommerce sector, MyCryptoCheckout helps the merchants to accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, Dash, Litecoin, Black Coin, and of course, the bitcoin.

The main plugin of MyCryptoCheckout generally uses the API, which is completely free of cost and is known to be extremely secure.

MyCryptoCheckout can not only spare you from the middle man fees but can also protect your essential customer data efficiently. However, to use MyCryptoCheckout, you would need to have a PHP version of 5.6 with GMP and cURL enabled.


coinbase commerce

CoinBase is known to be one of the most popular bitcoin plugins among the people who are not much familiar with exchanges and wallets.

By using the CoinBase Commerce, you will be able to transact not only bitcoin but also a few other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin. Because of the user-friendly interface, this plugin will also be able to quicken the transaction process by a mile.

WordPress Bitcoin Payments – Blockonomics

blockonomics bitcoin payments

Blockonomics is another type of bitcoin plugin which helps you and the customers to avoid the middlemen as well as any other third party.

This type of plugin allows the users to accept the payments directly into their wallet rather than utilizing the wallets, which are hosted by other payment gateways. Also, Blockonomics offers its users with 10 free transactions, which will help you to save even more money.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallet

bitcoin altcoin wallets

It is a core plugin which can be used for both accounting functionality as well as fundamental bitcoin currency. However, like the other types of bitcoin plugins, bitcoin and altcoin wallet also comes with a few excellent features.

Some of these are:

  • It uses simple and easy shortcodes to quicken the log-in as well as the payment process. The codes also help the users deposit or transfer funds to some other users.
  • Bitcoin and altcoin wallet uses MySQL database for storing all the data of the users. Because of the highly efficient database, the plugin can cope with the data and files, which are quite large.
  • It is completely free and helps you as well as the users to avoid the third party and middlemen.

It provides a proper and genuine accounting for each and every user on your site.
As the popularity of the forms of cryptocurrencies is growing at a rapid rate, it is a high time for all the WordPress merchants to accept bitcoin as the only form of payment.

Thus, find the bitcoin plugin that suits perfectly for you as well as your business and make a lot of profits by using them on your website.

10 Best Free Professional WordPress Themes 2019

Best free professional WordPress themes

A wide range of free professional WordPress themes is available for setting up websites for these organizations.

Marketing is an important aspect of every business. As a result, business organizations put a lot of importance in designing their websites to present their products, services, and information that viewers seek on their website.

Accounting Lite

accounting WordPress Theme


This responsive theme is compatible with various devices irrespective of desktop or tablets, or smartphones, etc. It can be accessed from different browsers without compromising on the quality of appearance or accessibility.

The theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 according to the codex standards. It is compatible with various shortcode plugins including animations. Similar to many other free professional WordPress themes, with the help of customizer, admin can preview the changes while they are being made.

As a result, they will not have to move continuously between backend and frontend to check the changes. Owing to its compatibility with job board plugins, organizations can use the same for talent acquisition purposes.

SKT Complete



This multipurpose theme can be personalized as per the preference and requirement of the admin. This means that images, texts, color, etc can be changed on the theme.

As common among many free professional WordPress themes, this theme has been tested on devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop, projector, and others and various operating systems and has shown great results on all of them.

Various widgets including call-to-action buttons can be added to the sidebar, header, and footer of this theme. It is also compatible with various SMO plugins and hence the content of the site can be shared on various social media platforms as well.

SKT Consulting

SKT Consulting


The homepage of this free professional WordPress themes has been developed with the help of SKT page builder plugin. This provides it a modern appearance in which the content can be edited smoothly. It comes with sidebar on both sides of the page.

It also has a default slider with the help of which the admin can manage the timing of animation easily. This theme is compatible with WordPress version 5.1+ and the Gutenberg editor.

It also contains four header and footer layouts where one can set up the logo of the website and other navigation settings as per their requirements.

IT Consultant Lite

consultant  WordPress Theme


This professional WordPress themes free comes with a default Nivo slider. It is compatible with various SMO plugins. It includes standard pages such as Search, Blog, 404, etc. Its compatibility with WooCommerce plugin allows it to develop an eCommerce website.

Or other websites with the provision of collecting donations or receiving subscription fees. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and the theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3.

Web Programmer Lite

programmer WordPress Theme


This free WordPress themes for professional websites allows the use of CSS3 animations, which further helps in creating a stylish appearance of the website. It includes 5 levels of the drop-down menu that can be used for navigating different pages of website effortlessly.

It is compatible with popular plugins such as analytics, gallery, slider, etc, as a result of which different types of functionality can be added to the website. With the help of color picker, web designers can make various changes to the color scheme of the website.

It is also compatible with popular page builder plugins such as Elementor, live composer, Divi, Visual Composer, etc.

SKT Start-up Lite

startup WordPress theme


Among the various themes WordPress professional free, this theme offers a faster loading time to the viewers. It allows various business organizations o upload their logo on their website. It is compatible with various language plugins and owing to the presence of PO files, the site could be translated into multiple languages.

It is compatible with popular plugins such as Ninja form and Contact Form 7. Owing to the compatibility with various SMO plugins, users can share the web content on various social media pages as well. This theme also uses various Google Fonts. It is also compatible with various shortcodes plugins that can be further used to improve the functionality of the site.

SKT Filmmaker

Film Maker


It is one of those WordPress themes professional free that uses Gutenberg feature to use blocks for simply developing a website. One can customize the website by changing different elements of the theme from the backend. It comes with 3 slider option that allows users to add images to make a visually attractive website for the visitors.

Reviews from existing or past clients can be added to the testimonial block to build the credibility of the organization. It includes two different page templates and it is compatible with various shortcodes, page builder, contact form, and other popular plugins.

SKT Handyman



Owing to its various features it is listed among the best professional WordPress themes free. With the help of color picker, one can change the color of various elements on the website. It is also compatible with various SEO plugins that help in improving the rankings of the website on search engines.

It includes six columns where admin can add information related to the services offered by the organization.

Numerous widgets including various call-to-action buttons can also be added to the header, footer and sidebar section. It also includes more than 650 Google Fonts, so that different types of typography can be used to give a stylish appearance to the website.

SKT Secure

secure pro


As one of the themes WordPress professional free, it is compatible with AMP plugins, that make it possible to access this website from various devices without any problem.

This theme includes numerous shortcodes plugins that can be utilized to expand the functionality of the website. With the help of PO editor and LOCO translate the site can be made translation ready.

It is compatible with various RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and other. The theme is also compatible with various multilingual plugins including WPML, Multilingual Press, etc.

SKT Handy

Doctor WordPress theme


This professional WordPress themes free comes with a default slider and multiple sections in the homepage. It includes standard pages such as archives, search, categories, etc.
Various widgets can be added to the different sections of the site.

With the help of customizer, one can preview the changes that are being made to the website live before finalizing them. It is compatible with various popular plugins such as page builder, WooCommerce, contact forms, gallery, etc.

Business organizations select the themes of the site that not only offers a professional appearance but also goes with the essence of their business.

10 Cool CSS Animation Tools for WordPress

CSS Animation Tools for WordPress

Some of the popular CSS animation tools for WordPress are discussed below.

With the advancement of technologies, people prefer to use their website smartly in grabbing the attention of their viewers. Whether it is a business or a portfolio website, an eye-catching presentation will help in achieving the purpose of developing a website in the first place.

There is no better way than to add animations to it. Instead of flashy animations that might annoy the viewers, bringing focus on the key aspects of a website through cool animations is becoming the new trend.

Why CSS animations are preferred?

While there are other scripts available to make animations, CSS is the more popular choice. A wide range of CSS animation tools for WordPress is available for use. The reasons why CSS is a preferred choice for animation are as follows

  • One does not need the coding skills to create animations
  • The browser helps in maintaining the sequence of the animation. This implies that the currently invisible browser tabs reduce the number of running animations, thereby improving the site performance.
  • In comparison to JavaScript, CSS runs smoother.

Tools for creating CSS Animations

While using codes by hand to create animations can be time-consuming, various tools are available to ease the process. Once the users set specific instructions such as timings, angles, and the effects, these tools will provide the codes that they can paste on their website.

Users can further make changes to these codes if they prefer to do so.



This is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps in setting up motions, keyframes and develops CSS animations and do not require writing codes by hand.

This is a powerful open-source web application.

The fact that @keyframes in CSS can use numerous keyframes to develop complex motion paths in animation is quite useful for this tool.

This process is called easing curve and one can use any type of curve they preferred.

While carrying out this process manually takes a lot of time, Stylie makes the entire process easy and that too within lesser time.

Once the timing is set and the path is drawn in the keyframes, one can either save it or select ‘Export’, followed by ‘CSS’ and then copy the code. If the code is saved, one can make changes to it in the future if they required.



It is one of the useful CSS animation tools for WordPress for developing complicated animations. The user interface of this tool is more mature and it allows users to set advanced properties. Besides, with the help of an intuitive timeline, one can follow, pause or even restart the animations.

Animations such as ‘swing’, ‘bounce’ or ‘shake’ can also be loaded to the generator and the code can also be modified as per the preference and requirement.

CSS3 Animation Generator

css3 animation

It comes with an easy-to-use animation generator that helps in generating basic animations faster.

Though it is not very effective in creating complicated animations, however, as far as fuss-free standard animations are concerned, this is a very useful option.
One can set the features on a form and after reviewing the results can copy and paste the code to their CSS file.



This free tool comes with 75 animation options. One can either down the application from the page or from ‘GitHub’. By selecting the animation on clicking on the button, one can preview the animation on the logo. It uses numerous effects such as ‘shake’, ‘flash’, ‘wobble’, ‘bounce’ etc.

Firstly, one needs to place the style sheet on the header file of the document, add the class ‘animated’ to the object one wants to apply the animation on and select and add the animation option from the list of 75 choices. One can also add the class ‘infinite’ to create an infinite loop. The following code can be used as an example.

<h1 class="animated infinite bounce">Example</h1>

Single Element CSS Spinners

single element css spinners

Among the various CSS animation tools for WordPress, this is an extremely effective tool to improve the designs by adding animated loading spinners. The CSS part of this tool is written in LESS. The code is readymade and one needs to insert them to their HTML and CSS files.

Using plugins for creating animations
Apart from using various tools for creating animations, one can also use various plugins for the same purpose on the WordPress site. The various plugins used for creating animations are discussed below.

Animate It!

animate it

This is a free plugin for adding animations to pages, widgets, and posts. It offers around 50 options in terms of entry, exit as well as animation for gaining attention. It can animate on hover as well as click. It can also create a sequence of animation on pages and posts. Mobile users can also disable animations if they choose to do so.

Page Animations and Transitions

page animations transitions

It contains many CSS3 move impacts and as a result, various activity styles could be added on the WordPress site. This plugin allows users to embed their entire information set inside a shortcode physically. The process is completed with personalization, set up and diagram sort. Users can either import images from their client or particular hashtag, and the module will take care of the remaining aspects.

Master Slider Free WordPress Animation plugins

master slider

This free responsive plugin is considered as one of the coolest CSS animation tools for WordPress. It supports touch route with an absolute swipe signal.

The well-disposed slider works perfectly on every real gadget. It is developed by utilizing the best practices on WordPress both at the backend as well as at the front end.

Image Hover effects

image hover effects

This plugin allows the user to add more than 40 float impacts to images with inscriptions. Users can make various classes with the help of plenty of shortcodes. This plugin is the simplest module that can be set up within a few minutes.

WordPress Animator Free

wp animator

Users can place any element on any part of the screen such as switches, images, interfaces, standards and apply animations to them. The module uses the CSS animations and users can share their site on the social network with the help of this module. It allows the clients to share images through various informal communities.

Thus from the above discussion, it is understood that various tools and plugins effectively helps users to add animations of their choice to their website to make it more entertaining and visually attractive.

10 Free WordPress Shop Themes for Online Store 2019

free WordPress shop themes

Following are some free WordPress shop themes that are used by different brands and business.

Different types of websites serve different purposes. While some are informative, some involved in promoting brands along with the products and services they offer, and then there are online stores.

Each type of websites focuses on their target audience and follows a marketing strategy that would help in generating leads and turning potential businesses into real businesses.
These themes come with different features that are proved to be quite effective in setting up websites.

Flower Shop Lite

flower shop WordPress Theme


Similar to the best free WordPress shop themes, Flower Shop Lite is compatible with popular WordPress plugins such as SEO plugins, analytics, tables, events calendars and many more. It also includes various social media icons which help the website to be linked with various social media sites. Besides, its compatibility with various SMO plugins makes it easy to share contents on social media.

SKT Luxury

Luxury Watch


Various brands prefer to have a website to not only spread brand awareness through a strong online presence but also as a selling platform. SKT Luxury is undoubtedly quite popular among the other free WordPress shop themes for this purpose.

It is used by various luxury brands to build a website to display their products. The default slider of this theme contains three slides and with the help of various social media icons, the website could be linked with various social media platforms. The WooCommerce plugin helps in creating an online store where the brands can display all their goods and products.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design


Kitchens are a major part not only in households but also for various restaurants. As a result, companies involved in designing kitchen opt for having an official website to promote the services they offer. These types of websites are quite effective in establishing the reputation and credibility of a brand.

Owing to its effectiveness in developing websites for the same, Kitchen Design is often preferred by the brands out of the different free WordPress shop themes available. One of the most important advantages of this theme is that it appears great irrespective of the browser, types of devices or varied screen resolution, it is being accessed from.




As a part of rising concern related to health, various fitness clubs, health clubs, yoga centers or Arabic classes have witnessed significant growth in membership. Therefore, combining this awareness along with the importance of the website, various clubs and gyms have focused on building their websites. In this regard, SKT Gym is one of the free WordPress store theme suited for the purpose.

The site owners can customize the website as per their requirements. It comes with an ‘our services’ section, where the various services that the site owner offers can be updated for the benefit of the viewers. It also includes a timetable section where the weekly schedule of the health clubs or similar others can be updated.

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair


Laptop Repair is one of the popular free WordPress store themes used for setting up websites. Owing to its compatibility with various SMO plugins, the contents could be shared on various social media plugins.

Additionally, site owners can use various multimedia files such as videos, images, etc on their website to create engaging content for their audience.

The homepage section is consistent and six columns are included in the service section, which one can utilize to display their contents. The theme also includes four types of header and footer design which can be utilized to customize the website as per requirement and preference.

SKT Cafe

SKT Cafe


SKT Café is popular free WordPress themes online shop used to set up websites for various businesses. It is compatible with various page builder plugins such as SKT Page Builder, Elementor, WP Bakery, Visual Composer and others. These page builder plugins help in selecting an eye-catching content style for a website.

Gallery plugins such as NextGEN, Nimble gallery, and others are compatible with this theme. With the help of these plugins, one can add images related to their business on their website. This helps in establishing the reliability of an organization.

Bakers Lite

bakery wordpress theme


Bakers Lite is another free WordPress store themes that can be customized as per the preference of the site owners. Various call-to-action buttons can be added to the different sections of the website. It includes about more than 100 inbuilt shortcodes which can be used to improve the functionality of the website.

Cache plugins can be installed to the website to improve the loading speed of the website. Additionally, WooCommerce plugins are quite effective in setting up an online store, where the visitors can place their order and make payment in a secure way.

Natural Herbs Lite

Natural WordPress Theme


Natural Herbs Lite is free WordPress themes online shop that includes demo contents, which makes the process of developing website easy. It also includes comments feature that allows visitors to leave their comments if they prefer. The theme is compatible with various RTL languages and can be translated into other languages with the help of multilingual plugins such as WPML, Polylang, and others.

The color picker allows the site owners to change the color of different elements on the website. Different pages of the website can be used to display static contents such as information related to their organization and the products and services they offer.

Pizza Lite

Pizza Ordering WordPress theme


Pizza Lite is free WordPress themes online shop that comes with a default slider with three slides. Using CSS3, the homepage is designed with a fading effect which can be disabled if required.

The theme includes standard pages such as archives, category, 404 and others.
With the help of WooCommerce plugins, one can set up a complete eCommerce website or dedicate a single page on the website for placing an order through a secured payment gateway.

SKT Spa Lite

spa WordPress Theme


SKT Spa Lite is one of the best free WordPress shop themes that follows a minimalistic design approach which helps the viewers to concentrate on the contents and images. It is HD and retina ready and hence appears great on different types of devices irrespective of their screen resolution.

Site owners can make any changes to the website as per their need. Customizer makes it easy for them to preview the website from the backend before finally implementing them.
Therefore, brands and businesses can use these themes to set up their websites for promoting their business and the products and services they offer.

10 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Making Sales You Need

Website isn't making sales

This article explains several reasons why your website isn’t making sales and how you can turn it around to make more sales and revenues.

A website is an unusual approach for earning revenues while incurring minimum overheads. Firms could realize revenues throughout the day internationally. This, too, is done by not requiring any employees or incurring costs while administrating successful businesses. 

Surveys claim that greater than 205 million customers living in the USA buy from the internet-spending around $3000 per annum on average. However, numerous online formed firms are still facing troubles in earning profits. 

It might be the case that your e-commerce store is going through the same thing. Ten of the below-described reasons might be the reasons why your website isn’t making sales.

1. Pictures and commodity details of unsatisfactory standards

During the time consumers are shopping through the internet, they are unable to check the commodities properly.

Hence, they are bound to depend on the pictures and details provided by your firm and make assumptions accordingly. 

Pictures and detailed explanations must be published to attract customers to buy commodities. Your firm may display photos of lesser resolutions or depend on in-depth reports. In doing this, it may be unable to attract a lot of people towards its commodities and hence be why your website isn’t making sales. 

Thus, you must ensure to upload various images of your commodities, from different dimensions. They should be of high resolutions with distinct explanations attached to highlight their worth and advantages to customers. 

Seth Godin, the writer of “All Markets, are Liars,” stated that prices are what matter to consumers. It is because your firm isn’t giving them any other factor that could matter more to them. 

2. Missing contact information

Data for communication might look like an insignificant element. However, not including it on your site might be one of the biggest causes why your website isn’t making sales. Customers always desire knowing the potential firms they want to buy from.

However, if you don’t upload where you are located and contact information, your firm will then go through tough times to increase your customer base. Customer base rises when they start trusting you-which would be hard of they have no means of contacting you. 

3. A complicated check-out procedure

Complicated check-out procedure with many steps to follow makes consumers frustrated. It equates to people visiting Walmart to buy just one thing and see only three counters working with huge lines. 

Your firm must thus cut down this nuisance through developing a simplified and hassle-free check-out method. Enable your customer base to follow the plan and select the option for registering themselves while saving data in the last-if they wish to visit the site another time. 

Check out how to increase sales in eCommerce website?

4. Hidden delivery charges

Numerous customers abandon their orders solely due to the concealed delivery charges that become known in the very last step of checking-out. Most of these charges are quite high that people are unwilling to pay for.

Few consumers do not even reach the last step. Delivery charges are a significant reason why people abandon their orders right before checking-out. It can, however, be solved quickly.
You must display a delivery charge estimator that functions based on products the consumers wish to buy and their zip codes.

Many online business websites also provide plug-ins to simplify adding such calculating option. 

Checkout one of the website design companies of Nagpur.

5. Poor navigation (hardly visible tap-targets)

The SmartInsights states that around 80% of buyers browse through webs from their mobile phones. In case your e-commerce site contains small links and options, tiny pictures of items, or a messy layout, browsing may be very complicated. 

Tiny tap-targets make selecting links or options on smart-phones extremely hard. It might make it an unpleasant situation for customers. It might also end up driving them away to competitors- one of the causes of why your website isn’t making a sale. So, you must ensure to develop gadget-friendly websites containing big pictures and appropriately shaped options.

6. Buyers are confused as to how to proceed

 In addition to creating sites, you must guide your clients clearly as to how they must proceed and utilize your website. Non-item pages must guide consumers with the help of an evident and apparent call-to-action. The highly prosperous online stores inform consumers precisely the things to do, not leaving them confused about any step and method.

7. You aren’t advertising effectively

In case your firm and website isn’t making sale, it might be because you aren’t targeting your audience successfully. You must, hence, develop an effective promotional policy that involves social-platforms, paid-for, and content-based advertising.

After expanding your clientele, you must publish user reviews and recommendations as evidence to further advertise your business. 

After developing a substantial consumer-base, employ instruments like Reward stream for creating and administering a directing plan. 

Paul Graham of Y Combinator states that firms shouldn’t wait for consumers to get in touch with them. Instead, the firms must recognize them, reach out to them, and attract them towards their sites. 

8. You are unable to engage with your customers


A non-acknowledging sales rep is equivalent to having an aggressive sales rep. You must connect with your customers and people following you on social media platforms. It will aid in your label always remaining in the limelight. At the same time, you must participate in debates related to your industries and impress your clientele while you advertise your initiatives. 

9. You must be focusing on the wrong buyers

You might be spending a lot of time, effort, and capital in advertising that isn’t resulting in successful results. In such cases, it might be that you’re focusing on the wrong crowd. Thus, you must ensure to conduct a buyer survey to ensure you end up promoting the necessary market. 

10. The prices aren’t correct

Setting prices is hard. Meager rates may lead to consumers thinking that the standard of items is low. However, very high rates would cause them to buy from competitors. 

Considering taxes and delivery fee makes it even more complicated. Consumer surveys and researches could assist in you selecting the perfect prices that increase and retain clients, the ideal solution for why your website isn’t making sale. 

Thus, there could be a number of varied reasons for your website not getting the required level of sales. Considering all these issues and correcting them can help increase revenue.

10 Fun Ways to Use Surprise WordPress Element in Your Site Design

Surprise element WordPress

10 widely accepted fun ways to use surprise WordPress element in your website.

Nowadays, web design is contemporary art that can get visitors to your website as well as help you to expand your business. But, the only issue that a web designer faces is how to make it stand out from other websites. Visitors tend to appreciate predictability and consistency in the websites, but adding up some element of surprise on your website can make your website stand out from the other websites.

As a designer, you need to follow that too much use of surprise WordPress element or irrelevant use of surprise element will be a bad step that can also distract your visitors. There are several other ways to give your audience a little surprise and wake them up from their expectations.

1. Include a Hidden Message in your Web Design

You may be surprised to know that every brand’s logo has a meaning or hidden message and this is considered to be the best way to add a surprise WordPress element to your website design. If you are designing a website, then think about how to add hidden messages or brand-related info-graphics logo into your website design. A successful web designer always tries to use info-graphics into the website as it attracts more people to visit the website and spend more time on it. Visual learning is the best way to understand something for example if you make an informative logo or info-graphics then visitors will easily understand the process of your company or what your company deals in.

Ex. LG hidden in the logo, L making the nose and G marking the outline of the face. But according to the company’s thought process, the logo speaks louder about their aspirations to maintain a happy human relation with its customers.

LG surprise WordPress element

2. Hide Something in Noticeable Spot

If you are thinking to hide something in a noticeable spot on your web page then an Easter egg is the best option for you. It is mainly used for entertainment purpose but it can also be used as a contact form on your website. Many people deliberately skip the regular contact form due to its monotony, but this surprise contact form can attract them and sign up. More sign up means the probability of getting more potential customers for your business.

3. Hide Something in your Source Code

As a developer, you may have the idea that writing clean and simple codes are the main key point to build a website. Hiding some surprise WordPress element into your source code might not be mandatory for every website but it might be just a fun thing for you. 

Ex. PayPal Source Code

paypal source code

4. Add Some Entertainment in Your Website

The era of monotonous web designing is gone in this generation if your website is not entertaining or attracting then you are simply not in the run. As a designer, you just need to add some entertainment to your website to increase visitors to your website.

The best example of entertainment for your website is adding some games for your visitors when the page is loading or the connection is lost. In other words, just try to add something that will let your visitor cling to your page for a long time without any boredom. 

Google game

5. Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement has now become a trend for many businesses and websites as it has the power to attract more audience to your website. Studies have shown that celebrities have the power to attract people; celebrity endorsement could easily help in the expansion of your business. However, celebrity endorsement is nothing but a promotion of your website and business. For example, when you see your favorite musician promote any musical instrument brand then you are also eager to know about the brand and the products they are offering to its customers.

6. Explain the Deal in a Pop-up

This is another simple way to add a surprise WordPress element to your website design and it is mainly suitable for e-commerce brands. You may have observed that some e-commerce brands give a discount or offer to some of its customers, not to everyone. E-commerce brands mainly use pop-ups and hello bars that will make their customers subscribe to their brand and after that offers or discounts will be announced. In recent times, this method is helping many brands to grow effectively in their fields and attracting more consumers for them.

7. Humorous Touch to the bios

You may have noticed that About Page of many websites are dull and stereotype that is the reason most visitors skip this content. As a designer, you just need to change the way of presentation for your ‘About Page’ just try to make it informative yet attractive. If you want your visitor to read the about page your company then try some elements of surprise or some information apart from your company’s business. As a developer, you can also add some interactive animations on the elements of your company’s about page.

8. Give Unique Scrolling Effect on your Website

Everyone is familiar with the static web design and often loses interest to surf those static websites. As a web designer, you just need to include something different on your website to increase the rate of viewers for your website. Visitors or viewers are the future potential customers of your brand so it is important to attract more visitors to expand your business. Adding a non-traditional scrolling option rather than the default options can do this effectively. Several CSS animation tools provide a wide range of scrolling transition effects to choose from, and some of the CSS animation tools are open source means they will not charge you any money to use it. You just need to check every effect and choose a suitable scrolling effect for your website that will surprise and attract visitors to visit your website.

9. Make your website device Friendly

Nowadays most of the people visit your website through their smartphones as it is easily accessible. The traffic and engagement received by internet-savvy via smartphones are remarkable in this era of modernization. If your website is not mobile-friendly then there is a major chance of losing potential customers for your business. If your website is mobile-friendly then you will observe a huge footfall on your website and some of the visitors can be converted into your customer.

mobile friendly web design

10. Use Interactive CTA to your website

CTA or call to action is another important element for your website that will enable the visitors to directly contact with the business. This is the best area where you can add some surprise WordPress element for your webpage to attract more visitors.

If the design of the website has impressed the visitors enough, then they will get the eagerness to click on the CTA to directly contact with your business. But you need to keep in mind that overuse of surprise elements in CTA can also hinder your visitors from visiting your website. CTA is nothing but a temptation to take action just to experience where it is taking you.

Checkout our article on why every post should end with call to action.

There are several other ways to use the element of surprise in your page but the above-discussed ways are reported to produce effective outcomes. One thing you need to consider before designing a website, that negative feedback for your website can be directly linked with the website design. Web designing is not just an art; it is a marketing skill and a platform that will effectively promote your business to the world. 

Ways to prevent stealing or theft of your WordPress website images

prevent stealing theft WordPress website images

Are you a seasoned photographer or freelancer and want to prevent image theft in your WordPress website or blog?

Here we are with some of the practical ways to prevent stealing of your site’s images and photos.

Image theft is one of the popular problems many WordPress users are faced with.

For as long as the digital world of photography arrived and has been in existence, so has been the possibility to steal images and photos.

Hence, protecting your own images showcased on a website or a blog becomes one of the headaches for many WordPress users.

However, you are not powerless when it comes to preventing image theft in your WordPress website or blog.

We have taken the trouble of looking for the best ways to protect your site’s images from being downloaded or stolen or any other unauthorised use.

You can use any of them and make the theft of WP images really hard, if not impossible.

Since images are vulnerable and unprotected elements displayed on your site, taking care of their security and copyright issues is of primary importance.

Let’s see what you can do to prevent image theft in your WP website or blog through copying and downloading, right clicking or another way.

1. Copyright notice added to your images.

Fortunately, fighting against illegal usage of your WP images is quite simple.

All you need to do is to arm yourself with certain tools, elements, plugins and watermarks to protect your valuable visual content.

One of the simple ways you can exercise is to a add copyright notice to your site’s images and photos.

Once you have created or shot an image and uploaded it to the site, you are the only owner and distributor of it.

Hence, adding also a copyright notice is a practical way to prevent plagiarism of your images.

Footer Putter:

Footer Putter


If you want to have copyright protected images, Footer Putter plugin can be your assistant. It will enable you to add notice on the footer area of your site so that it will be visible on every single page.

It’s a feature rich plugin offering you to create two widgets: a Footer Copyright Widget and a Trademark Widget. You can also include a copyright statement that is changed automatically as the year changes so that you will never have old dated copyright.

All in all, this plugin takes care to showcase the credibility and real nature of your business or personality and lets you demonstrate your ownership over your website content, including also images.

2. Disable right clicking on your website

Another useful method to prevent image theft in your WP website is to disable right click functionality. If you run an image centric website and virtually demonstrate your portfolio and photoshoots, disabling right clicking on your website really makes sense to protect your material.

WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click:

WP Content Copy Protection No Right click


WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click knows the way to protect both you site textual and image content. IT disables the text select and right click functionalities, so that no one will be able to copy your texts and images without your permission.

This easy to install and configure plugin is available in both free and premium versions. The premium one comes with more controls like watermarking your images, usage of htaccess rules and more.

No Right Click Images:

No Right Click Images


Alternatively, you can choose this plugin if you want to disable only right click actions catering to images and have other right click actions working normally on your website. Upload this plugin from the WP library for free and enjoy its features to prevent image theft in your WP website through disabling right click.

3. Watermark your images

Basically, a watermark is a transparent or less visible text, image or logo placed over images and photos to identify the creator or the owner of it. It easily protects any visual content and makes it almost impossible to copy and use it without any traces of its origin.
Hence, if you want to “sign” your photos and images to prove your legibility, here are some of the useful tools at your disposal.

Easy Watermark:

Easy WaterMark


Easy Watermark is an amazingly simple and user friendly image watermarking tool you can use and prevent image theft in your WP website or blog. The strategy of this plugin is to
automatically add a watermark to any image you upload to your site.

You can also choose to watermark your images manually. Additionally, Easy Watermark comes bundled with management options to set text, color, rotation and size of the watermark to be added, its format to be jpg, png or gif and much more.

Image Watermark:
Image Watermark is another highly effective choice when it comes to automatically watermarking your site’s images. You can enable the watermarking of all the images being uploaded to your site or choose the post types for the watermark to be applied.

Apart from plugins, there are also free online services offering the same watermarking functionality for WP users.

Visual Watermark:

Visual Watermark


Visual Watermark is an online service making the process of watermarking your images pretty easy. If you try to use any design software or program like Photoshop to watermark all your images one after another, you will probably need hours.

The advantage of this service is that it is ready to watermark a bulk number of images all at once so that you can save tons of time. Moreover, Visual Watermark offers its custom templates if you have not created any yet. Add your text, image, logo or whatever you want on your image as a watermark and work both offline and online.

Water Marquee:

Water Marquee


Water Marquee is another free online platform to watermark your images before uploading them to your WP site. It does not require installing any application or software on you mobile or PC to start watermarking your images.

Camping WordPress Themes for seasonal camping & camps websites

camping WordPress themes

This time we will point you in the direction of the best camping WordPress themes for camping, trekking and hiking organizers and service providers, summer camp, adventure and campsite related websites and blogs.

Camping is one of the modern outdoor activities preferred by thousands of nature and environment lovers, as well as adventurous and active camp lovers.

Practically, all the people love nature and look for the possible ways to get closer to it and spend their free time. However, not all of them have the necessary equipment, skills and knowledge for that. Here is where professional camping and tour organizers come to the fore.

The idea of creating a camping website and offering diverse relevant services can be a perfect source of income for a wide scale of people, from professional trampers and hitch hikers to the owners of country cottages and private country houses with a large adjourning territory.

Hence, we have collected the most practical camping WordPress themes for such people and organizations, companies and tour managers to communicate their offers and tours to their clients in the most productive fashion.

All of the camping WordPress themes to be discussed in this article are quality assured and time checked. Whether you want to swallow the current design and development trends or want to create something unique, the choice is yours.

With those themes you are free to realize all your plans and develop closer relations with clients and partners without sweating hard.

adventure WordPress theme

1. Adventure:


Perfect for summer camping activities, adventure tours and camps, Adventure is a true diamond when it comes to taking your content and bringing it in front of your potential clients or possible business partners.

Having a modern SEO marketing force at your leisure in today’s digital spectrum is essential to your site’s success. Fortunately, Adventure shares the most stunning SEO friendly platform, especially when paired with useful SEO plugins.

It also comes with immensely versatile and user optimized platform to add your own flavors to the theme, including colors and color combinations, typography and icons deployment across the profile. Other handy features are customizer based nature for easy updates and changes, post and page sidebar layout choices, events calendar, WooCommerce and translation plugins support, etc.

perfect nature WordPress theme

2. Perfect Nature:


Perfect Nature is one of the fresh faced and lovely nature and environment, eco and gardening, hiking and camping WordPress themes designed to match every single need of the target clients and organizations. With shortcodes powered framework and fully adjustable layout for constant changes and customizations, Perfect Nature is also responsive and mobile optimized to display pixel perfect content across mobiles and devices.

Use the given sections and parts of the theme to share your business profiles, objective and missions, enthusiastic groups of experts and group members, services and tours, contact details and more. Blog and page layout controls, fonts and colors management options, social media integration to benefit from the power of the modern social media platforms and much more are included in Perfect Nature to simplify your camping site creation and maintenance online.

hotel booking WordPress theme

3. Hotel Booking:


From social and marketing synergy to mobile traffic consumption, Hotel Booking is one of the tourism and hotel, vacation rental and destination, tour and tourism, trekking and camping WordPress themes responsible for creative and unique engagement and the wonderful client journey.

Sleek and clutter free, sharp and bold, Hotel Booking is thoroughly worked out and minutely stylized to bring the most convenient working platform for multipurpose usages.

With Hotel Booking you are going to have a feature rich layout and handy toolkit with page builder compatibility to craft the most outstanding and easy to navigate pages, manageable sidebar layout, widgetized footer and header areas and more.

Standard pages are also loaded with Hotel Booking to make your profile more functional for the users, and more trackable for search engines.

WordPress blog theme

4. Charm:


Charm is delivered with nice looking layout and saturated structural framework with dozens of convenient text and imagery content zones and areas.

Multipurpose and fully pliable, this premium quality yet pocket friendly template can support any kind of content, from personal camping blogs to professional tour operators and hiking organizers.

With this theme’s authors’ eyes on every single modern trend in web design and development, Charm celebrates stunningly customizable and resourceful framework with preloaded homepage slider, shortcodes pack, commenting functionality available with plugins and more.

With search engines rolling out a dynamic ranking factor for device and mobile optimized sites, the theme’s responsiveness and mobile friendliness becomes one of the top factors. In this relation, Charm is coded with responsive touches and cross mobile compatibility to bring more traffic to your site and result in better client engagement.

beach and aqua WordPress theme

5. SKT Beach:


Is another valuable product among camping WordPress themes that will boost your online visibility.

By the application of this top notch website building tool your online profile will certainly tap into the possibilities of productive online searches thanks to the SEO optimization of the theme. Moreover, your content will be optimized for mobile usages as well thus letting anyone browse your website while on the go.

Build connection, attract your clients and be in the social conversations with SKT Beach since this template is amazingly social media friendly with the needed social media icons and not only.

travel WordPress theme

6. The Trip:


The Trip is another lead generation tool to deliver a powerful camping and hiking website or blog that will manage your online presence across different mobiles, portable devices, platforms and search engines.

It is powered by diverse shortcodes and easy to use customizer for adding whatever is needed to your site, from columns and blocks to images, colors, texts, contact forms and more.
Your audience wants to be able to easy navigate through your site and quickly find the needed information.

The Trip grants you with a smoothly navigable platform with easy to use content sections and areas for your services, offers, products and contact info.

With this template you can also expand your site’s search presence since the theme is 100 responsive and search engine optimized.

If you are running a professional camping and tour organizing company, then it makes perfect sense for you to check out some of our camping WordPress themes. The fact remains that a lot of people are interested in getting closer to nature and often participate in nature walks, treks and some even camp for weeks on end.

But they are often ill prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead. And that’s where you come in, and the perfect way to market to this segment is to get your website up and running in no time at all which you should be able to do once you have chosen WordPress as your platform. With WordPress as the main platform for your site, you do not have to spend hours coding it from scratch as everything is provided to you, on the ready. Of course, you can customize it and use widgets to upload content to your website.

Just remember that when selecting through the various camping WordPress themes, you may want to first confirm if the theme comes preloaded with features that facilitate online booking. Most customers may want to book their trips in advance and having the right software on site, would be a god send indeed. So check out the various themes and all their features, and choose the one that seems to be a perfect fit for you.

Additionally, you may also want to do a dry run and kind of do a beta test to see which theme fits you better. The website should make it possible for you to feature some of the main camping related tour details right on the front page along with special offers, discounted rates etc. And once you have got the website up and running, all that’s left to do is to optimize it for SEO and to initiate a viable marketing strategy. The website should be attractive enough to help transform the various leads into actual customers.

Just keep in mind that there are lots of professional camping companies so you need to feature a responsive website that can be easily accessed by any device, in order to stand out from the rest. The overall design should be classy enough and at the same time it has to provide the customer with all the required info on the camping trip.

While it is strictly not advisable, you may also want to run website specific Google ads so that you can make some additional money on the side. You can always head over to a professional web development company to help design your website, but WordPress is the best option there is, for developing websites.

Moreover, WordPress comes with free themes for you to choose from along with other premium themes which can cost a bit. The main objective here is to transform those prospective leads into actual customers and for that, your website needs to feature high-end graphics along with a great design and good quality content. So check out the various themes and make your pick.

Lawn Care WordPress Theme for Lawn Care Specialists

gardening landscaping WordPress theme

Salient Features of lawn care WordPress theme


  • Color changing lawn care WordPress theme
  • Easy to use shortcodes which are in built
  • Visual composer, and other page builders like Elementor work fine with this theme
  • Great visual capture for online visitors
  • Call to action buttons like social media and phone number on top
  • Working hours widget also given
  • Services explained explicitly on homepage
  • Complete gardening solutions explained with visual icons
  • Creating keeping in mind for lawn care specialists
  • Recent projects also showcased nicely
  • Our services explained in 3 different ways
  • Team member is optional and can showcase lawn care specialists
  • Testimonials are important for any local business and online reviews help build trust
  • Footer is fully widget friendly and so is header and sidebar
  • 5 level page drop downs are available
  • Google fonts of more than 600+ are available for selection and implementation
  • Typography is more supported by use of latin and cyrillic sub sets
  • Use of font based icons to have a great fancier and better visual look on the website
  • SEO friendly coding with coding standards of WordPress maintained
  • Simple and effective Customizer based Lawn Care WordPress theme
  • Check your changes online live while getting them done
  • In built 100+ shortcodes for use in the overall site
  • Use shortcodes plugins as well along with the ones present
  • Use page builder shortcodes and widgets along with them to have unlimited possibilities
  • Several plugins like contact form, WooCommerce, SEO plugins, and others like slider and gallery are compatible for added functionality
  • Based on HD and retina ready as well as devices and browsers tested
  • Lawn Care WordPress theme for lawn services

    Lawn Care WordPress theme are suitable for lawn services and gardening services. It has been been created to satisfy and fulfil the requirements for such websites.

    Since lawn care WordPress theme belongs to local business category all the features which are essential for local businesses like social media, contact forms, call to action like phone number on the top and other features as essential for any local business to get maximum sales and leads from their websites.

    Any lawn care Company requires their services and information are nicely displayed for their website so that they can showcase their content nicely and efficiently.

    Since this mobile optimized responsive template has all these facilities it becomes obvious for them to nicely display everything.

    Lawn care website has the options of displaying services in 3 different ways one with full images and little content.

    One with the help of a nice image and pointers using font based icons. And third with the help of columns and using fancy icons.

    Our team is also displayed which can again be used for other things like client data or to explain lawn specialists or more services.

    Testimonials are reviews are necessary because they help build genuine interest of any visitor into your website and work.

    Latest posts are also displayed and so is the footer with lots of variations.

    There are several variations of footer and header possible and above that both of them are widget friendly.

    Different and more options are available for inner header pages as well to display anything like a map or a slider in inner page.

    Also for the homepage one can have slider as well as replace it with anything else of their choice.

    Full slider controls like animation effects and pause timings are given in this theme.

    Lawn care WordPress theme also focusses on call to actions and hence on the header social icons for social interaction and phone numbers are given.

    Also footer showcases working hours of the lawn care company.

    And contact us involves in built contact form for the lawn specialists WordPress website.

    Lawn care specialists can also avail the great resources in hand like the documentation and full manual available to create the same impact like the demo.

    Once the WordPress theme is installed it installs itself with a set of homepage and inner pages can be set up easily without any troubles.

    If you’re planning to start a lawn and gardening service-oriented business, then the first thing to remember is the kind of services you are going to provide. Lawn or gardening services is not easy to do. A single miss cut of a tree or bush and the whole backyard will look bad. For that, you need to hire professionals too. When business is being started, only two things matter – the idea of implementation and investment. So, if your implementation is right but you don’t have the investment to make, then it’s totally not going to work. Same goes for the other side too. Another thing, that will also greatly decide your success, is how much diverse you can be for your business.

    In this online age, every service has a website. So, if you’re also planning to build one for your business development, then you will also be needing the right tools too. And that’s where Lawn Care WordPress Theme comes into play. Now you can also showcase your social media platform handles, along with ways of contracting, combined with the fact that users can also call you. This makes the business a lot easier to care for and also help it to grow, as well. The website will be mobile optimized as well, therefore any customer who visits your website on his or her portable devices can also take advantage of your services too. The website will be packed to the brim with functionality and customizability, along with having the visual appeal too. These three things will make the website even more impressive.

    There will options to put your business’ testimonials and customer reviews as well, thereby making other customers know that they can trust the service. There are over 600 plus Google fonts, from which one can customize or choose to use. There will be options for sliders and galleries as well, thereby making the website look more modern and sophisticated. Combine that with the support of SEO tools. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. With this tool, your website will be SEO friendly, and it will be ranked at the top of the Google Results when any customer will search for lawn and gardening services. In that way, the customers when they see your website, and if they become interested, they will be more source of income for the business as well. All this is possible due to the presence of these WordPress Theme.

    There will be support for numerous widgets and as well as plugins too. So, you can add more functionality and beauty to your website, if you so want to. There is also support for Woo Commerce to monetize the website and bring in more revenues. In that way, the profits will help the business to steady the ship, and thereby improve upon the services too.  The amount of assistance Lawn Care WordPress Theme will give you in building up your website is insane. That’s why it is always recommended to always use this option, for getting the work done at a more affordable price.

    How to Add Sticky Posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives

    add sticky posts WordPress

    You can add sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives and make your post different and worth reading.

    Every website owner should look forward to making their content quality better along with better content representation.

    Content is always the king but if it is not well presented, even good quality content does not make it big.

    The best way to represent content different from others is by using UL elements that are not common but very attractive. One of such thing is sticky posts.

    You can highlight important points or show affiliate links through stick post.

    It instantly makes your web content different and better than others and it will help you create a complete brand by using it in most of the content page you have on your website and your readers will get into a habit as well which will help to in the long run.

    add sticky posts

    How To Add Sticky Posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives Using Plugin –

    Step 1. To add sticky posts, you need to install and activate the plugin named Sticky Custom Post Types.

    Go to Admin Dashboard and from the left menu, select Plugins and click on Add New from the dropdown menu.

    Search for the plugin by its name and install and activate it.

    Once done, you have to come back to the Dashboard and go to Settings from the left menu and click on Reading from the dropdown.

    add sticky posts

    In the new screen, you have to scroll down and you have to select the position where you want Stick This Option to be enabled. It could be homepage or any particular post type as well.

    By default, WordPress shows sticky posts only on the home page and therefore, you have to enable in for other post types as per your requirement.

    For example, if you have movie review custom post type or coupon code custom post type, you can select where the sticky post will appear.

    Step 2. Now, it is time to add sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives on different positions and make them appear differently.

    For that, you have to create an archive template for your custom post type already present on your website.

    Create a file named archive-post-type.php and then go to theme’s archive.php file and copy the entire code inside it and paste it in your archive-post-type.php file.

    Then if you know coding, you can modify the code as per your requirement to create any template you need. Then upload the file to your theme’s directory where archive.php file is.

    sticky posts

    Step 3. Then you have to edit the important file functions.php and paste the following code there. You have to go to Dashboard, Appearance and click on Editor. File the functions.php file there and add it.

    function wpb_cpt_sticky_at_top( $posts ) {
        // apply it on the archives only
        if ( is_main_query() && is_post_type_archive() ) {
            global $wp_query;
            $sticky_posts = get_option( 'sticky_posts' );
            $num_posts = count( $posts );
            $sticky_offset = 0;
            // Find the sticky posts
            for ($i = 0; $i < $num_posts; $i++) {
                // Put sticky posts at the top of the posts array
                if ( in_array( $posts[$i]->ID, $sticky_posts ) ) {
                    $sticky_post = $posts[$i];
                    // Remove sticky from current position
                    array_splice( $posts, $i, 1 );
                    // Move to front, after other stickies
                    array_splice( $posts, $sticky_offset, 0, array($sticky_post) );
                    // Remove post from sticky posts array
                    $offset = array_search($sticky_post->ID, $sticky_posts);
                    unset( $sticky_posts[$offset] );
            // Look for more sticky posts if needed
            if ( !empty( $sticky_posts) ) {
                $stickies = get_posts( array(
                    'post__in' => $sticky_posts,
                    'post_type' => $wp_query->query_vars['post_type'],
                    'post_status' => 'publish',
                    'nopaging' => true
                ) );
                foreach ( $stickies as $sticky_post ) {
                    array_splice( $posts, $sticky_offset, 0, array( $sticky_post ) );
        return $posts;
    add_filter( 'the_posts', 'wpb_cpt_sticky_at_top' );
    // Add sticky class in article title to style sticky posts differently
    function cpt_sticky_class($classes) {
                if ( is_sticky() ) :
                $classes[] = 'sticky';
                return $classes;
            return $classes;
        add_filter('post_class', 'cpt_sticky_class');

    The above code makes sure that your sticky post stays on the top of the custom post type archives.

    If you know coding, you can change the position as per your requirements.

    Step 4. Now, a sticky post does not look good without color and for that, you have to open Stylesheet from the Editor and paste the following.

    .sticky {
    background-position:right top;

    As you can see, there is an image which you have to upload as per your wish as to how you want your sticky post to appear.

    That is how you add sticky posts in WordPress custom Post Type Archives and now, it will appear on the top of every custom post type archives.

    Cool Things You Can Do With Sticky Posts In WordPress –

    Now that you know how to add sticky posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives, you can extend your knowledge to apply in different areas and here are the things you can do with the sticky post.

    sticky posts

    1. Expiring Sticky post

    If you are using to highlight a special event or to show affiliate links and coupon codes, you can create a hype by automatically disabling the sticky posts.

    For that, you need to install the plugin Expire Sticky Posts and set the expiry date.

    This will come really handy.

    2. Displaying Latest Sticky Post

    You must be using sticky posts only for a few featured posts.

    But with time, your featured posts disappear under the burden of new featured posts. To revive them, you can have custom archive pages.

    Paste the following code in the functions.php file. This will create a shortcode and paste the shortcode anywhere you want to display them.

    function wpb_latest_sticky() {
    /* Get all sticky posts */
    $sticky = get_option( 'sticky_posts' );
    /* Sort the stickies with the newest ones at the top */
    rsort( $sticky );
    /* Get the 5 newest stickies (change 5 for a different number) */
    $sticky = array_slice( $sticky, 0, 5 );
    /* Query sticky posts */
    $the_query = new WP_Query( array( 'post__in' => $sticky, 'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1 ) );
    // The Loop
    if ( $the_query->have_posts() ) {
        $return .= '<ul>';
        while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) {
            $return .= '<li><a href="' .get_permalink(). '" title="'  . get_the_title() . '">' . get_the_title() . '</a><br />' . get_the_excerpt(). '</li>'
        $return .= '</ul>'
    } else {
        // no posts found
    /* Restore original Post Data */
    return $return;
    add_shortcode('latest_stickies', 'wpb_latest_sticky');

    3. Styling Sticky Posts

    If you want to make your sticky post stand out, you need to make it stylish. Here is the code you need to paste in stylesheet for decoration.

    .sticky {
    border:1 px solid #f5f5f5;
    .sticky:before {
      content: "Featured";
      color: #FFF;
      background: #f20000;
      padding: 10px;
      display: inline-block;
      text-align: right;
      float: right;
      font-weight: bold;
      text-transform: uppercase;

    There are various things you can do with sticky post and you need it to make your custom posts stand out.

    Now that you have decided on the theme and the layout for your website, all that’s left is to get some good quality content on there. The first thing that you need to do is to organize your content and set the information architecture in place; usually with most WordPress themes especially for blogs, it goes something akin to this, topic> category> tag> title and once your users drill down to the post, they should be able to review it. The problem though is that most users’ attention is limited to a bare few seconds per page and you may want to make it easier for them to find the relevant posts with ease. That’s why you should start using sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives; it’s easy and does not cost anything extra. You may have to download a plugin or two but the basic set up is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. Just check out the instructions posted below and soon you should be able to utilize sticky posts in word press custom post type archives with ease.
    With sticky posts, you can ensure that your audience accesses the relevant posts right away; you can even set an expiration date on these sticky posts so that they do not clutter up space. The one advantage to using sticky posts is that it makes your content stand out from the rest and your customers no longer have to drill all the way down to find something interesting to read; instead, they can access it right on the front page thanks to the sticky posts. These sticky posts can even help you streamline your branding strategy and enable your website to get more traction online. While content is king and good content goes a long way to enabling your website to land more traffic, often users do not bother to search for older posts and often just move on. Given this, it makes more sense to use sticky posts for those important posts and get them displayed right on the front page.
    When it comes to sticky posts, you can either download and install the ‘sticky custom post type’ plugin or go for the manual version. The latter requires you to be familiar with coding so if that’s not your cup of tea, then you may want to stick with the plugin which automates the process neatly. All you have to do is to download and activate the plugin. Once you have activated it, you need to head over to the admin dashboard, check plugins and from the scroll down list, choose “add new”. Now search for the relevant plugin by name and click on install. That should do the trick and the new plugin should be installed, now all that you have to do is to activate it and now, head over to admin dashboard, settings and choose “reading”. Here you can decide where you want your sticky posts to go and customize it as per your preference. Soon you should be set and be able to publish your first sticky post online.

    12+ WooCommerce-based plugins for increasing your store functionality

    WooCommerce based plugins

    WooCommerce based plugins for enhancing your WordPress store features

    The global networking system with its advanced functionality together with WordPress content management system with its user and customer nature offers every single individual or business representation a wealth of opportunities to exercise all their e-business and e-commerce activities and give their online commercial business a go.

    It’s an obvious truth, that the commercial – ready potential is limitless in the digital environment when your website is provided with out-of-the-box e-commerce basis, being well –optimized for the flawless cooperation with a number of popular WooCommerce -powered plugins for increasing your online shopping functionality.

    In this article we believe in offering you the best and the most trusted 12+ WooCommerce based plugins which are truly practical and easy in installation, as well as further customization, aiming at meeting all your commercial and business strategies, plans and contributing to their transformation into reality.

    1. Booster for WooCommerce:
    WooCommerce booster plugin

    Booster for WooCommerce is highly flexible and adaptive, immensely powerful and extendable, smart and intuitive WooCommerce solution for boosting your website commercial potential. This amazingly designed and supported plugin comes loaded with lots of essential features, including bulk price convertor, currencies, currency exchange rates to be automatically updated, possibility to specify different currencies for external products, add multiple currencies and set product prices in them, arrange categories, product listings, etc.

    2. WooCommerce Customizer:
    WooCommerce customizer

    The next top –rated and highly versatile WooCommerce plugin compatible with your WordPress – powered online presence is WooCommerce Customizer generating lots of customization and management options, so that your website will look and feel e-commerce ready. By the application of this plugin you will be able to add to Cart button text for all your product types, manage the number of products, which are going to be showcase in every page, customize heading text for the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tabs and undertake other customization processes.

    3. WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers:
    WooCommerce Sequential Order

    WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers is another WooCommerce – based plugin ready to go hand in hand with the E-Commerce – supported nature of your web pages. The advantage of this plugin is the way it sets sequential order number for new orders in an automatic mode, thus making the whole process more comprehensive and precise. No coding knowledge is necessary for dealing with this simple and smart product.

    4. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro:
    WooCommerce checkout field editor

    WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro plugin will definitely extend your WordPress – authored website WooCommerce and E-commerce possibilities to another level by letting you edit and manage checkout fields on your WooCommerce – based page. Do not worry about how to add or customize custom fields in billing, shipping or other sections, display order details page and Email, remove, disable or enable certain fields, since this plugin will let you do all in the easiest way.

    5. WooCommerce Currency Switcher:
    WooCommerce Currency Switcher

    WooCommerce Currency Switcher is a compulsory plugin for all those online store owners and private entrepreneurs, who want all the potential at their website disposal to switch product prices on the website on different currency values and realize their conversion. This plugin includes 3 widgets: currencies switcher, currency converter and currencies rates, as well as automatic conversion of currency depending on the visitor’s IP address.

    6. WooCommerce Products Filter:
    WooCommerce Products Filter

    WooCommerce Products Filter is a must – have WooCommerce –based plugin to drive your commercial activities to a step forward. With this highly practical and comprehensive plugin you will have lots of options at your disposal to exercise, besides, it will be fairly easy to filter your available products according to product categories, attributes, tags and custom taxonomies.

    7. WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite:
    WooCommerce custom products tab

    WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite is another plugin to boost your WooCommerce powered and WordPress compatible online store presence and operation. With the great assistance coming with this plugin it will be possible to create a custom product tab with each single content, and that tab may contain text and html, as well as shortcodes.

    8. WooCommerce Products Per Page:

    WooCommerce Products Per Page is designed pixel perfectly and ensured by super functionality to be compatible with any WordPress – based modern website catering to commercial businesses. This amazing product is ready to insert “products per page” dropdown on your website and let you customize dropdown position in the page, list of options visible for users, number of available products per page and much more.

    9. WooCommerce Products Carousel All in One:

    If you are looking for all – in- one WooCommerce solution option to run on your online profile for better online store functionality, look no further than the plugin called WooCommerce Products Carousel All in One. You may stylize your digital platform with carousel display to showcase newest, featured, bestsellers, on sale and others in the most eye – catching and consumer – driven way.

    10. WooCommerce Quantity Increment:

    WooCommerce Quantity Increment is easy to install and activate, simply usable and configurable, inherently flexible and user – optimized WooCommerce – based plugin intended for any WordPress website of commercial nature. The plugin generates Javascript –based inputs for you to get maximum control and management over your website appearance.

    11. WooCommerce Stock Manager:

    WooCommerce Stock Manager is considered to be another highly – popular and preferred variant for advancing the WooCommerce potential of any website performance. This is a great tool to manage and control your stock for products and their types. It lets you set “Manage stock”, “Stock Status”, “Backorders” and “Stock” for every product and its type available on your market.

    12. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway:

    WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is very suitable and dependable Stripe payment – based plugin to add diverse payment possibilities to your online shop. Use this plugin and establish strong commercial ties with your customers and let them make online payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and other popular cards for the sake of their convenience and comfort.

    13. WooCommerce Multilingual:

    WooCommerce Multilingual is WooCommerce and WMPL – based e-commerce plugin to support multilingual usage of any website. This plugin includes lots of controls and features to let you translate your WooCommerce products and their types, manage the translation of product categories, tags and custom attributes, sends emails to the users in their preferred language, etc.

    How to add donation buttons and PayPal buttons in a WordPress website?

    donation buttons PayPal WordPress

    Wondering how to add donation buttons in a WordPress website?

    This article will accompany you through the steps of adding donation and Paypal buttons to your non profit, NGO, business, school or another website.

    Donation buttons are convenient donation tools to grow a non profit organization or fundraising.

    Donating online via PC or portable devices is the easiest way for thousands of people worldwide to contribute to the implementation of this or that charitable program or campaign, donate for some business event, product, plugin, etc.

    All in all, your efforts to add donation buttons in your website will be profitable both for you and your online audience.

    Reduce the fundraising costs for your charitable, religious, educational or scientific website.

    Give your potential contributors, donors and fundraisers an opportunity to act online while on the move, at any time and from the convenience from their homes or bedrooms.

    Additionally, you will establish a strong communication ties with younger generations you are used to doing everything online.

    Now, if you are seriously wondering about how to add donation buttons in your WordPress powered website and start accepting donations online, follow our step by step guide for adding donation buttons manually or through relevant plugins.

    1. How to add PayPal donation buttons in WordPress manually.

    First of all, you need to create a PayPal account.

    If you already have a PayPal account, log in and click on Tools menu item. In the opened page, click on PayPal Buttons. Further, you need to find Related items on the right and use Create new button link.

    When you create a button, choose Donations under Choose a button type. On this page, you can also find customization tools. Choose to display credit card logos, to use smaller button, language and country for button or to use your own button image. Then, you need to choose currency and contribution amount. You can choose to let your donors enter their own contribution amount.

    As soon as you are done with this part, click on Create Button. Next, you will be able to see the code which is required to display PayPal donate button. Open the email tab and copy the given link in any text editor.

    Next step is to go to your WP Admin Dashboard and edit the post or page you want your PayPal donate button appear on. Make sure that you are using text editor mode instead of visual editor.
    Then, copy and paste the following piece of code:

    <a href="Email URL that you got from PayPal" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

    Don’t forget to use the link you have copied in the text editor instead of “Email URL that you got from PayPal”.

    We are finished. Now you have the required donation button added to your site. If you want to locate it on your sidebar, paste the above mentioned code inside a WP text widget.

    2. How to add Paypal donation buttons using a plugin.

    If you are looking for a simpler way to bring online donation functionality to your WP site, you’d better use this method. You can find lots of free donation plugins in WordPress repository of plugins. However, navigating your way through the avalanche of such plugins can be irritating. Therefore, we have chosen one of the best PayPal donate plugins to do a top class job for your site.

    PayPal Donations:

    PayPal Donations


    Start with uploading ‘paypal-donations’ folder to the ‘wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it through WP Plugins menu.

    Now, you need to visit Settings, PayPal donations page for further customization. In General tab, you need to add your PayPal email, as well as choose the currency for the donations.

    Additionally, you can find optional settings, like Page Style and Return Page. As for the Page Style, you can add a custom payment page URL that exists in your PayPal account profile. As for the Return Page, you can provide a URL which the donators will come to once they are done with their donations. It can be a Thank you page or the like.

    Now, let’s pass to the optional settings. You can set the default amount to be received as a donation, state the purpose of donation and reference for the donation. Finally, you are offered to select a button style.

    Now, you are ready to showcase PayPal donation button with the help of the following shortcode inserted into any WP post or page:



    An alternative way to add Paypal Donations button to your WP site’s sidebar is to go to Appearance, Widgets, add title, text, purpose and reference. Once you are done with filling the fields, don’t forget to Save.

    Anyway, PayPal Donations is not the only plugin that can be a wise contribution to your website, especially, if you want to add more than donation buttons.

    Another user and developer friendly plugin to give you infinite control is

    Give: Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform by Wordlmpress

    Give Donation Plugin


    This plugin is custom built to grant you with a reliable donation framework so that you can accept online donations easily.

    With Give you can have totally manageable donation forms, review and monitor donation statistics, as well as use other payment gateways and tools.

    You don’t need to pay a single penny to acquire this plugin.

    It is available for free and as such is suitable for non profit and tax free organizations and companies, as well as for those working on a tight budget.

    PayPal Donation Buttons:

    PayPal Donation Buttons


    This plugin is a good alternative to PayPal Donations, since this one also offers paypal buttons integration into your site.

    It offers you 9 standard Paypal donation plugins. You are also authorized to use your own custom button.

    Moreover, by the application of PayPal Donation Buttons, you can display Donation Goal and Donation List history on your page, post or widget.

    If you are searching for a donation plugin optimized for your WooCommerce based online store, you can use

    Potent Donations for WooCommerce:

    Potent Donations for WooCommerce